Confirmation: Second Signpost Narrowly Averted on June 21

Some news stories that reported the events of June 21 include the fact that a US P-8 Poseidon antisubmarine plane was also flying over the Hormuz strait, just as the drone was. The IRGC, it was reported, decided not to shoot down the P-8, which was manned.

As it turns out, this article written by an Elijah Magnier, claims to have insider knowledge of what occurred in the command structure of the IRGC that day. I recommend you read the entire article; it makes sense, and is interesting.

Here is a central takeaway:

“‘Iran was about to hit and destroy the US Navy P-8 Poseidon spy and anti-submarine Boeing [sic] that was flying in the area when we received confirmation that the US had decided not to go to war and not to bomb any control and command or missile batteries positions, cleared or non-cleared, along the Straits of Hormuz. Had Trump decided otherwise, we had orders to hit several US and US allies’ targets and the Middle East would have been the theatre of a very destructive war with huge losses on all sides’, said an Iranian IRGC General.”

This article seems to confirm that indeed the world was 10 minutes from the Second Signpost on June 21, from the Iranian perspective. The Second Signpost can indeed be described as a “destructive war with huge losses.”

“3rd Khordad” short-range missiles at the ready, of the type used to shoot down the US drone. “3rd Khordad” refers to a day in the Persian calendar in which Iranian forces scored a major battle victory in the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980’s.

The danger of the Second Signpost occurring at any time in the near future is also supported by something else in the article:

“If sanctions are not lifted one way or another, we are only at the beginning of the crisis.”

God’s warning is confirmed. The Second Signpost is only a consensus, or a military strike, away, for the foreseeable future.

We are indeed on the cusp. And it could happen any time now.

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  1. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, one might think that if Iran invades eastern Turkey, NATO forces would come to rescue one of its own. Daniel 8:4 indicates that none will rescue from the the ram’s [Iran’s] power.

    According to the recent article Turkey is now on the brink of being expelled from NATO.

    “The removal of Turkey from NATO is a step that has been anticipated for a long time, ever since Erdogan has been acting contrary to the letter and spirit of the NATO agreement. Even though expelling Turkey from NATO is a serious decision fraught with major consequences, Erdogan is the cause by repeatedly violating Turkey’s commitment to NATO and ignoring all its warnings.”

  2. Assuming the Second Sign Post starts soon and assuming that the U.S. technically survives till the 2020 election, how will this affect the outcome of the election? Will Trump say that “I did what the neo-cons wanted and this is where it got us.. Let’s follow the Monroe Doctrine and mind our own business”, and be re-elected? Or will the Democrats say “It’s all Trumps fault. He scrapped the brilliant deal Obama had with the Iranians and the only way to avoid more war and bring back the prosperity we had under Obama is dump Trump and bring back Hillary or her rightful super-brain heir Joe Biden”.

  3. Mark,

    I just watched Joel’s latest “The Underground” episode which can either be found on Youtube or his web site. This is the first time I have publicly seen Joel acknowledge your ground breaking work for “Daniel Revisited” and to me, it was about time, frankly. He also states his main agreement with you is with Daniel 8. As you already know he disagrees with many of the other interpretations in your DR book. He does recommend to his listeners though that they purchase your DR book which could be found in his web site’s book store to his credit.

    You might want to take the 20 minutes or so to watch his latest “Underground” episode for yourself regarding Iran. I just thought you should know.


  4. Yeah, I read Joel’s books and it changed my view on where the AC would come from, and of course the beheadings of IS, that seemed to be a dress rehearsal of things to come from Islam in the last days. It was and is like a big neon sign with God saying, re-examine what you have been taught and read about the last days sleepy Church!!!

    The second coming of Jesus (and all it entails) is the doctrine our generation needs to get right, and your book has had a similar effect on me on the wars that must take place before the 70th week and the rise of the AC. The onion of false teaching we have been fed in the Western Church about the last days is being peeled for all who has ears to hear.

    With contributions by yourself, Joel Richardson, and Joseph Lenard and Donald Zoller, we have the correct roadmap to what lies ahead, IMO. All these resources will be a great encouragement to the true Church as the day approaches. Keep up the good work Mark! 🙂

  5. Due east of Iran is Afghanistan. According to Daniel 8:4, eastward is not a direction in which Iran will invade. A reason for that may be that about half of Afghanistan’s population speaks Persian:

    I have found to be an excellent source of information about Iran. It was founded by a man who was imprisoned and tortured by the Islamic Republic:

    Maziar Bahari’s life story has been so courageous that a 2014 film was made about it:

  6. Just caught this article a few minutes ago, Mark. Thought you might be interested in processing it. It’s a game changer but haven’t figured possible outcomes from it yet?

  7. Gary,
    The Silk Road initiative, prophetically, is a manifestation of China’s eventual rule over the entire east half of Asia.

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