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  1. François-Xavier Mercorelli, who translated “Iran’s Great Invasion” into French, previously translated Joel Richardson’s book “Mideast Beast” into French.

    Click to access MideastBeastFrench_FINAL_PRINT.pdf

    Since writing “Mideast Beast,” Joel has realized that its take on Daniel 8 is wrong. To make up for that deficiency, he has made “Daniel Revisited” available from his online store.

    I believe that Joel Richardson’s books and Mark Davidson’s books are the best studies of Bible prophecies available. They should be translated. Joel’s book “The Islamic Antichrist” is now available in 17 languages.

  2. Prisms,
    I agree on the need for translations. Except for my French brother, I have not been approached.

  3. I agree with your take, Prismsplay, that Joel’s and Mark’s books on biblical prophecy are the best out there now that is available in the marketplace. If you have looked at others, they just do not have the insight that both these authors provide, imo.

    Joel is very humble even at his high profile statute within the prophetic community and speaks well of his Christ-like character that he was willing to see his misunderstanding and correct it by offering Mark’s book in his store. Joel and I are quasi-friends…more than an acquaintance but not close friends. It is a pleasure to have contact with both Joel and Mark and their respective expertises.


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