“We’d Rather Sleep”

While individual servants of Christ are slowly picking up on the Signpost message, churches and ministries have not.
When attempting to introduce the message with the leadership of various churches and ministries, the responses mostly took the form of excuses. And while many excuses were different, the unsaid desire was the same: “We’d rather sleep.”
These are the ten virgins. I wrote about the virgins being churches, rather than individual believers in this post. The main points of the argument is that the lights the virgins carry are torches (Gr: lampadas), not lamps (Gr: luchnos), where torches are of churches, and chiastically, the virgins echo the Pharisee leaders of Matthew 23, cleaning the outside of the dish, and don’t echo individual believers.
The virgins, whether wise with the oil of the Holy Spirit or not, they continue in their slumber.
In any given meeting the leadership of a church or ministry—whether the actual leader or one of the staff—was told, “If the Signpost interpretation is correct, there will be four Biblical events to occur in the Middle East prior to the Rapture, and the first one looks like it has already happened.” “It’s a literal reading of Scripture, for example Daniel 8 says three times the vision is for the end times.”
What follows is how the ten virgins responded . . .
An administrator of a famous national radio ministry was told of the Signpost interpretation.
“What are you talking about?” responded the administrator. “The end time is all about the Rapture, you know. The Rapture is next.”
The remaining short discussion kept coming back to the Rapture.
A lead pastor of a denominational church in Colorado was willing to discuss further the possibility of the Signposts. Debate continued off and on for a few weeks about the origin of the coming Antichrist, whether Arab or Roman. With a rather ironclad case using documented history from many sources, shown to the pastor, the pastor answered, “Despite the evidence you’ve presented, I still believe the Antichrist will be Roman. I’ve seen other historical sources that contradict what you have presented.”
The pastor was then asked, “Would you show me these sources, or send me a link? I would be honestly interested in what you have.”
An answer was never received.
Next, the pastor of a large Colorado non-denominational church was told about the Signpost interpretation.
“From everything I’ve seen going on, what you say might be true,” the pastor responded. This was encouraging. A copy of Daniel Revisited was given to him. “I’ll take a look at it.”
Some weeks later, the pastor was asked if he had read the message. The pastor responded, “I keep the book on my desk. I look at it every now and then. Is that good enough?”
The next was a lead bishop of a denomination’s chapter in Colorado.
He was told of the Signpost interpretation. The leader retorted, “That’s not what we teach. Sorry, we’re not interested.”
Moving on, a discussion was held regarding the Signpost interpretation with the right-hand man of a well-known national radio ministry.
“What you present is crazy. We can’t go around comparing events in the world to prophecy in the Bible—we’d lose all credibility!”
He sounded like a preterist.
The leader of a popular internet ministry was contacted, and told about the Signpost message.
He responded via a letter, “The Antichrist will be Roman. To say the Antichrist will be Arab is just simply unbiblical.”
One night following a night service, the lead pastor of a Colorado church of a major denomination was engaged in a two-hour-long discussion about the Signposts.
At the end of the evening he said,”Fine, give me your book, I’ll read it.”
Last word had it he never got around to it.
A pastor of a small Pentecostal church was visited in September. Told of the Signpost interpretation, the pastor responded, “I’d read your book but I’m going to be fairly busy until March.”
Ninth and Tenth and . . .
Many pastors were told the Signpost interpretation. The following response was typical: “Not interested. We believe all Bible end-time prophecy has been fulfilled except the return of Christ itself.” Another, along the same lines was, “We’re preterist.”
Many church leaders will just not study the Signpost message, but make excuses. Out of thirty lead pastors of churches the Signpost message has been shared with, one pastor—one!—has studied it and believes it to be very insightful.
In the last several years, I’ve heard from exactly seven pastors (including the one above) from across the US and the world who have studied the message and believe it to be true. They watch the end times with us.
If you have shared the Signpost message with your pastor or elders, and they will not listen, this seems to be what God has ordained. The virgins, whether wise or foolish, will continue to sleep.
Remember, if the Signpost message is true, its not the fault of the church to not receive for the parable of the virgins shows that even Holy Spirit-filled churches will slumber. This message is so foreign to everything taught in the last many centuries. But let us not use that as an excuse to not try to spread the message. And finally, as a watchman, when the Second Signpost strikes that will be the call for you to tell your church what is truly going on—the Bridegroom is coming!.

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  1. My name is Samuel Tyler. I pastor Vanguard Community Church in South Carolina. I have read and studied all of your books and have spent time teaching the Signpost point of view. I truly believe the narrow gate is found by only a few. Keep telling The Truth. The words of the prophets were not believed, and the truth nor people change. Be encouraged encouraged because there is a remnant of people who do believe.

