Now In A Time of Grace, Waiting for the Moment of Truth

Here at the beginning of 2020, we are now likely in a waiting period. This waiting period may very well be the last days before the start of the Second Signpost. It almost seems to me like that last breath, steeped in stillness and quietness, which is held for a few seconds just before the pulling of the trigger releasing the bullet or bolt that will find its mark and take down the intended prey, or hit the center of the target.

Daniel 8:4 tells us no one will stop the Persian ram and no one can rescue from his power. So what is the point of resisting? What is the point of American troops being there in the Middle East?

God, it seems, is being gracious to the United States and its military, as was written in this prior post. The US has a chance to escape the deaths or imprisonment of thousands of servicemen and servicewomen.

Moment of Truth of Signpost Prophecy

And when this grace period is over, the Second Signpost will likely begin in earnest. This coming moment will also be the moment of truth, testing the validity of the Signpost interpretation. Is the Persian ram prophecy of Daniel 8:4 to be fulfilled now?

The First Signpost prophecies of Daniel 7:4 and Revelation 6:2, as well as Daniel 8:3, have been fulfilled and in incredible detail (see Daniel Revisited chapters 9 and 10). That is the sign to me that says, yes, the prophecy of Daniel 8:4, Daniel 7:5, and Revelation 6:4 is next and is ripe for fulfillment.

The West and Its Church Is Asleep

Of course, the world and Americans would think it nothing and obvious that American military forces would defeat the IRGC. After all, one side is the great United States, victor of World War 2 and sole remaining superpower, and the other is Iran, a third world country run by a theocracy.

However, to me and all Signpost watchers, it will be a surprise if that does happen. If the Second Signpost is unleashed it will be through the defeat or neutralization of US forces, and it will be a big surprise to Americans and the West.

It seems that the Second Signpost couldn’t come at a more ripe time for instilling the greatest surprise.

Those concerned with American politics are watching the impeachment debacle. Those overly concerned with the environment are getting worked up over the non-event of “man-made” global warming, with mankind blinded by its technological hubris that man could ever end the planet. Market traders note the great glut of oversupply in the oil market right now. The Church in the West is watching for a Rapture that will not occur for another several years from now.

China, however, is both preparing for financial independence from the West with its own central banks and gold-backed currency and oil exchange, and for its tyranny over the East with all the activities in Asia and Australia it is doing to take over.

The West, on the other hand, is going more and more into debt. Instead of Europe and the West worrying and doing something about securing its oil supplies from the Middle East and North Africa, especially after seeing what Iran is capable of doing, instead France is worried about the retirement age being raised from 62 to 64. The United Kingdom is watching Prince Harry and Meghan.

When the Grace is Over, Shock Will Come

Iran has said this whole standoff with the United States is not over. The supreme leader has said the only acceptable retribution to the IRGC for Soleimani’s death can be the departure of US forces from the Middle East. The US answered with an emphatic “no.”

The IRGC has proven its drones can destroy the entire oil infrastructure.

The IRGC has proven its ballistic missiles can destroy targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Of course the US administration will take the IRGC’s capabilities and threats as only so much bluster.

It was reported last week in Iranian media what [King] Brig. General Hajizadeh of the IRGC rocket forces said about what will follow:

“The missile strikes on one of the United States’ most important bases within the framework of martyr Soleimani operation was the start of big operations which will continue in the entire region,” General Hajizadeh told reporters in Tehran.

General Hajizadeh said that 13 missiles were fired at the US bases on Tuesday, adding that Iran was ready to fire hundreds of missiles in the first hours and had prepared thousands of missiles for possible 3-day to week-long clashes between the two sides.

Brigadier General Hajizadeh, top commander of the IRGC rocket forces. Note the red insignia marking the kings.

The “big operations” in the “entire region” would be the beginning of the Second Signpost. Of course, we have already had the opening exchange of the Second Signpost with the death of Soleimani returned by the missile attack on the two bases. The regime has basically said to the US, “Stay at your own risk.” Also, hundreds of missiles in the first hours and thousands of missiles in three days, if they are all as accurate as the dozen that were launched, would indeed rain terrible destruction on American assets. All the while the oil facilities would be destroyed by IRGC drones in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Iraq.

If this all sounds like exaggeration keep in mind the prophecies of the Second Signpost: the peace taken from the earth in Rev. 6 and the Persian ram getting all it wants to do in Dan. 8. The peace is taken because of the loss of oil; spreading the 1979 Revolution to Muslim countries is what the ram wants to do.


