US General Addresses His Troops Ahead of the Second Signpost

Date: January 23, 2020.

Location: Somewhere in the northern Red Sea.

God had just used the Iranian regime to give the United States grace in the form of time to clear their troops out of the Middle East. The United States military, however, with its collective mind on its mission it thought it needed to do, and protecting the Petrodollar in the background, was not paying attention.

Unknown to all, the God-ordained Second Signpost was approaching. From America’s perspective, the absolutely laughable idea that a bunch of heavily-armed religious zealots were about to impress the regime’s will on the Muslim peoples of the Middle East, was going to be reality.

As has happened many times to warring parties by the God of heaven, the US military seemed blinded to the precise strikes of the IRGC missiles from hundreds of miles away precisely on each every building, on January 8, nor had the implication of the precise drone strikes on the Saudi oil facilities on September 14 of the year before, truly sunk in.

The 40,000-ton US amphibious ship, with its larger ship group, had just passed through the Suez Canal and was now in the Red Sea, heading south. It would go around the Arabian Peninsula and be ready off the coast of Iran.

The US President’s pledge to bring the troops home from the Middle East seemed to be on hold as more and more US troops were added to the numbers already there. Iran’s actions in the last several months were not encouraging the US military to leave, but were acting as a flame draws a moth, as the number of US troops swelled from 40,000, to 60,000 in 2018, to now 80,000.

The General on board the ship told the Marines, “You’re here because I requested that you come. I’m not sure how long you’re going to stay in the theater. We’ll work that out as we go ahead. Could be quite a while, could be less than that, just don’t know right now.”

“Iran continues to pose a very real threat. I do believe that they are deterred right now, at least from state-on-state actions by our response. And so I think that while that threat remains, I think we’re in a period where they’re certainly not seeking to escalate anything.”

“Iran is very hard to read, so I would say the fact that things are quiet for a while does not mean that necessarily things are getting better.”

“You need to be ready because I may need to employ you on very short notice and on some very difficult missions,” the General concluded.

The Reality

Yes, “Iran is very hard to read.” The Persian ram portrayed as an animal butting and charging will be shocking for whoever is in his path, as the world is unprepared and unaware of the regime’s devious plans. Yes, it will be a surprise, even for those who witnessed the drone attack of September 14 and the missile attack of January 8.

And yes, the General saying, “I may need to employ you on very short notice and on some very difficult missions,” is absolutely correct. If the Second Signpost is real, it will be very short notice, and very difficult.

No, the scenario presented up to this point is not fictional, it is true.

The 40,000-ton ship is the amphibious assault ship, the USS Bataan. The General is the top commander of CENTCOM, General Kenneth Frank McKenzie. He and his ship group did indeed pass through the Suez Canal, and he did say what is quoted above, both to his troops and to reporters.

US Navy photo of USS Bataan on January 4, 2007.


We can see the US military response to the grace period: bring in more troops. This is America’s answer to God’s grace. If the Second Signpost is reality, this cannot end well for America, neither in the Middle East militarily, or at home economically.

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  1. Mark this does look more serious throwing more troops in.
    Past experience has shown drones and missiles are accurate from Iranians.
    They have nothing to lose as they are religious zealots so it is win win either way for them.

  2. Yes, when our country is blinded by our deluded label of the world’s only “super power” when Iran has already demonstrated its accuracy and capabilities they will “go for broke” and it will be all out for them. This is like watching two trains headed for a collision as they come around a bend as you look out over the ridge seeing it.

    Trump knows Iran is going to further respond and this is evident by the increasing military buildup. Instead of drawing down incrementally we are sending more of our military on suicide watch. Heart-breaking.

    I still think it will be spring before Iran has another window to do all it wants to do and what better way to defeat Trump in November than have a US bloodbath in the Middle East. I take no pleasure in saying this either. I am just so sad.


  3. Much of Europe’s energy needs are shipped through the Strait of Hormuz. Recent belligerency by IRGC operatives has prompted European nations to send naval ships to the area.

    2020-01-20 joint statement by the 8 European governments participating:
    The scholarly tone of the statement does not inspire confidence.

    2020-01-23 update on the French-led mission:
    The cost of operating the permanent French naval base near Abu Dhabi is being paid for by United Arab Emirates.