  2. It will take the ram charging in all three directions before many wake up. I was convinced in the summer of 2020, that I was wrong about a Biden win but based on your and Joel Richardson’s view on the signposts, I postulated a Biden win in December 2019. “ It was the only way” as Dr. Strange would put it. I am convinced that true endgame does take a couple of losses for American Christianity but the whole Body will win in the end. Too many are fighting this Mark. In Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, he brings clarity to many who have the wrong view of the end times. Keep praying on this. In considering other sources and ideas of the Shemitah from Kahn. Something will happen by September of 2022. Also, the Treaty with Turkey in 1923 will expire. When the chaos erupts, expect to be called upon. It took many years for Joseph to be called forward but it will happen.

  3. I feel your pain! I am the author of http://www.satanasbarackobama.com which you yourself did not “really” listen to when I presented it. I compliment you on all your work, except of course the Anti-Christ description which will be a Muslim-based Barack Obama. Don’t you find it coincidental that with Joe Biden/Kamala Harris that Obama is in the perfect position to rule these weaklings from behind the scenes as they accelerate the direct destruction of the USA?

  4. Thank you, Pastor, for the encouragement! I believe in my spirit there is a remnant out there, but it is always good to hear confirmation.

  5. Hi Stephen,
    Yes, I remember emailing with you. And I did review your theory, but as I told you, there were too many holes in the argument. Truth must be discerned. Two specific and large holes are: (1) an entire opinion of the identity of the AC is based on a single word in the original language sounding like “obama”, and (2) all other verses that would refute it are ignored, such as Daniel 9:26 and ancient history pointing to someone with Syrian or Arab background, but Obama is of mixed Kenyan and European background.

  6. The quest to learn what the Bible reveals about God’s plans is a climbing experience. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:7-9). Daniel Revisited called attention to three visions in the Bible that taken together reveal four signposts in the Islamic world leading to the rise of the Mahdi/Antichrist. The visions supplement each other. Chronicles of the End Times shows that through the study of chiastic structures, more can be learned. It examines the chiastic structure of Zechariah 1 – 6. I recently found that the four chariots of Zechariah 6:1-8 may be related to the four-headed leopard of Daniel 7:6, which is the third signpost. Zechariah 1:7-21 and Zechariah 6:1-8 each has its own chiasmus and both are paired panels in a larger chiasmus. The central message of Zechariah 1:7-21 relating to the Second Temple built in the time of Zechariah may be chiastically linked to the third signpost. If so, this would indicate that the end-time Jerusalem Temple may be built with the blessing of the Sunni confederacy. It will be built above Gihon Spring where past Temples were. This is south of Islam’s Al-Aqsa Mosque on the “Temple Mount” (actually the remains of the Roman fort Antonia), so there need not be any destruction of Muslim holy sites. That Turkey, the leading country in the confederacy, may approve of the building of the Temple is suggested by Zechariah 6:8: “See, the ones going out north have pleased Me in the land of the north” (Robert Alter translation). When Muslims in the Al-Aqsa Mosque bow toward Mecca, they will be unwittingly bowing toward the Jewish Temple. Until Muhammad ordered Muslims to pray toward Mecca, they were praying toward Jerusalem. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qibla

  7. Mark, I wanted to add something, after communism fell in Russia and Berlin wall fell, my presuppositions fell concerning the endtimes. Nothing was making any sense and actually I was making really some poor choices in my life as well. At one point I was considering preterism but thought it was a betrayal to the irrevocable covenant to Israel. In the midst of being confused, I had this thought, “keep your eyes on Turkey” but didn’t know what to make of it. When you and Joel started to bring these Daniel passages in perspective, that thought I had years back started to make more sense. Revelation is needed, pray and fast for revelation in balance with good academics in the Body. Presuppositions need to fall.

  8. Hi Mark,


    The links between eastern Africa and Arabia go back for thousands of years. Just because BHO Jr.’s paternal ancestors most recently lived in Kenya before moving to America doesn’t mean he doesn’t have Arab ancestry way up the family tree on that side.

    It is too soon to confirm or rule him out. As it is, I think you’re right not to focus too much on any one man when the evidence is far from clear, so much as to ignore what God does say, and rather to stick to humbly and prayerfully following where you are led by the Holy Spirit.

  9. Mark: In the 1990s I frequently house-sat for a preacher turned real estate agent. I had read Rosenthal and Van Kampen and thought (mistakenly) that this (pre-trib) brother would be interested. At that time Van Kampen was sending free books to ministers. So I had The Sign Ministries send my friend a free copy of THE SIGN. Zion’s Fire was also sending out free magazines at the time. While house-sitting I had access to his library. It had every theological book a pastor could afford. I think I was there house-sitting when they arrived in the mail. Fast foreword weeks or months. I was there preparing for another week or two of house-sitting when I happen to notice in a garbage basket in the house only one magazine- ZION’S FIRE, and in the library one unopened package from: THE SIGN MINISTRIES. When he returned I asked him why the book package had been unopened for weeks. “Because I don’t want to change my views on the rapture. If I read it I might have to change and this way even if I’m wrong I have peace about it.”……………………………
    I kid you not. I made a point that I would never visit his assembly ever again because I would never know “Is this what he really believes?” I know he would never base something on the basis of sincere bible study.