If anyone wants to try to tell US leadership about the Second Signpost they can go ahead, but I believe it will do no good. God’s word says what it says, and American hubris will uphold God’s word in this case.

Use this time of grace wisely. Get the things done you have been procrastinating about. Talk to God every day and live in his shelter (Ps. 91:1) and on his holy hill and in his tent (Ps. 15:1) so you may rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

When will the grace period end? We don’t know and God has shown us in his word we cannot know. (God may give us rough measures such as the bear in August showing me only it was “close.”)

But we are told to watch. Jesus did tell us to do that.

I praise God for the thousands of watchmen who are watching these events with me. Remember, electricity and the internet may be compromised in your area or my area. You may be the only messenger of the Signposts for your church and family, when it actually happens.

May God bless you all.

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  1. Those who have studied “Daniel Revisited” know that the first signpost was fulfilled exactly as prophesied. In the Revelation 6:2 portion of the first signpost prophecy, a bow is mentioned but not arrows for it, and “conquering” is followed by “to conquer,” implying something preventing further conquering. In the Daniel 7:4 portion of the first signpost prophecy, the lion with eagle’s wings is stripped of its wings and made to stand on its feet like a man, implying that external human force does this. However, “a man’s heart was given to it” is something that only God can do.

    In the Daniel 8:4 portion of the second signpost prophecy, notice “no beasts might stand before him.” How can America be one of those beasts when it was largely America that stripped the first signpost beast of its wings and forced it to stand on its feet as a man? America, under President Trump’s leadership, has stood up to Iran, and the people of Iran have responded by protesting against their leaders. “And there was none to deliver from his power” (1985 Jewish Publication Society) implies that American troops will not be there when Iran invades. The stated Trump Administration goal of withdrawing American troops from the Middle East has been hindered by the impatience of Iran to see that happen.

    American and Israeli flags have been painted by the Iranian regime on pavements for people protesting the regime to walk over. Most of them have walked around the images and booed those who did not. On January 17, 2020, Trump tweeted in Farsi and English: “The noble people of Iran—who love America—deserve a government that’s more interested in helping them achieve their dreams than killing them for demanding respect. Instead of leading Iran toward ruin, its leaders should abandon terror and Make Iran Great Again!” Perhaps God has been using President Trump to hold back Iran’s prophesied invasion until the exact time it needs to happen, which may be very soon. A President who has just ordered that prayer in America’s schools be allowed may be worthy of knowing when American troops and equipment should be removed from the Middle East.

  2. The Lord has just said “on a hiding to nothing” I presume he means the Americans.
    The IRGC have already shown their superiority by drone attack in Saudi Arabia. U S Patriot defense failed.
    And precision attack on US base in Iraq. They are sitting ducks and Trump knows it.
    How much more evidence do we need to show Iran has the upper hand.

  3. If the US Media and US government/military portrays Iran as a bumbling theocracy and inept come springtime, it may clearly reveal something else. As Iran collects itself and regroups, it may be that the original thought may still hold true…the next window that Iran will “do all it wants to do” per Daniel 8 could take place.

    I also think that as far as negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions Iran’s next window could be fall as they watch to see how the US Presidential election is trending. This will cause Europe to come back to the original agreement on the nuclear deal as Iran could by then control the oil that Europe depends upon for energy.

    Lots of moving parts and as an aside, Turkey is flexing its military muscle within Libya causing both Russia and Egypt/Arabs to take notice…shades of the Kings North and South…


  4. Since aircraft carriers are sitting ducks for Iran’s weaponry, Macron of France may be flirting with disaster by sending France’s only nuclear aircraft carrier to Saudi Arabia at this time.
    The Charles de Gaulle is to be accompanied by vessels from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Greece. They plan to stay in the region until April 2020.

    While it is true that in the 1960s some Arab nations began calling the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf, , this may be the worst time in all eternity for the President of France to be doing so:

  5. In a 2020-01-20 article in PressTV, , this statement caught my attention: “The first step towards the larger mission of expelling all US military personnel from the region in its entirety, is forcing the United States to leave Iraq. If forced from Iraq, the US will no longer have the ability to remain inside of Syria either, as they could not re-supply their personnel sufficiently.” This may suggest why Soleimani was so interested in Iraq before his death. If Soleimani had not been killed, the second signpost might have begun first in Iraq. It may yet begin there, especially with Iraq on the brink of buying the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system:

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