More Attacks: Tipping Point Ahead

Just as it seemed we might have a quiet week relatively speaking these days (except for the single rocket hitting the Saudi airport in Abha), two more oil tankers were attacked today, June 13.

Both tankers—one Norwegian, the other Japanese—were on fire and their crews have been rescued. The tankers were allowed to drift in the Gulf of Oman.

One of the two oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman on June 13, 2019. After an explosion, the tanker caught fire.

It is not known at this time who exactly is responsible or what weapon was used in the attacks.

Whether this was an attack by the IRGC or the IRGC-backed Houthi, is not known at this time. It might even be, heaven forbid, warmongers in the West wanting to start a fight (i.e., false flags).

Where might the tipping point be before full war is waged between Iran and the USA? We don’t know for sure, but one thing is probable: if these attacks keep occurring on a fairly regular basis, war cannot be that far away.

Watch. Be ready. It looks like the Second Signpost draws near.

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  1. Since oil from the Middle East will drop quickly if war breaks out I thought readers would be interested in monitoring what we have available in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

  2. It’s impossible to know whether it was the Americans creating an excuse or the Iranians testing their weapons and sending a message. Whoever fired it could have sunk those ships if they wanted to.

  3. it was fascinating to read that one of the US commanders (??) pointed out video evidence of Iran supposedly removing an undetonated mine (or equiv). With the US House going AWOL, the next moves are anyones guess. I can’t for the life of me see the House nor Senate ever giving approval for Trump to go to war with Iran. Oh well, broccoli is in, chickens are a laying, and we have plenty of seeds and water to get us through should something happen in the next wee while.

  4. Thinking a Democrat win in 2020 will open the door for the bear to truly pounce. Hillary is not running this time and Trump is simply still too boastful about himself and his “stable genius.” He is also about to mess up Israel’s land covenant with this proposal that Kushner and has been involved in and drawn up. He needs to learn how to be more humble and simply give the glory to God.

  5. Without wise use of disinformation, the Normandy Invasion would have failed. Here was General Eisenhower’s honest message to the internationally allied troops just before the Normandy Invasion:

    Since it is God’s will that Iran should invade the Middle East (Daniel 8:3-4), it would be foolish to attempt to thwart it. What may look like knee jerk reactions by the Trump Administration may actually be wise use of disinformation. Confusion can also be created by making true statements that conflict with each other.

    On 2019-04-08 the Trump Administration designated Iran’s IRGC a terrorist organization.

    On 2019-05-27 President Trump, while in Japan, announced that he doesn’t want regime change in Iran: “These are great people — has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership,” he said of Iran. “We’re not looking for regime change. I just want to make that clear. We’re looking for no nuclear weapons.” According to Daniel 8:3-4, Iran, with its same two-horned leadership, will become “great.” Trump’s phrase “has a chance” was either disinformation or misinformation, since God has already decreed that it must happen.

  6. Mark,

    From Daniel 8, how do you see America’s role in the two horned goat’s invasion of the rest of the ME?

  7. Rick,
    Nonexistant. The USA will likely have way too many other problems to worry about the Middle East.

  8. Rick has a point…… Not that I think the US will be part or help to the Goat, but that when / if the church does start to realize what is going on when the ram charges from Susa then the church in the US might start to think that we are the Goat or suppose to be the Goat flying to war.
    Just saying… that is how much brains we have. (Being sarcastic)

  9. Jesse,
    Might be. However, with everything that could happen to the USA to keep it from rescuing, the average American Christian might be more concerned with eating.

  10. Warden’s book is wrong. Former U.S.A. involvement in the Middle East, according to Trump, cost 7 trillion dollars, thousands of American deaths and injuries, yet had no good results. While it is true that U.S.A. involvement in Iraq fulfilled Daniel 7:4 by making that beast “stand upon the feet as a man,” Iraq is now controlled by Iran.

    A better candidate for the notable horn of the goat of Daniel 8 is Erdogan of Turkey.

    After Iran invades parts of Turkey, an enraged Turkish leader like Erdogan is more likely to become the prophesied notable horn of the goat that flies in from the west against the ram to break its two horns (the Supreme Leader and the IRGC).

  11. Prisms,
    All spelled out in Daniel Revisited.

  12. I am led to think that America will still be involved with NATO when the goat charges but will have less influence than it does now. I think that our military prowess will be reduced or affected somehow when the ram really charges but will help NATO to spur the goat to retaliate. Turkey will take over a significant role in the region from that point on. The moderates in the WH under Obama originally wanted a moderate Turkey to take a stronger position in the region when he was president.

  13. The link to this event in 2016 has sort have made me think Biden will be the president in the next cycle.

  14. Where Daniel 8:4 says of Iran, “neither was there any that COULD deliver out of his hand,” that suggests that the U.S.A. will be UNABLE to stop Iran’s invasion of the Middle East. However, when I looked at Strong’s concordance to see what Hebrew word was translated “could,” no Hebrew word is listed. So I went to to see if there are any translations that don’t use “could,” and there are several. Also, the Jewish Publication Society’s 1985 translation reads: “there was none to deliver from his power,” leaving it open as to the reason.

    What if President Trump knows about Daniel 8:4 and is planning to keep American forces out of the way when Iran invades? Trump remembers Muslims in New Jersey cheering on 9/11. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, as was Osama bin Laden. There is no obligation for America to defend Saudi Arabia from Iran.

  15. All the more reason why I think a Biden win is plausible deduction, prismsplay. I am convinced that the defenses just simply are too high in the gulf by the US right now for Iran to do anything major. Its almost 18 months until the 2021 presidential cycle begins and Trump won’t be running against Hillary this time. More millenials are voting and a Biden-Warren ticket could be a hard one to beat. Trump’s approval rating have not surged over Obama’s by much, if any. Also, not enough evangelicals have not drained the swamp of the opulence-message based evangelicals like Copeland and P. White. Mark Taylor is so far off in his assumptions. The Holy Spirit may have showed him initially some very valid visions but a true prophet keeps ALL biblical prophecy in view as well ( 1 Corinthian 14:32). What amazed me about Nelson Walters is he gave 1000 books out for free which a true prophet would do, yet many in Christian media are not giving him air time, kind of like Jeremiah.

    I do wonder if some of the US military coastal cities will be hit prior to this event weakening our ability for an early intervention but not a later ability in assisting NATO to retaliate. There a prophecy in something that looks like the effects of a nuclear weapon against Elam. Could the goat’s one horn be a symbol of a nuclear missile?

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