Mark Davidson Interviews with Vincent Xavier This Week

Davidson will be joining Pastor Vincent Xavier this week, on Wednesday and Friday. We will be discussing what has been going on for the past week in the news as it relates to the Signposts.

The Wednesday interview will be at and start at 10 AM MST / 11 AM CST, live, so note your time zone. It will go for one hour. You can either click the little red button for listening live over the internet, or tune in to AM 790 / FM 100.3 if you are near northwest Arkansas.

The Friday discussion will start at 8 AM MST / 9 AM CST, live, and go for one hour, or longer. There are three ways you can connect. This will also be a video broadcast.

The first is at Omegaradio and the program is the appropriately named, The Watchmen where you can listen live. The second is on YouTube on the New Wine Ministry TV channel. The third is also The Watchmen at—just go to the website, click on “Listen Now” and follow the directions.

Vincent Xavier has been a long-time supporter of the Signpost position. This should be a good discussion. Pray that the Holy Spirit is present in power.

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  1. Mark you should know that there is no way Iran will be left to do it’s free will in the middle east. Your assumption that they will do so is flawed. Trump will continue to amass troops and the ram will be broken by the goat with great fury as he continuous the advance towards the glorious land.

  2. Ouuu…praying for you Mark, that you are prayed up before going on air with those present and that your presentation will be encouraging and God honoring for the church. Yes, we do live in perilous times but we are not to be fearful or faint but to live confidently knowing God is aware of these things and will work all out into his plans as the only Sovereign.

    P.S. Twitter is reporting that after Iran’s missile fit last night there were two earthquakes and a Ukrainian commercial plane shot down last night killing 173 innocent passengers. Prayers for peace and comfort for those grieving families.


  3. Mehrad,
    It’s not my assumption. It says so in Daniel 8:4 that the Persian ram “did as he pleased.”
    This is the sign that will tell you this interpretation of Bible prophecy is correct: Iran will triumph over the US. Impossible sounding I know, and as an American myself its hard to say such things, but we must be open to what God’s Word tells us.

  4. The Americans decide to kill the 2ic of Iran, and thats all the Iranians could do?!

  5. “The Americans decide to kill the 2ic of Iran, and thats all the Iranians could do?!”

    When the missile attacks were first announced, not knowing how bad they would be, I nevertheless thought that because God has been using the Trump Admministration to bless Israel, some of the divine protection that God has blessed Israel with might be extended to America. As it turned out, Iran’s missiles failed to kill a single American or Iraqi.

    But my hope that the missiles might be divinely diverted in mid-flight may not have happened. A “backchannel theory” states that the Trump Administration was tipped off by Iranian leaders so that America could get personnel out of the way before the missiles struck. A “tracking theory” states that the trajectories of the missiles were known after launching and the bases the missiles were headed for quickly evacuated. Both theories could be true.

    Since both American and Iranian leaders want American troops to leave the Middle East, a deal may have been made. In President Trump’s message after Iran’s missile attack, to the dismay of those wanting there to be war, he again suggested that Iran can become “great” without regime change, echoing Daniel’s prophecy.

    Daniel 8:3-4 Jewish Publication Society’s 1985 translation:
    I looked and saw a ram standing between me and the river;
    he had two horns; the horns were high,
    with one higher than the other, and the higher sprouting last.
    I saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward.
    No beast could withstand him,
    and there was none to deliver from his power.
    He did as he pleased and grew great.

    Here is my current interpretation:
    The Supreme Leader of Iran is the first horn. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is the second horn. From western Iran, Iran’s military will invade west, north, and south. The beasts in those directions are Islamic nations that will be conquered by Iran. The United States military will be leaving the region, allowing Iran to do whatever it wants, but Iran will not have nuclear weapons. Almost like a divine acknowledgment of the deal, there were earthquakes near Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    Trump has said: “I am the President of the United States. I am not the President of the world.”

  6. Prism,
    From the photographic evidence, the Iranian missiles each hit squarely in the center of each building. Another message that Iran gave: their missiles are deadly accurate. The ballistic missile defense of the US is quite capable of pinpointing where a missile will hit within the first minutes after launch.

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