A Revision to “Chronicles”, Page 161

As time passes there will likely be revisions to Chronicles of the End Times, either by fixing oversights or by adding newly discovered material. The revision of page 161 attached here is one of the latter.

Chapter 17, titled “Aramaic Daniel: Kingdoms of Metals, Kingdoms of Beasts” explains why kingdoms are certain metals and why those same kingdoms are certain beasts. The explanation for Persia being represented as silver in the Daniel 2 image, and as “being closer to the earth” has been revised from a placeholder to an explanation more spot on.

Readers of Chronicles are encouraged to download and use this one-page pdf. The rectangle surrounding the text can be used as a guide for cutting out the page.

The text presently there on page 161 has bothered me as it didn’t flow well with how the other metal kingdoms, i.e. Babylon, Greece, and Islam were consistent with the new theory of interpretation presented in that chapter. Stumbling across a good explanation using Persia’s ancient religion, the silver kingdom fits in nicely now.

Chronicles Revision p161 28Jan2020

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