Prediction: On the Eve of the Second Signpost, Iran Gives the US a Chance to Get Out

This is the point in time where American forces, if they are going to leave and avoid the ram of Daniel 8, should get out of the Middle East. The point in time is now. Iran has strangely shown grace towards the United States.

The US administration and military, of course, would laugh at this thought.

Admittedly, this is a strange and crazy thought. What brought this on? Looking back at the peculiar news stories of the last three days, we can arrive at some seemingly odd conclusions. The conclusions took some thought and prayer and confirmation from a few readers, a few from the larger group of fellow Signpost watchmen. It also took going back to the basics of Signpost theory.

The Facts

First, the Iranian missile attack. The IRGC launched about a dozen ballistic short range missiles towards western and northern Iraq.

It was a restrained and a very precise response from the IRGC for the assassination of their beloved general, Qassem Soleimani.

It was restrained because the IRGC let the Iraqi security forces know it was coming so they wouldn’t suffer casualties. And the Iraqi authorities alerted the US military so they could retreat to protected places on the bases to be hit. And there were no casualties.

It was a precise strike. Look at the photo which shows where the missiles hit on a part of Al Asad air base. It is an Iraqi base, currently used by US military personnel. Each missile hit was not at some open field or vacant area. Each hit was squarely on a building. If these missiles had poor accuracy at least one hit would show it just pounding sand. But each and every hit was centered in a building. This is something I have not seen mentioned in any news media.

An overhead photo of the Al Asad base in western Iraq. Note the circled areas where IRGC ballistic missiles struck. Note, too, that each strike hit the center of each building.

Second, the supreme leader made an announcement. He stated that this missile attack is merely a slap in the face. However, and more importantly, he said that this missile attack is not the full retribution for Soleimani’s assassination. Rather, full recompense would be all American military forces to leave the Middle East.

The Conclusions

The supreme leader and the IRGC have always wanted the American military to leave the Middle East. They want to conquer the Middle East and instill their brand of Shia Revolution in many Muslim countries.  This what the Persian ram wishes to accomplish. This is why the Persian bear of Daniel 7 will eat and gorge on much flesh, and why the Persian ram of Daniel 8 will run out in three directions. I wrote about all this in Daniel Revisited, chapter 10.

There are two ways to accomplish their goal: the hard way and the easy way. Either way, Daniel 8:4 will come true: Iran will get to do all it wants to do, no one will stand in their way, and no one will rescue. The hard way is for the IRGC to defeat the US military, possibly with large numbers of American casualties. Not only might this be hard for the IRGC, but it would be very hard for American military personnel. The easy way is to march out with only resistance from the occasional Sunni military force as from Saudi Arabia, or the Kurds. The IRGC will run roughshod over the others, such as Kuwait.

The supreme leader is using the portrayed anger and emotion from the IRGC over the loss of its beloved leader as another reason or excuse to tell the US to send its military home. The IRGC executed the missile attack perfectly. It let the targets know they were being targeted so that there would be no military response from America. It let America know that its ballistic missiles —thousands of them—will hit their target precisely.

I believe this is a gracious warning from the two horns of the ram, for the US to get out of Dodge. The only reason I have been able to think of for this grace, is that God is showing mercy to the United States. I know many Americans will cry “Nonsense!”, that this is America and Iran is weak. But you and I know what Daniel 8 and Revelation 6 say, and it does not paint a pretty picture for any soldier on any side in the region.

Of course, if America left the Middle East the Second Signpost could begin the next day. But it will begin anyway because God’s word says so. On September 14 and again three days ago we saw the IRGC’s capabilities: precise strikes on oil facilities and on military assets.

I could be wrong, but I believe what we are seeing here is a time of grace for America, given to us by God. And it may be very well given to us by God because of US President Trump’s orders to respect the land of Israel, move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and to allow the US to take its proper and blessed place as a friend of Israel. Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed.

But this time of grace has a limited duration. We know that because Christ is coming, and in one lifetime starting with the rider of the white horse. Who knows how long it will be? Days? A couple months?

I believe, too, as the Second Signpost rumbles along we will look back at this time as an opportunity lost for the US, due to America’s hubris.

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  1. This could be looked at the other way around. Counter to your opinion that it is the grace of God extended to the United States, I believe that the grace has extended to the U.S. in the form of President Trump. That God is using him to set up things for the end; however, in this instance, I believe that God is using events to extend His grace to the Iranian people, who are a parts of one of the greatest revivals in the world today. So many of those brothers and sisters are in touch with other Christians in other countries, sharing what God is doing in Iran. It is so amazing that so many are being touched by Jesus in so many different ways. Our Father knows what to do. I believe He directed events. Scripture tells us that HE is the one directing men’s hearts.

  2. Mark, I think what you are saying is right on target. I pray that God will extend grace to our military and open their eyes and hearts as well during this conflict.

