The Second Signpost May Only Be a “Consensus” Away

Our world has entered a new phase in the times leading up to the Second Signpost. I wrote about this time here. We are basically on a hair trigger alert for Iran’s invasion of the Middle East to begin any time.

It looks now like a likely path leading to the Second Signpost is first another attack (either by Iran, its minions, or a false flag operation by the west) on the oil infrastructure, second a strike on Iran by the US, third Iran’s (and perhaps Russia’s) retaliation, and then finally the Second Signpost itself.

We have seen attacks on a pumping station and a total of six oil tankers in this past month.

So what is now stopping the US from striking Iran?

An International Consensus

The Trump administration says, according to this report that it wants to build an international consensus—an agreement with its allies—before any strike by the US.

There is a surveillance video taken by a US CENTCOM airplane purportedly showing an Iranian vessel removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers. This is the main exhibit being used as evidence that it was Iran responsible for the explosions.

Screen grab from a released CENTCOM video. It shows what is believed to be an Iranian small vessel removing an unexploded mine from the hull of an oil tanker. This is being used as evidence of Iran’s involvement in the tanker attacks.

Opinions vary. For example, the United Kingdom is convinced. Germany is not.

A military strike bombing Iran would definitely be a declaration of war. Once started it could likely not be undone or stopped. If the US administration is being truthful it will not attack unless its allies agree that the US should.

Therefore, the only thing preventing the Second Signpost right now from the US perspective is the lack of a consensus.

All that is needed to get that consensus is an act of sabotage that has enough impact on the oil market. It would come from Iran when it feels ready for what it wants to do, or from a loose-cannon minion, or from a false flag operation.

It Is the Time of Iran

Ever since I started watching in 2003 have I never seen this world so close to the Second Signpost. During the years of the George W Bush administration the news was all about Iraq and the First Signpost. During Obama’s administration, it was all about appeasing Iran. Now under Trump everything seems to be coming into alignment, and the news is all about Iran, Iran, Iran, and, oh yes, Iran.

If a large enough attack on the oil infrastructure occurs with accompanying “evidence,” we may very well hear the US declaring it will carry out attacks. If that happens, be ready. The end times will continue in earnest.

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  1. If the 1st sign post took 24 years to be completed, how long do you think is 2nd sign post’s duration will be, from when it starts?

    Also do you thing there is a long gap year between 2nd and 3rd signpost, or is it a just a quick retaliation by Turkey against Iran?

    Let me know if you have any insights from Daniel regarding these questions?

    Thanks Afo

  2. Afo,
    Jesus tells us that all the end time events are to happen in one lifetime. If the first horseman rode out in 1979, we are 40 years into the end time events. The Second, Third, and Fourth will be a fast one-after-the-other sequence. Though we cannot know the exact times, I’m thinking Christ’s physical return will be in the 2030’s or 2040’s.

  3. Interesting article here, and a picture is worth 1000 words… Also, “The Time of The End”, by Tim Warner is a good read on his take of when the 70th week will start, looked at from the 7 day, 7000 year plan of God, with 120 Jubliee years finishing on the 6th day, or 6000 year. Guess we will see in the next 10 years or so.

    Thanks for your book and website Mark! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. This is breaking on Twitter…from One America News…The Pentagon is seriously weighing a targeted missile strike on Iran’s uranium enrichment facility in early July. dtd 6/17/19 8:30 pm tweet

  5. More breaking news on Twitter…from One America News…The Pentagon is planning on deploying 1K additional troops to the Middle East as tensions rise with Iran. dtd 6/17/19 6:45 pm tweet

  6. Iraq, with a population of about 37 million, required over 150,000 American troops to finally make that beast of a nation “stand upon the feet as a man” (Daniel 7:4).

    As the first signpost ended in 2011, American troop levels near 100,000 in Afghanistan, whose population is about 31.5 million, also began to be reduced.

    Iran has a population of about 82.5 million, larger than the combined populations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Sending only a few thousand American troops to the Middle East might be for protecting the withdrawal of American troops from the region.

  7. Prism,
    And let us not forget – the Republican Guard of Iraq melted away because they all served in fear under Saddam. The IRGC is very different – they are religious zealots who truly believe they are doing the work of Allah and will not stop fighting until they are dead.

  8. Paula White, who publicly prayed at President Trump’s inauguration, opened President Trump’s reelection rally with a prayer:

    At the 2:08 mark, she prayed that God would reveal “the deep and secret things to President Trump according to Daniel 2:22.” Compare Daniel 2:22 with Isaiah 45:3, which has God giving to Cyrus “the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places.” Since President Trump has acted in a Cyrus-like way in moving America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem and acknowledging that Golan Heights belongs to Israel, God might reveal “deep and secret things to President Trump.” If so, he will know what to do when Daniel 7:5, 8:3-4, and Revelation 6:3-4 must be fulfilled.

    The first Persian empire led by Cyrus allowed religious liberty to all within its realm, especially Jews. The last Persian empire, the Islamic Revolution that began in 1979, wants to obliterate all other religions, especially that of Jews.

    Jews honored Cyrus for his kindness towards them. Now Israel is honoring Trump by naming a future town in Golan Heights “Ramat Trump” (Trump Heights).

  9. On Twitter…BREAKING: From One America News…President Trump has urged his administration officials to “tone down” their comments about Iran having to remind them that he has no interest in a military confrontation with Tehran despite some “hawkish” views of some his advisors. tweet dtd 6/19/2019 4:46 pm.

  10. Well, it is now June 20, four days after this piece was posted. Now we are learning that the photo of the drone being shot down is from about two years ago.:

    I would hope that President Trump is aware of this, and I’m sure he is. However, before this came out the President did say that this could have been an unauthorized action. And as Rush Limbaugh pointed out, that one commented averted a negative reaction in the markets. So I do not believe President Trump would take hasty action on this. The fact that he is seeking consensus seems to indicate it.

    All that being said, of course things would change if Iran carried out “a large enough attack on the oil infrastructure.” I agree that it is the time of Iran…..

    Watch and pray.

  11. The “troops” ordered to Iran were in the way of a “clean up crew”. Covert CIA operatives still entrenched need to be cleared out before Trump’s plans move forward. The Iranian people are wanting relief from their current terrorist regime. When the clean up is complete, negotiations will be started.This President has no taste for more wars.

  12. Charlotte,
    It ain’t over yet. Iran could lash out at US assets any time. The regime does not need a reason – their ideology says so.

  13. Thanks for this blog post

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