  10. We see this on the odd blog as well, where discussions on the four signposts etc are met with disdain over the possibility of a Muslim AC. One blogger rubbished Joel R without even appropriately arguing the facts and doesn’t even want to re-open the topic. Our pastor is open to the theory however which is a good start.

  11. This is the exact reason I no longer attend a Church. They don’t or won’t teach the Bible any longer. It’s always the same, Peter walks on water or David slew the giant or Noah’s Ark! They refuse to teach prophecy. Sing three songs, pass the plate listen to the preacher give a sermon he gets off the internet.!! My faith in Christ is strong but I can’t sit in these churches any longer

  12. Stephen Kirk, to add to your argument, Kenya became an independent nation in 1963. Hint-after 1961. After a cursory search, prior to colonialism, it was a land of herders from Arab world and some suggest, Cushites. Cush was the father of Nimrod. Also, I have read Mark Davidson’s work over the years and appreciate his work too. The Body of Christ has to remember that we individually see in part under One Head Jesus Christ. We must fellowship with each other and listen to the revelation given to each one and see how it connects to the other. We must test everything against God’s Word.

  13. As discussed in Daniel Revisited chapter 11, the 2010 coup attempt in Turkey may or may not have been real. A 2016 failed coup attempt was real.

    The Erdogan administration has shown itself to be loyal to the welfare of the people. It promised to remove “sea snot” from Turkey’s Marmara Sea and has kept its promise.

    Work is now underway on Canal Istanbul, to run parallel with the Bosphorus Strait connecting the Black and Mediterranean seas. In 2018, a ship colliding into a villa by the Bosphorus inspired the production of a video revealing the Canal Istanbul project (beginning at 1:11).

    Scheduled to be completed by 2023 (unless delayed by Iran’s second signpost invasion), Canal Istanbul should help make Turkey “very great” (Daniel 8:8).

  14. Turkey’s TRT World occasionally produces lengthy documentaries. To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the 2016 failed coup attempt, it compiled security camera, camcorder, and cell phone live recordings to show what happened when it was happening. I had time to watch all 75 minutes of “The Defiance.” https://youtu.be/IGEE1h9eBPY The heroic resolve of the Turkish people to preserve their republic was courageous and successful. Also in 2016 began American coup attempts organized by deep state operatives to prevent America’s choice for President from being elected, and when that failed, to prevent him from entering office, and when that failed, to remove him from office, and when that twice failed, to use foreign hacking and domestic cheating to make his 2020 landslide reelection look like a defeat. A manufactured pandemic was used as an excuse for illegally allowing corruptible mail-in voting to flip results in the dead of night. Voting machines were rigged to enable tally flipping by enemies foreign and domestic via internet links into American voting machinery. The Turkish coup attempt was thwarted in one night. The American coup, though apparently successful in 2020, is methodically being exposed and thwarted via a plan designed years before to record criminal behavior in progress as part of a sting operation designed to eventually expose the perpeTRAITORS to public shame and punishment in ways that will discourage such coups from happening again. It was a brilliant plan that God inspired patriots to set up. I believe that Isaiah 26:19-20 has application to the 2020 American coup and the 2021 exposure of election fraud now underway. “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain” (Isaiah 26:20-21 or should that be Isaiah 26:2020-2021?). The methodical exposure of voting crimes in Arizona, Georgia, and other states is as heroic as Turkish patriots displayed in thwarting a coup in their country. Christian prophets Kim Clement and Amanda Grace have both prophesied of “a fall in the Fall,” and it looks like that will happen this year. Amanda Grace even named names. Written on 2020-10-31: “And I the Lord am judging leadership in states that think they can wave Almighty God off. In 2021, Mr. Cuomo [governor of New York] indeed will be issued a heavy blow for the indignant, smug, defiant, rebellious position he has taken against the Holy [pun on wholly] pleasing acceptable things of Almighty God. Gavin Newsom is putting a noose around his own neck, as his chance to repent is quickly drawing to a close, as he has allowed portals of hell to open in that state [California], and filth worse than Sodom and Gomorrah has been poured out. The sulfuric stench of those fires is a testament to the sinful stench of the enemy being poured out by such wicked men and henchmen. There are those crying out in California, and I the Lord shall answer, as a VERY SUDDEN chain of events takes place in California in 2021.” Written on 2020-12-28: “There will be a loss in the House, a loss of power for one who holds the gavel [Nancy Pelosi]. It’s coming in 2021, for that gavel has been abused, and the Athaliahs and the Delilahs will be humiliated as their books are opened, and shock and awe as their power is shredded and shame covers them.”

