God Used Trump to Give Us More Time

Whatever you may personally think of President Trump, for good or bad, or of his take on various policies, or his “flourish” on Twitter, God used him this past Friday to give all of us a warning, and extra time.

God is in control of everything that goes on. I believe He was showing us this past Friday that we are in the zone for the Second Signpost to occur any time. The Second Signpost—with its chaos, oil price skyrocketing, and all the economic turbulence that could possibly come from all that—was put on hold. How long, we cannot know.

Apparently, we have been given some time. Use these days wisely. Draw close to Christ, and He will draw close to you (James 4:8). Do not deceive yourselves by only reading the Bible—do what it says (James 1:22).

By doing what the Bible says, obeying Christ’s commands, obeying what the writers of the Epistles wrote, you will experience God’s love directly. He will show up in your life in amazing ways. Pursue what He wants you to do. Pursue His business. If you do we have His promise that if we seek first His kingdom and righteousness He will provide all the things we need (food, drink, clothes) as well.

Finally, if you believe He is showing you to be a Joseph, that is, to store up things for the hard times to come, then do it. Do not delay. We have been given some time. A day, a year, we do not know.

Financial analysts have said that if Iran does what the Second Signpost shows it might, you cannot count on the western banking system to continue to exist. Do not depend on your savings account or portfolio.

So if you are to plant a garden, do it. If you are to acquire some gold or silver, do it. If you are to acquire the means to feed and care for people, do it. God may do miraculous things to care for His people, or He may just use you and what He has showed you to do to prepare. And wouldn’t that be a blessing?

Like the lesson Peter learned on the Sea of Galilee during the storm, keep your eyes on Jesus. Only concern yourself with Christ and what He is showing you to do. By doing this, you build your house on the Rock.

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  1. Awesome post! I totally agree- this was a warning! Thank you for the words of encouragement to draw close to Christ. I know from my fellowship with God there are degrees of submitting to God and abiding in Him. I need to submit and abide in Him in a way I never have before in our relationship! Thank you-Darrin Williams

  2. I am a hand knitter, crocheter weaver and spin yarn from wool etc. I have just enough income to keep afloat however the Lord has impressed on me for some time to make warm items to be ready for people. I also like to garden but living in colorado these past three years my gardening efforts has not been good. but i do have seeds around. many think you just stock up on food etc however use your talents and abilities. just thoughts here.

  3. A new article on the IRGC https://iranwire.com/en/features/6120 seems ready-made for signpost aficionados. Here are a couple of pull quotes:

    Officially, IRGC is part of the Iranian armed forces but, in the same way that its name lacks the word “Iran,” it does not consider its mission to be limited to Iran. On the contrary, it believes that its political, and sometimes religious, mission covers the whole region.

    Major General Hossein Salami was recently appointed as commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards. Salami has said that Iran must now expand its influence beyond the region and to the whole world.

    The IRGC is in an offensive mode. America is in a defensive mode with no desire for another war in the Middle East. Intervention in Afghanistan required 100,000 troops. Intervention in Iraq required over 150,000 troops. The population of Iran is greater than the combined populations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    With an ideologically-divided America gearing up for the 2020 elections, shifting to an offensive mode toward Iran is politically impossible. Iranian leaders know that. They could start their prophesied invasion anytime now and with aplomb.

  4. Laura,
    Very good thoughts. I agree – talents, and anything that your industriousness can produce, the Lord can use.

  5. The USA is already at war with Iran economically, and the more they bite the more Iran has nothing to lose by starting 2nd sign post, once iran is not permitted to ship any oil,which they need to do to survive and once the declining economic conditions start affecting Iran’s armed forces that will greatly effect there decision to push out to war…within the next six months is not unreasonable for it to start,especially as was already suggested the pending 2020 elections.

  6. In “Daniel Revisited” chapter 10, in the section “Iran’s Military Prepares for War” is this statement based on Daniel 7:5 and 8:3: “But the invasion will not start until the IRGC’s power has exceeded that of the supreme leader.”

    On June 24, 2019, President Trump issued an executive order that will weaken the economic clout of Iran’s supreme leader. Here is the official text of the order:

    A well-informed explanation by Iranian insiders of what this order will mean for Iran is at:

    The translation into English is garbled in places. But most of it is clear enough to understand. It explains how the order will weaken the power of the supreme leader, whom it describes as “the person who holds the most power in the Islamic Republic.” The article explains why past methods of getting around economic sanctions will not work this time. This new executive order will result in the IRGC having more power than the supreme leader, which has to happen before Iran invades.

  7. Prisms,
    Remember also in DR chapter 10, that the second horn grew through all those decades since 1979, and became more powerful than the supreme leader simply due to the IRGC’s growth in influence. Your comment adds to the argument by showing the slight diminishing of the first horn. I say this for the sake of new readers.

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