Drone Warfare Revealed As an Instant Enabler for the Persian Ram

One major unknown about the Second Signpost that the Bible is silent about, is how it could start. I believe coordinated attacks by drones are now the likely path.

In Daniel Revisited and on this website, we have seen that the loss of oil production is the main factor to debilitate the west. (The second horseman will take peace from the earth, and the Persian ram would charge south from Susa.) Loss of oil will cripple many nations’ economies and likely cause the loss of the current banking and credit system.

The question has been, how would the Iranian regime pull it off? Would it be rocket attacks on oil facilities? Would it be terror cells being triggered to do sabotage?

I believe with the Saturday morning drone attack we have our answer. The IRGC can now attack with many drones, in a coordinated fashion, to do major damage to the oil infrastructure.

It is no longer a matter of rockets or militants. Yes, the IRGC and Basij will still invade and occupy many Muslim nations as the Persian ram will get to do all it wants to do, but the shock at the beginning—the butting by the ram that would be a great surprise—may very well be via coordinated drone warfare. (I remember the emotion I myself felt when I opened the news and saw this attack. It was a shock for me.) Instantly, over 5% of the world’s oil was knocked out. If 5% can be knocked out so quickly, and so easily, what would stop the IRGC from knocking out all the oil facilities in the Middle East (except its own of course)?

It is now no longer a matter of whether the US military would attack and be defeated. It is no longer a matter of when or how the Trump administration would react. The IRGC doesn’t have to wait. The IRGC could simply take out all the oil production in Iraq, Kuwait, and the Arabian Peninsula, to which the USA, its military, and the west would have to contend and respond, with oil prices skyrocketing.

The Second Signpost would have started regardless of what the USA does. The world economy would be upended no matter how the USA responds even to the nuking of Tehran, which it wouldn’t do anyway.

Perhaps the exact situation behind the “no one could stand” of Daniel 8:4 is that the ram instantly ends all oil production, pulling the rug out from anyone who could possibly stand.

The Second Signpost could now, literally, start at any time. God has given the two horns of the Persian ram full control to start this Signpost on their whim and fulfill God’s Word in Daniel 7 and 8.

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  1. Among the military equipment manufactured in Iran are 30 different kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), each designed for specific purposes:

  2. They could use EMP to shut down the pumps and facilities. That would be easier to repair to “become great” and have the oil once they take over than it would be for them to use drones and destroy all the facilities.

  3. While I try not to rely on rt.com for my daily unbiased newsfeed, it was interesting that it noted in an article the US’s patriot defence system being ‘powerless’ to stop the drones. Very interesting considering your Daniel 8:4 comment above.

  4. Ryan,
    The USA and Israel may have developed the Patriot and Iron Dome defense systems which are great against incoming missiles, but, you’re right, powerless against drones.

  5. Such an interesting development. War doesn’t have to be waged physically, the breaking of the economic system would have the desired effect.
    Providing Iran is able to stop an invasion and keep producing these drones they will prevail and dominate the Middle East.
    Of course they still have oil and an economy that no doubt is not dependent on imports.(modified domestically through US sanctions)
    They have ingeniously adapted their military to meet their immediate needs. Just like the hundreds of swarm boats to attack in the Straits of Hormuz.
    Add to the mix that Trump is holding back from war before the election…. or will events suit to go to war?.

  6. The Israeli’s also earlier this month have waken up to the drone as a new serious threat, in their case from the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. After rockets, kites and balloons, drones are the new “it”:

    Here an overview of all the anti-drone measures being developed in Israel right now:

    Ryan above is right indeed: Both Saudi Arabia nor the USA have now proven to be incapable of stopping such attacks yet:
    “The proximity to Bahrain, some 50 km. from the areas hit, leads to serious questions about how drones penetrated deep into Saudi airspace and hit the strategic facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais. The US Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain, and America has air bases and other facilities along the Gulf from Kuwait to the UAE protected by its air defense. They also have radar that can detect threats more than 150 km. away, which should be able to detect drones. Yet the drone attacks at 4 a.m. don’t seem to have triggered a US response or alert.”

  7. Just heard that the radar wasn’t scanning to the North where the attack came from but the South. So this will be addressed now I’d say.

  8. Also, this seems to me like a dry run, so to say. They were seeing how it went and if it was possible before a bigger attack, and this attack might be somewhere else where we are not expecting it, like the East or West coast?

  9. Steve,
    . . . or all the remaining oil processing plats in the Middle East.

  10. Mark, been following you for a while now.
    Many many years ago I was listening to a teaching on Daniel when the teacher pointed out that Daniel 8:17 stated the vision was for the time of the end. So when I came across your writings it resonated with me.

    I believe we are nearing the 2nd signpost. Thank you for your work.

  11. The IRGC has all kinds of drones. Here are a some of them.

  12. I need to refresh my memory. Didn’t the Iranians hack into and bring a drone in flight back to Iran so they could reverse engineer it? During the OBAMA administration? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran–U.S._RQ-170_incident

  13. The exact details about the U.S.A. drone captured by Iran in 2011 and now in use by the IRGC is at:
    This page has a video showing Iran’s version of the drone in flight. It is an odd-looking thing, but it can carry and deploy 4 smart bombs.

  14. I found a video of a news report on Iran’s drone arsenal. Although it is narrated in Persian, much can be learned without understanding what is being said.

  15. Wouldn’t that be ironic if the Iranians used the same drone they got a hold of in 2011 to start the second signpost?

  16. Karl & Prismsplay, seems you both are spot on… There is even a slight similarity to Osama Ben Laden letting himself be trained by the USA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, with the sole ultimate purpose to fight the USA itself with what it taught him…

  17. Adamant: Of course mistakes happen and people go rogue and things do spin out of control- understood, but always ask if the official explanation makes, and even if it does, is there a better one. Also ask if it statistically makes sense. Why are all the “mistakes” beneficial to the other side. E.G., during the Obama administration the Air Force several times attempted to drop supplies to the “good guys” in Syria and mysteriously were blown of course or through navigation “error” would up in the hands of ISIS: https://thehill.com/policy/defense/364917-study-shows-us-weapons-given-to-syrian-rebels-ended-up-in-isiss-hands. The weapons sold to Mexican drug gangs under the “Fast and Furious” program ostensibly to “track” where they went were responsible killing many civilians in Mexican and a U.S. police officer: https://www.cnn.com/2014/02/10/us/fast-and-furious-sentence/index.html. How many “lapses in security” were there at the jail where Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide”. This happens time after time after time. It never stops. There is always an excuse on why something that can’t happen, alway happens. Asking ordinary questions that any good police office would ask to solve a crime is not “conspiracy theory” (Prov.28:1, I’ll let the reader decipher how that verse applies). Apply the same tools to study how the the Signposts were set up. The Signpost will happen, but as Jesus said (Luke 17:1) It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”.

  18. For months I have been daily looking over what https://iranwire.com/en publishes. Today, I was reading a rather boring article titled “President Rouhani’s Lies at the UN.” https://iranwire.com/en/features/6335 When I read its section titled “Iran’s Role in the Attack on a Saudi Oil Installation,” I knew I had struck pay dirt. There is a lot said there, including a definition of what “Iran” is right now:

    “Today Iran is not merely a geographic boundary and it is not limited to this boundary. Today, Iran is the resistance movement [the coalition of anti-Israeli and anti-American forces in the region], along with the Lebanese Hezbollah, Yemen’s Ansar Allah (the Houthis [who Iran claims launched the drones]), Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.”

    So even if the drones were launched from Yemen, they were, by this definition, launched from Iran.

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