  3. Even before the prophesied second signpost invasion begins, there is already tension between Iran and Albania, one of the four nations of the prophesied third signpost counter invasion. Those familiar with “Daniel Revisited” chapter 11 may find every sentence in this short article interesting:

  4. Charlotte,
    Absolutely – all good points.

  5. Prism,
    Thanks for the link. And we saw a similar instance between Egypt (yet another one of the four) and Iran this past summer.

  6. But it is prophecied that the guardian of Israel, i.e. USA /Archangel Michael, which is the representative of USA in heaven, will “Stand out” of the way. “Law and Order” = USA, will be removed and then the Antichrist will rise!

  7. Interesting how Satan got Turkey under NATO! That was a game changer in favor of Islamic invasion!

    The stupidest move ever! But Satan knew that he needs Turkey as a member of NATO so it can invade and there is absolutely NOTHING militarily that NATO can now do!!! NATO can not attack its own members!

  8. Good article,I do think this is a opportunity to get out (I think Trump promised that?) Neocons will want to stay,But also with the overwhelming assets the US has in the area I do not think they will go willingly.Americans are slowly building assets in the area yesterday they added 6 B52 last week 3500 airborne. So I think it will be a point of honor for Americans to stay and increase military in area.
    Notwithstanding God can do anything with any military, for example 1947, 400.000 Arabs against a new nation with a few guns one tank and tiny military.the military at westpoint do not study this war because they say they do not study miracles.Some of the stories that have been documented are interesting to say the least (against all odds I believe is dvd).
    But the reason I think they will have to pull out is economic in nature, depression, things happening now to world and USA economically will cause a withdrawal, debt, repo crisis, a host of other serious maladies.
    I agree with you Mark on the methods of warfare, a blitz with new technology then massive boots on the ground shortly afterwards, The west and middle East will not know what hit them this will even intensify economic hardships.I do believe though the world not only Arab countries will amass ttroops in turkey and start 3 sigh post quickly, with usa playing key role, this is one reason why i think Turkey is forced 2 divides mid East into 4 (because I’m sure they do not want to because they are looking to lead caliphate).actually Up to the time antichrist receives special powers to truly dominant world affairs i think USA will have influence .In Daniel 11 it even suggests the ships of kitum ( most likely collation of western ships) will worry antichrist,
    Regardless this is only a possible scenario,And God could pull off another 1947 ) I suspect whatever the Lord does it will bring Him the most glory,anyway just a few possible thoughts…

  9. Martinez,
    Scripture tells us Michael is the angelic prince of Israel. We don’t know who the prince is of the USA. And, yes, stand up he will.

  10. I have a question that isn’t exactly related to this particular post. It seems like many people are saying that the events happening in the Middle East right now are signs that Christ will be returning very soon. However, it seems to me like there are still some significant things that have to happen before Christ returns, like the rise of Mystery Babylon and the rebuilding of the 3rd temple, which don’t seem to have happened yet, and which could take some time to accomplish. What are your thoughts about this? And do you think it is likely that Christ will return in our lifetimes?

  11. Janae,
    I write about all these things you ask in both Daniel Revisited and Chronicles of the End Times. There are many things from traditional prophecy teaching we’ve all—you and me included—been brainwashed to believe.
    So for some quick answers (and for the complete answers with explanations its in those books), the Second, Third, and Fourth Signposts are the next events leading to Christ’s return; from Saddam’s becoming leader to Christ’s return will be one lifetime; the third temple will be rebuilt before the Tribulation; MB has always existed from the time of Babel so it won’t “rise”—but it will fall during the Tribulation.
    Hope this helps for now.

  12. Iran just gave themselves a wound to the head, by shooting down a civilian airliner, that was on a scheduled flight in their country. The WHOLE WORLD will be against them and their leadership, for this travesty. There were international citizen losses, including about 60 Canadians. How does a dictatorship play that one down?

  13. Al,

    How does Iran play it down? They will change the subject. Watch.


  14. They do not play it down,they will just keep going forward,no matter what happens the 2nd sign post will happen.

  15. (Isaiah 21) (The fall of Babylon) verse 1. The burden of the desert of the sea. As world winds in the south pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land. The rest of the chapter lists many countries in Arabia. If this is the Babylon of the end times the Muslims have already built a 15 billion dollar mega palace in Mecca that I.m sure God will destroy. Looks like Turkey is gearing up to lead the Muslims against Israel. Mecca is a city on the red sea. (Desert of the sea).

  16. Grace is given even through the signposts and in tribulation. As pieces of a puzzle must move and adjust to make way for the fruition of the signposts. These actions in the past two weeks simply set up for the ram to charge. The country is almost split in support of what Trump did. Many independents are considering him as reckless. It may end up being that one thing that cause voters to vote for Biden. I picking up some fatigue by some Trump supporters who even think it may have been reckless. Also, it may embolden more the ram to charge. Several pieces have moved us closer to the signs.

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