Mark Davidson on the Radio in June

Davidson was interviewed by Pastor Vincent Xavier on The Watchmen on Omega Radio on Thursday, June 20. The one-hour interview can be downloaded or listened to, here.

Davidson will also be on Good Morning Ozarks with Charlie Engram, 7:30 CST, Monday June 24.

The topic up for discussion is our arrival at the threshold to the Second Signpost.


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  1. As I listened to your presentation, which was good, when you said that IRGC stands for “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps,” when the “I” actually stands for “Islamic,” I thought that was a slip of the tongue. But I found the same mistake in your books., which has detailed information about the IRGC, points out that many Iranians despise the IRGC for two reasons: it has become too powerful, and “Iranian” is not even a part of its name.

  2. Prisms,
    When I started researching and writing on the Signposts back in 2010 or so, the IRGC was “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.” Sometimes it was “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.”
    These days though “Islamic” is used as much and is looking like it is becoming more commonly used. In IGI (at the end of Chap. 3) I gave both names. I believe both names are ok to use.
    Thanks for the catch.

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