    Europe could get liquefied natural gas from now energy-independent America. Europe could get piped natural gas from the offshore gas fields of now energy-independent Israel. Turkey is trying to stop that from happening. After Israel began this month to pump gas to Jordan, Israel-haters protested Jordan’s money-saving decision. Countries wanting to peacefully provide others with energy should not be hated. But God knew they would be. So He gave us the second signpost prophecies.

    In the 7th century BC the Persians were invading western Asia Minor. “Herodotus relates that the Persians demanded that one rampart of the city of Phokaia should be demolished and that one building should be symbolically handed over to the Persian satrap. The Phokaians idicated that they were interested in the proposal, and would like a day’s truce during which they could think about it; but they took advantage of the truce to load their ships with all their possessions, sailing off to Chios to the far west ̶ first Corsica, then Massalia. They thus handed the Persian king a ghost city” (David Abulafia, The Great Sea: A Human History of the Mediterranean, page 123). Massalia is now Marseille, France.

  4. Because the elections are just over the horizon I’m thinking All thought of war will be delayed till after that.Although the Americans are pouring in more troops and equipment, in the end they will be forced to withdraw because of economic concerns,That would be my best guess. But who really knows what actually is going to transpire we all like to guess but until it happens it happens.

  5. Mike,
    My own opinion is the timing is out of America’s hands. The IRGC will begin the war when they choose. But you said it – we won’t really know until it happens.

  6. G’day Mark

    I fear these extra troops will be caught up in the gears of History, just as the troops who fought in the battle this ship is named after. It’s funny, I was listening to a podcast just the day before I read this post, by a guy called Dan Carlin and he spoke heavily about the battle of Bataan. Where the American troops in WW2 were surrounded by the Japanese in the Philippines and defeated before 75,000 of them surrendered.
    Probably the worst and most humiliating defeat in History for the American Military.
    Is God trying to warn the American military of its mortality and remind it that it’s not invincible with a not so subtle message as the ‘Bataan’ sails into this theater? Time will tell.
    Also read this article that literally jumped off the page at me. Note an Iranian Ayatollah who likens Iran to sheep being attacked by American wolves, ( a male adult sheep is a Ram)
    Then he calls on Iran to fight America “like a goat fights off the wolves with its horns”
    I’d have preferred he hadn’t used the word Goat to describe Iran’s struggle but still sounds very much like Daniel 8 language to me and really made me read it twice.

  7. With the middle east peace plan supposedly only a few days away, we will await the finer details and possible significance of the disaster which may befall America at the same time. All previous presidents who have attempted to ‘divide the land of Israel’ has been met with significant ‘natural’ disasters falling on the USA around the same time. Watchman are currently looking at these impending events with both prophetic interest and concern as to what may befall America in the coming weeks (if anything!), however this is certainly something which could have an impact on ME activities.

  8. What James wrote is fascinating.

    I must correct what I wrote about the Phokaians of western Asia Minor. About 600 BC about 600 Phokaians established Massalia in Gaul (now France). The Phokaians remaining in their Ionian city did not leave until the mid-6th century BC when the Persian forces of Cyrus were invading western Asia Minor. Abulafia’s “The Great Sea” on page 134 states that the en masse exodus of Phokaians was in five ships, one of which was seized by Phoenician pirates. The Massalia in France that the survivors eventually landed at had already been established by 600 Phokaians decades earlier. Massalia eventually became the city of Marseille:

    Nostradamus quatrain 3:79 refers to Marseille as “port Phocen”:
    L’ordre fatal sempiternal par chaisne,
    Viendra tourner par ordre consequent :
    Du port Phocen sera rompue la chaisne,
    La cité prinse, l’ennemy quant & quant.

    Richard Sieburth’s 2012 translation:
    The chain of never-ending destiny
    Shall turn by order of catenation :
    The Phocaeans’ port shall be broken,
    The enemy taking the city by and by.

    Lines 3-4 of quatrain 3:90:
    Un chef de classe istra de Carmanie,
    Qui prendra terre au Tyrren Phocean.

    Peter Lemesurier’s 2010 translation
    a naval chief shall set out from Carmania
    who shall take [the] land from the ruler of Marseille.

    Carmania was in what is now Iran. The “chain of never-ending destiny” may yet have descendants of Phokaians fleeing from descendants of Persians.

  9. Why would Nostradamus hold any important suggestions concerning biblical prophecies? Can we give any credence to sayings outside of scripture?

