Actions at the Edge of the Second Signpost

As I wrote about in my last post, the US and Iran are now in a place where the chance to trigger the Second Signpost is greater than at any time.

There are two new developments that certainly don’t help the situation.

The first is the Pentagon is sending 1,500 more American troops to the Middle East to monitor the Iranian military.

The second is an opinion voiced by a senior American naval officer, Vice Admiral Michael Gilday. The AP news article says, “The U.S. has a high degree of confidence that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was responsible for the explosions on four tankers, and that Iranian proxies in Iraq fired rockets into Baghdad.”

Troop escalation, and blaming the other side without presenting evidence. Hmm . . . I believe that’s how the First Signpost started.

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  1. As economy weakens in the coming months these tensions will only increase so we will take our eyes off failed economic polices and debt. war will be the final result.

  2. Yes, and of course as you mentioned before, war is the best way to weaken the dollar and hinder the USA from expensive military action abroad. The USA is using these economic weapons against China too.

  3. Agree Mark
    Something else that’s been on my mind….the recent accusations of Assad using chemical weapons again in Syria. True or otherwise, Trump has been clear that he will respond and has done twice in the past.
    Should more tomahawk cruise missiles be fired into Syria by the US from the now conveniently located Lincoln carrier, I can see an Iranian proxy retaliating and things escalating tit for tat until something explodes. Expect more false flags and provocations from both sides.
    I still cannot fathom how the Iranians will be able to stand against what is still the most vast and powerful military machine on the planet in the US, but if Daniel 8 is upon us, I know it will….and more. How this happens God only knows. Will Russia and China stand by if the Americans pound Iran back to the Stone Age? I know they are allies but not sure if they have military treaties or alliances also.
    This has been troubling me recently. Could America survive a war with the trinity of Iran, China and Russia? Unfortunately i doubt it.
    God help us all around the globe if this is how it pans out, America is overdue judgement but the thought of what this world will become without the US truely terrifies me. God bless

  4. I’m keeping my eyes on the British. No disrespect to the Americans, but they do seem to overact and make everything larger than life (the British are the polar opposite). When you see the UK begin to make some moves, I’d say its serious.

  5. James,
    Yes, the idea is terrifying. But Psalm 91:1 reminds me of where to be in such circumstances.
    As you seem to understand, the Second Signpost could begin any number of ways – God only knows.
    Not meaning to pile on more, keep in mind there is a chance if Russia/China nukes the US in certain places/cities we may not even see Iran run out due to the temporary loss of internet/electricity/banking.

  6. Moves that look like buildup toward war can delay the prophesied invasion until the time is right for it.

    Those who read know that the just-ordered declassification of documents concerning an attempted deep state coup against President Trump will result in prosecutions.

    Q post 2700 dated 2019-02-12:

    “Transparency and Prosecution is the only way forward to save our Republic and safeguard such criminal and treasonous acts from occurring again. While some want to quietly remove those responsible and go about our business (save face on the World Stage), those in control, understand, this band-aid will simply not work. Nobody should be above the law (no matter how massive the spider-web is (entangled)).”

    America can thrive independently of whatever is happening in the Middle East, because America is now a net exporter of energy.

    I pray that God will in one way or another tell President Trump: “Withdraw American troops from the Middle East, because the time has come when nothing can stop the fulfillment of Daniel 8:4.”

  7. Prism,
    I would disagree with the idea that America can thrive independently of the Middle East. Theoretically, sure. But in practicality the main reason for the US to keep things “in order” is to keep the Petrodollar going. If it stops, America loses the greatest factor that has been supporting its dollar.
    The real reasons we took out Saddam and rescued Kuwait were due to the Petrodollar agreement. It still drives America’s actions there.
    The idea behind your last paragraph has been on my prayer list. God’s will be done.

  8. There has to be some event that takes the u.s 70,000 plus troops out of the way, and they seem to be adding assets by the day.To start a war with Iran would only start a quagmire like Vietnam for years possibly, how can Iran fight without any hindrances with so many troops around no matter how you cut it the super powers must be out of the picture or at least refuse to intervene.and that will not happen why! Simply oil.Thats why something dramatic needs to happen, that forces them out.have you seen how many u.s bases surround Iran?they have to go before the ram can ram…

  9. Since Daniel 8:4 may be on the brink of fulfillment, I am praying for an exodus of American troops from the Middle East.

    Just before the exodus of Israel from Egypt, God inspired the Israelites to borrow valuables from the Egyptians that would never be returned (Exodus 12:35-36). With that in mind, I read this 2019-05-24 article about an emergency sale of arms to nations likely to be conquered by Iran:

    Paragraph 4: “The State Department on Friday notified Congress of 22 pending arms sales to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia worth $8 billion total. The equipment includes aircraft support maintenance; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); munitions; and other equipment.”

    We know from Daniel 8:4 that these arms sales cannot stop Iran from invading. So if these sales are completed prior to an exodus of American troops, it could be a case of “take their money and run.” An apparent buildup of troops in the Middle East could be a ruse. The actual purpose could be to protect an exodus of troops. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

  10. Prism: A Middle East Dunkirk?


    Mark, thought you might be interested in the link, describing Russian assistance in any future war.

  12. Like many other nations, Iran has a parliament, a president, an army, a navy, an air force. What Iran has that other nations don’t have is its Supreme Leader and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (which has its own army and navy). “Daniel Revisited” shows that the Supreme Leader and the IRGC are the two horns of Daniel 8:3.

    How the various branches of the Iran military, regular and IRGC, are coordinated has to be complex. But from Daniel 8:4 we know that they will be coordinated when its invasion begins.

    Wikipedia has articles on:

    The population of Iran is over 81 million.

    What is President Trump now saying about Iran? reported:

    “These are great people — has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership,” he said of Iran. “We’re not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear. We’re looking for no nuclear weapons.”

    What is Iran’s Supreme Leader now saying about America? Here is some actual footage with English translations:

    I am wondering if someone has taught President Trump about Daniel 8:3-4, and that our President has consequently decided to withdraw American troops from areas of the Middle East that Iran will invade.

  13. One more tiny (or not so tiny?) step closer:

    “King Salman of Saudi Arabia has pulled off in Mecca what many had thought unlikely — getting 20 or so disparate Arab nations to unite in a common position against Iran.
    And while this achievement came without bellicose threats or new red lines, it is an important milepost on a road that may yet lead to regional conflict.”

  14. I wonder if the former state department officials, who are violating the Logan Act by advising the Iranian government on how to work around Trump’s policies, will play any part in assisting the Bear overrunning the Middle East.

  15. Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are clustered as near to Iran as possible:

    Yet much of Saudi Arabia’s population is clustered as far from Iran as possible:

    Iran’s military personnel is recruited from a population of over 81 million. Although Saudi Arabia’s population is reported at about 33 million, several million of that figure may be foreign workers. What good is military equipment if the recruitment base to loyally operate it is no match for Iran’s larger recruitment base and more effective equipment?

    If I had relatives working in Saudi Arabia, I would have already sent them copies of “Daniel Revisited” with a covering letter saying: “Find employment elsewhere as soon as possible!”

  16. Another reason why Russia military might soon be emboldened….Russia no longer have an atheist mindset like it did prior to Yeltsin.

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