Oil Market Trading Opens at +11%

Oilprice.com shows that oil prices have already opened at 10 to 11 percent higher than Friday’s price.

Oil prices show a rise at the opening. This is due to the drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.


Categories: In The News, Signpost #2: Iran, The Four Signposts


2 replies

  1. Was looking up the oil chart already while having my coffee.
    Last year in Oct. we were at $70bbl.
    2012-14 we were at $100bbl.
    Right now we are at $60.
    We would have to see a much higher skyrocket for this to be shocking. But I do think we will.
    We’ll see shortly.
    Either way Iran is pushing.

  2. I predicted that! Iran will eventually nuke Saudi Arabia Oil fields in the port of Jedah (near Mecca) it is predicted in the Bible.

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