The King of Yavan Has Arrived

No, the Third Signpost has not started yet. Neither has the Second.

But if we are interpreting Scripture correctly, in which the First Signpost has occurred and signs are going on month by month that Iran is getting ready for its invasion of the Middle East, I believe the King of Yavan is now ready to be the prominent horn of the goat when the moment arrives.

I first suggested Erdoğan as the best candidate to be the goat’s first and prominent horn back in 2013. What a difference five years can make. He was charismatic and popular, but only the prime minister of a parliamentary system back then.

The election results are now in. Turkish president Erdoğan has won the election in the first round. According to the BBC, Erdoğan won 53% of the vote, with 99% counted, and 87% turnout. The second place candidate is Muharram Ince at only 31%. The remaining four candidates all came in with single digit returns.

Is this election fraudulent? Not likely. Earlier polls showed Erdoğan at around 50% (unless the polls were fraudulent) and roughly half the country being Islamists, love him anyway.

So how has the King of Yavan arrived? The most likely candidate to be the King of Yavan in Daniel 8, the future head of Turkey and the yet future head of the Sunni confederacy, has just attained new and sweeping powers. These powers would enable any president of Turkey to do the things necessary to become the horn, when Iran makes its move.

Turkish president Erdoğan, the king of Yavan, after winning the election. He is now the most powerful Turkish leader since the Ottoman emperors.

Those new powers are enumerated in Turkey’s revised constitution, posted here. Also in that post I noted that if Erdoğan wins the election to assume these new constitutional powers, he will be ready to be the horn on the goat. And so here he is. He will now be in a position of power to make war against the future invading Iranian militias. He has the power to make an alliance and even a new confederacy with like-minded Sunni governments in the area. He has the power to call any state of emergency. He is poised to become the ruler of a new vast Sunni nation stretching across the Middle East.

The King of Yavan all ready to now lead his four-nation confederacy. The story of the “four” sign is here.

In other words, if the Second Signpost started today, there would be nothing to stop Erdoğan from appearing as the prominent horn on the goat, ready to charge against the ram (per Dan. 8:5).

Unless God has other plans and wants someone else to be that horn, the King of Yavan, if it is indeed Erdoğan, has now arrived.

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  1. “He has the power to make an alliance and even a new confederacy with like-minded Sunni governments in the area.”

    Turkey’s Sunni outlook (no pun intended) is mostly of the Hanafi school of Islamic thought.

    Maps showing the international distribution of Hanafi school dominance can be helpful, but I have noticed differences between them.

    This one shows Sudan (south of Egypt) as Hanafi:

    This one shows Sudan as Maliki:

    The Turkey-led Ottoman Empire of old promoted the Hanafi school. A new Turkey-led confederacy would do the same.

  2. This one confuses me in light of the second signpost and the coming Irainian invasion of the MiddleEast. I still beleive that the US must be neutered in some way in order for the invasion to occur, not the other way around.

  3. Hi Rick,
    Just like the link you posted, we will see a lot of man’s “wisdom.” Yes, the USA is the biggest economy in the world, and according to man, cutting off Iran will cause them to collapse.
    But nevertheless, Daniel 8 says the ram will get to do all it wants to do and none will be able to stop or rescue.
    I get the feeling that the event that is the turning point will be a shock. What Daniel 8 says, and what man is currently saying reminds me of the situation in 2 Kings 7. In 2 Kings 7:1-2 Elisha tells an official that in 24 hours food will be cheap. But the officer in man’s wisdom questioned this. The strange event that was predicted is told in verses 3-20.
    Men will say the USA is mightier than Iran. But Daniel 8, God’s word, suggests another story is afoot.

  4. In the realm of human wisdom, Giuliani may be smart. In the greater realm of God’s wisdom, he may be an ignoramus. In the book “The Trump Prophecies” (2017), Mary Colbert, who in 2016 led a nation-wide prayer group in support of candidate Trump, wrote about an encounter with Giuliani. Colbert had been invited to be on the Trump Advisory Board. At a meeting of that organization, Colbert was getting disgusted when Giuliani was “making it sound like Clinton was going to win and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it.” Colbert the prayer leader couldn’t take it anymore, and blurted out, “That’s okay, Donald! God’s on your side!” Giuliani screamed: “God has no place in politics! Don’t you even bring Him up in this conversation! He has nothing to do with this!”

  5. Mark,
    Right now Trump is hoping other countries to support sanctions against Iran. Thinking China is key in all this and pivotal due to their alliance with Russia and their need for oil. Oil has jumped $7 a barrel since US announced wanting sanctions in place by November. The result is a profiting Iran that is not truly being hurt. If they move toward the petro-yuan and trade deals with China they will stay viable. As a result, there would be a very sharp increase of supply of Western oil and sudden drop in crude prices, that sounds good but it may not be. The economy and unemployment rate is doing very well because of production. Even if the oil is high, there are more workers needed to keep up with the demand on hand and companies are willing to pay more for workers to come because of a lack of help. This increases other jobs to other places in the economy as well, due to people moving to the higher paying oil paying jobs that they need to keep up with the cost of living and high insurance premiums as well. Premiums for insurance are still are taking a good bite out of the monthly check. The Trump tax benefits and increases in oil production are supplying the good numbers for now but house prices and those insurance premiums that I mentioned about are still a lot out of the paycheck. That dollar value keeps dwindling in all this.

  6. I suspect President Trump will insist other countries support the war efforts against Iran with money and men, or else, except when it comes to Israel, I believe he will be all in, not matter who steps up to help.

  7. I used to think that Daniel 8 and 9 would have to be many years away. That has now changed. There are many speculations as to how we might be weakened. And some of those are very “quick” in nature. Probably the most likely is an EMP over the northeast grid. Could Iran pull that off? Maybe, but there are other “natural” ways just as effective and shocking to a nation that thinks itself as safe.

    And now, with the US/Iran sabre rattling who knows when or what. But it can, and probably will, happen quickly. For those of us who live here, tribulation will have started. Lift up your head, your redemption draws nigh.

  8. Mark,

    I noticed how comfortable both white horse and conquering rider look in this 1990 photo of Saddam Hussein.

    But notice how uncomfortable both brown horse and balancing rider are in this 2003 attempt by Erdogan to ride a horse.

    At least the brown horse knew that Erdogan should have chosen a black horse to ride (Revelation 6:5).

    In 2017, Erdogan was seen bribing another brown horse to not buck him off, but the horse only reluctantly complied.

    Memo to Erdogan: the next time you want to ride a horse, choose a black one.

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