“You don’t want to inadvertently escalate something . . .”

“You don’t want to inadvertently escalate something,” says the captain of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, according to this AP story. How appropriate for this time.

That, and the US Navy’s claim the Lincoln can support its mission 200 miles off the coast of Oman outside of the Persian Gulf, are the reasons why the Lincoln is loitering in the Gulf of Oman.

The carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on exercises in the Gulf of Oman with a B-52.

That something stated by the captain could very well be the trigger for the Second Signpost. The US Navy is trying to avoid harassment from the IRGC within the Persian Gulf, as reacting to the harassment could easily lead to a trigger.

For the US Navy to avoid the Persian Gulf for now likely means there is a heightened sense among Navy commanding officers of the situation between the US and Iran being on a hair trigger.

In the end what this possibly does is buy us more time. Have you learned of the Signpost message and feel the need to prepare? You may have more time. This is yet another manifestation of God’s mercy.

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  1. We know the end will come soon enough but Amos says it well and it’s a verse we need to consider Amos 5:13..

  2. Although some may be worried that American naval ships might be sunk by Iranian forces, Saudi Arabia has naval ships in the Persian Gulf, having their base at Jubail.

    In this photo of the Jubail naval base I count nine ships, large enough to be called a fleet.

    Nostradamus 6:44 predicted: “Fleet sunk in the Arab gulf.” The term “Arabian Gulf” did not exist until the 1960s, when Arab nations began to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf.

    Whatever ship-sinking happens in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, it would be only a small part of what is prophesied of in Daniel 8:4.

  3. SOMEBODY really wants to escalate things, albeit in a slow and gradual manner:

    Two more tankers in the Persian Gulf have been attacked this morning, their crews are evacuated. As of this moment, according to European news media, one of them was hit by a mine and is afire, yet without danger of sinking. The other is supposed to have been hit by a torpedo and is supposed to have sunk.


    Interesting last paragraph:
    “While it is unclear why Iran would carry out a relatively low-level attack on the multinational tankers, observers have speculated that it could have been to send a signal to forces ranged against it that it is capable of disrupting shipping there without triggering a war.”

    A secondary purpose of these attacks might just be a test of the tactics and weapons needed to stop tanker traffic through the Gulf.

    Oil prices immediately rose by 2.7%.

    If the somebody responsible for these attacks slowly increases them, carefully enough to postpone a military confrontation as long as possible, the economical aspects of the Second Signpost might even become serious ahead of the military aspects, maybe even triggering the latter.

  4. Well, things just got escalated. ZeroHedge.com just reported an oil tanker was attacked. Chief suspect: Iran, of course

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