The Union as a Tool in God’s Hand, Via Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln is considered to be the greatest (or second greatest) president the USA ever had.

His focus above all else was the preservation of the Union, the United States of America as one nation. He wrote about this in a famous letter to Horace Greeley in August 1862:

“As to the policy I ‘seem to be pursuing’ as you say, I have not meant to leave any one in doubt. I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. . . . If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.”

At some point he realized that freeing the slaves would help his cause to save the Union.

President Lincoln went to extraordinary lengths to support his vision. Lincoln called for the first nationwide conscription (the draft) of able-bodied men for the army. Lincoln had “greenbacks” issued—the first paper money since the Revolutionary War; before that money was silver and gold. The greenbacks were eventually withdrawn and the war debts paid, but it took twenty years or so to do it. He even suspended the writ of habeas corpus for a time, ignoring the US Circuit Court declaring it unconstitutional.

He did these unconstitutional things to save the Union—things that men with less noble intent would use again saying “here was a precedent.” I only say this to show that Lincoln pulled out all the stops to keep the United States as one nation.

The Union’s Legacy

So what did the preservation of the Union accomplish? It can be said it was to carry out God’s will. By human standards some of these things are considered good, and others bad.

Only the United States as one nation was able to turn the tide against Nazi Germany’s western front, and Japan, and end World War 2 by vanquishing both foes. This was good.

On the other hand it was the military force projected by United States on the other side of the earth that ended the reign of the rider of the white horse (Saddam Hussein), the wanna-be conquering leader of the kingdom of the first beast of Dan. 7, and accomplished the First Signpost by forcing the Iraqi (Babylonian) lion to stand and have its mind changed.

This was bad from the perspective of our human view but good in terms of Christ returning, for this one war started in 2003 triggered the Bible-prophesied chain of events leading to His return.

Fittingly, it was the USS Abraham Lincoln, named for the very same president who saved the Union, that supported war operations to remove Saddam Hussein—from the first volleys being fired in February 2003, to President George W. Bush’s speech, Mission Accomplished in May 2003.

The USS Abraham Lincoln flying the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner in May 2003, ending the ship’s role in the First Signpost.

And now the USS Abraham Lincoln is being used again. This time, it may very well be the main vehicle for the Union to trigger the second great end time event involving the bear and the ram, the Second Signpost.


Yes, the United States as one nation has enacted, and is enacting, God’s will. Besides sending out crowds of missionaries across the un-evangelized nations, and ending the horrific killing that occurred during two world wars, God is using this nation to trigger His end times.

How appropriate that the man God used to preserve the Union for His purposes, is now using a great ship and fighter launching platform named after that very same man, to trigger not only the First Signpost, but possibly the Second.

The USS Abraham Lincoln being used only for the First Signpost may be called a coincidence, but if it is also used for the Second Signpost, that may be called a message.

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  1. This comment is related to Lincoln and not SPT. I would urge all to read the books “The Real Lincoln” and “Lincoln Unmasked” by Dr. Thomas Dilorenzo. Reading these books changed the way I viewed and interpreted American history as much as Daniel Revisited changed the way I interpreted prophecy. They are that game changing.
    Dr. Dilorenzo has many youtube lectures on the subject.

  2. You did not mention World War I.

    America declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. Arthur Pryor (1870-1942), who had been a prominent member of Sousa’s band before forming his own, composed a song in support of the declaration. Without Abraham Lincoln’s leadership during the American Civil War, this song could not have been written.

    We’ll Be There, Uncle Sammy (1917)
    words by William Devereux, music by Arthur Pryor (notice how Pryor used a phrase from “Dixie”)

    We’re just waiting, Uncle Sammy, we’re just waiting your command,
    And we’re ready, Uncle Sammy, just to show you where we stand.
    We are watching for your signal, when you flash it, we’ll be there.
    Raise your finger, we’ll not linger, we’ll be there!

    We’ll be there, Uncle Sammy, we’ll be there,
    We’ll be there, Uncle Sammy, we’ll be there!
    Tell to us the old, old story that you need us for Old Glory.
    We’ll be there, Uncle Sammy, we’ll be there!

    From the Northland, Uncle Sammy, you will find the Boys in Blue,
    Down in Dixie, Uncle Sammy, Boys in Grey are with you, too.
    Just you tell us that you need us; you can send us anywhere.
    You can reckon when you beckon, we’ll be there!

    You have tried us, Uncle Sammy, in the days of long ago.
    Think of Lexington and Trenton, think of Scott in Mexico,
    Think of Dewey at Manila, “Fire when ready!” just declare.
    When you sic ’em, we will lick ’em, we’ll be there!

    We’ve been neutral, Uncle Sammy, while you kept us out of war,
    We’ve been patient, Uncle Sammy, though our hearts are sick and sore.
    Now we’re anxious for the battle, for Old Glory bright and fair.
    Lead us to it, they will rue it, we’ll be there!

    Not for treasure, Uncle Sammy, will we follow where you lead,
    Not for kingdoms, Uncle Sammy, not for power or for greed,
    But for freedom, Uncle Sammy, freedom here and ev’rywhere.
    You’re our leader, you’re our pleader, we’ll be there!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendations, Karl.
    This strengthens the connection between those who would increase their power in order to wield it to accomplish the ends of what they believe, whether in the 1860’s, or 2003, or in the near future.

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