Day 264: Another Potential Entanglement for the Turkish Military

Today is Monday, September 28, 2020. It is Day 264 of the grace period declared by one of the kings of the Medes and Persians, the supreme leader. of Iran.

If the north push of the Persian Ram takes the IRGC forces into eastern Turkish territory, how much resistance might it find there?

One clue we have in Daniel 8:7 that the IRGC may very well be occupying Turkish territory is the use of the word “enraged.” That word means to be personally embittered. The same word was used to describe Esau’s feelings toward Jacob after being cheated of his birthright. A Sunni Muslim leader would be enraged that a Shia Muslim military was invading his territory.

In an earlier post it was shown that the Turkish military, though formidable, might be tied down in part facing the Russian military in a regional conflict at the time the Second Signpost begins.

Albania versus Serbia is one potential conflict, in which Turkey could become tied down, facing Russian troops.

Libya is another.

Now we may have a third regional conflict that might tie down the Turkish military against Russia. Conflict between Christian Armenia and Muslim Azerbaijan has exploded in recent days.

Turkey supports Azerbaijan, while Armenia has a military agreement with Russia.

The fight involves Nagorno-Karabakh, a region of Azerbaijan peopled mostly with Armenians. Nagorno has been attempting to break away from Azerbaijan, and Armenia has been helping them. Of course, Azerbaijan wants their territory back.

A map of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The region of Nagorno-Karabakh is shown. From Wikipedia.

Who knows, perhaps Turkey might be embroiled in two or three of these conflicts at the time that the IRGC charges out.

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  1. Russia does not want Turkey at war with other nations, because that would, according to the 1936 Montreux convention still in force, allow Turkey to prevent Russian warships from passing through the Bosphorus strait between the Black and Mediterranean seas. Article 20 states: “In time of war, Turkey being belligerent, … the passage of warships shall be left entirely to the discretion of the Turkish Government.” That would mean Russia’s navy ships at its Sevastopol Naval Base in Crimea (annexed by Russia in 2014) could be confined to the Black Sea, and Russia’s ships at its naval facility in Tartus, Syria could be blocked from entering the Black Sea.

    Here is a satellite photo of the Bosphorus strait, with Europe on the west side and Asia on the east side and the city of Istanbul (formerly Byzantium and Constantinople) straddling both sides.

    Last week, Russia hosted massive military drills in southern Russia and in the Black and Caspian seas, involving troops from Russia, Iran, Armenia, Belarus, China, Myanmar and Pakistan, with representatives from the armed forces of Iran, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Sri Lanka participating as observers. Two of the participants, Armenia and Azerbaijan are now are at war with each other. Because of article 20 of the Montreux convention, Russia does not want Turkey, an ally of Azerbaijan, drawn into that conflict.

  2. Prism,
    Well then, any ground war between Russia and Turkey would also make a naval war much more likely, further tying down Turkish forces.

  3. These skirmishes are going to continue until the ram buts out, this push north,south,west,may happen several years in the future, once the foreign troops pull out from around Iran, mainly the U.S troops. Most likely the Americans will leave because of economic and social reasons at home? Then I think this will give Iran freedom to push out.Then the u.s and world will support NATO partner Turkey against Iran.quite possibly,Turkey will take some of the the lands at that time which includes some of the areas it is now engaged in?

  4. On October 18, a UN embargo preventing Iran from buying and selling weapons ended. Right now, Iran does not have diplomatic relations with Morocco, the African country south of Spain.

    Advanced weaponry from Iran could give Morocco the confidence to annex Spanish territories along its Mediterranean coast.

    Nostradamus quatrain 6:80:
    De Fez le regne parviendra à ceux d’Europe.
    Feu leur cité, & lame trenchera :
    Le grand d’Asie terre & mer à grand troupe.
    Que bleux pers, croix, à mort dechassera.

    Richard Sieburth 2012 translation:
    The realm of Fez into Europe shall spread,
    Burning its cities, slashing with the sword :
    Land & sea, the horde of the Asian lord,
    Blue turbans most, shall hunt the cross to death.

    Fez is in Morocco. Iran is in Asia. IRGC flags are blue.

  5. In a recent article at PressTV, which describes itself as an “Iranian international news network broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis,” is this statement: “Answering a question about the US insisting on inclusion of Iran’s missile capability in any possible future talks, Iran’s defense minister [Brigadier General Amir Hatami] said the Islamic Republic will never engage in negotiations over its missile program with the US, emphasizing, ‘Nobody has the right to ask us to do this’.” Does anyone have a right to demand that God’s words not be fulfilled? God told John that “a great sword” would be given to the rider of a red horse (Revelation 6:4). If “a great sword” means “a long weapon for making or repelling an attack,” referring to Iran’s missile capabilities, which have already been used to strike targets hundreds of miles away with pinpoint accuracy, then General Hatami’s statement is 100% in harmony with what God told John.

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