  10. Mike,
    Good questions. Holy Scripture is the only source here for prophecy that is dependable. Credence may be given to prophecies of individuals with a prophetic gift, but only after being tested. I don’t give weight to Nostradamus, but some of his work seemingly may parallel details of the Signposts. The test goes on.
    I saw recently a pastor Troy Brewer in Texas who says he received a word from God that 2020 is the year God becomes real, the year God shows his glory. Could he be talking unknowingly about the Second Signpost starting in 2020? Maybe. Another test.

  11. Here are the options Iran has for them to utilize:
    1. The IRGC
    2. They have nuclear submarines and ships
    3. They have drones
    4. They have missiles

    But also
    5. It’s known they do have sleeper cells that they could wake up
    6. They have known to collaborate with Mexican cartels
    7. They have collaborated with Muslim Brotherhood

    In summary, they should not be underestimated. We need to stay in prayer and humility as a nation. Pride goeth before destruction.

  12. Please understand my english, I surely find the 2nd signpost very eye-opening translation of daniel 7, and now I would suggest that how expanding the content of that chapter would be as this, the lion with eagle’s wings could be england-usa civilization(sphere of influence, ; democratic kingdom)[1], bear could be continental euro-asia region(Russia, China, and other nations influenced by R, C, mainly socialism-communism sphere of influence ; communist dictatorial kingdom)[2], leopard be Islamic nations(mainly dominated by hostile and non-democratic Islamic nations; Islamic kingdom)[3], and fourth beast be the Anti-christ kingdom.
    Those who would read this theory, please pray and meditate this translation.

  13. By the summer of 2018 I was convinced that the four signposts described in Daniel Revisited are true understandings of Bible prophecies. Years before, I had looked into Nostradamus prophecies but found nothing warranting further study. In 2018 I reread them to see if they predicted anything close to what the four signposts were showing about the future and the past (Revelation 6:2 and Daniel 7:4 had already been fulfilled from 1979 to 2011). I found that first signpost events were predicted in quatrains 1:55, 1:70, 3:44, and 8:70 (two of these have “Babylonique” or “Mesopotamie” settings).

    Daniel Revisited shows no evidence for second signpost invasions farther west than the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Nostradmus has Persia or North Africans stirred up by Persians invading within the Mediterranean Basin. Right now Iran is leasing part of a naval port on Syria’s Mediterranean coast. If the second signpost does not include an Iranian invasion of the Cyclades islands, I would be the first to point out the failure.

    Le chef de Perse remplira grands OLXADES,
    Classe Trireme contre gent Mahometique,
    De Parthe, & Mede, & pillar les Cyclades :
    Repos long temps au grand port Ionique.

    Peter Lemesurier’s 2010 translation:
    The leader from Persia shall load great cargo hulks
    (a trireme fleet against the Muslim folk)
    with Parthians and Medians, and shall plunder the Cyclades.
    He shall long rest in the great Ionian port.

    Nostradamus knew about 16th century clashes between the Sunni Turks of the Ottoman Empire and the Shia Persians of the Safavid Empire. The Safavids had no presence in the Mediterranean, but during the Greco-Persian Wars (499-449 BC) the Persian Achaemenid Empire had used trireme ships to conquer the Cyclades. Nostradamus could have read about that.

    One Nostradamic spot for an Iranian invasion is in harmony with Daniel Revisited.

    “The Persians shall occupy Trebizond” (5:27) is not at odds with Daniel Revisited Figure 10-2. But Figure 10:2 is only a rough indication. If, during the second signpost, Trabzon is not occupied by Iran, my interpretation of 5:27 would have failed, while Bible prophecy would be unaffected, since the “northward” of Daniel 8:4 does not necessarily include Trabzon.

  14. Hello Jaedong,
    The interpretation you speak of has been around on the internet for the last twenty years or so. The problem with it is this: as I show in detail Daniel Revisited, the four beasts with their seven heads can only be Middle East nations. Revelation 12-13 and Daniel 2 support this. The “nations” spoke of in many Bible passages are these seven. So Iraq/Babylon is the lion with wings, Iran/Persia is the bear, the leopard is Turkey/Rome, Egypt, Syria/Assyria, and Albania/Epirus, and the fourth beast you have right as AC/Islam. I recommend you read Daniel Revisited for the details of Daniel 7, 8, and Revelation 6:1-8.
    By the way, your English is good.

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