  15. I have examined George Wesley Buchanan’s 1999 commentary on the Book of Daniel. Buchanan (1921-2019) believed that the Book of Daniel was history-based fiction created after-the-fact to entertain readers. He agreed with the compilers of the scriptures who placed the Book of Daniel in the Writings rather than the Prophets. He cast aspersions on the Gospel of Matthew, which, he wrote, “expected the fulfillment of the message spoken by the prophet Daniel (Matt 24:15).” That is a verse in which Jesus acknowledges that Daniel existed, was a prophet, and that his prophecies will be fulfilled. Buchanan suggested that the Gospel of Matthew was lying about what Jesus taught. What motivated Buchanan to examine the Book of Daniel was the discovery among the Dead Sea Scrolls of fragments of the Book of Daniel that confirmed its shifting from Hebrew to Aramaic and back to Hebrew at the very places where later standard scrolls have them. To counter this, Buchanan compiled numerous allusions in the Book of Daniel to previous scriptures to suggest that authors of Daniel deliberately made their fictional story sound like Bible stories. To Buchanan, Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was simply imitating Joseph’s interpretations of Pharaoh’s dreams. In Daniel 7:2 is the phrase “the four winds of heaven.” Buchanan commented that the phrase is rarely found in the Old Testament, thus distracting from its use in the New Testament. Nor did he admit that “four winds” is equivalent to “all the winds.” Here is a full list of passages using these phrases:
    Jeremiah 49:32,36(twice)
    Ezekiel 5:10,12; 17:21; 37:9
    Aramaic Daniel 7:2
    Hebrew Daniel 8:8; 11:4
    Zechariah 2:6
    Matthew 24:31
    Mark 13:27
    Revelation 7:1
    Of these, Ezekiel 5:10,12, 17:21, and Hebrew Daniel 11:4 have already been fulfilled. But all the rest are in some way related to the end times. Buchanan’s commentary on Daniel was published 13 years before the four signposts were revealed. Had he learned about them, he might have changed his tune. While reading his comments on Daniel 7:5, these words startled me: “‘Rise up and eat lots of flesh.’ This probably referred to Media’s aggression in expanding its territories. It conquered Assyria and was a constant threat to Babylon. It extended its borders to the west, north, and south, which might be symbolized by the three ribs that the bear had in its mouth (Dan 8:4)” (page 170). I would only replace historical Media with end-time Iran.

  16. The 2nd edition of The Jewish Study Bible (2014) is still ranked on Amazon as the #1 best seller in “Judaism (Books).” Beginning on page 2124 of that book is an article “Archaeology and the Hebrew Bible.” Quote: “After 586 BCE, [archaeological] time periods are based on historical and political factors, as follows: Babylonian Period: 586-539; Persian Period: 539-332; Hellenistic Period: Begins in 332.” The Roman Period was not mentioned. Perhaps the author, Aren M. Maeir, was aware of what David Abulafia pointed out on page 211 of his 2011 book The Great Sea:

    “A trader of the second century might well have wondered what could possible shatter the unity of the Mediterranean. It was a political unity, under Rome; it was an economic unity, allowing traders to criss-cross the Mediterranean without interference; it was a cultural unity, dominated by Hellenistic culture, whether expressed in Greek or in Latin; it was even in many respects a religious unity, or unity in diversity, as the peoples of the Mediterranean shared their gods with one another, unless they were Jews or Christians. Single rule over mare nostrum [our sea] ensured freedom of movement and resulted in cultural mixing in the Mediterranean on a scale never seen before or since.”

    In Maeir’s article, no ending year for the Hellenistic Period was given because it never ended. Now known as Humanism, it is still based on the Hellenistic concept “Man is the measure of all things.” https://www.thattheworldmayknow.com/confronting-the-hellenism-of-today Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam have all been influenced by Hellenism/Humanism. Abulafia wrote that Mehmet II, the Muslim conqueror of Constantinople, sought to “restore and fulfil rather than destroy the Roman Empire” (page 385). Turkey’s Daily Sabah recently published an article about an act of mercy by Mehmed II that inspired the Italian humanist Gian Mario Filelfo to write a 5000-line Latin epic poem published in 1475 praising Mehmed II. https://www.dailysabah.com/arts/academics-discover-550-year-old-italian-epic-poem-for-sultan-mehmed/news

    Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is gearing up to show the Islamic world how to return to its prime directive of conquering infidels to prepare the way for the reign of the Mahdi.

  17. Wow, any student of history and Bible prophecy can read the signs of the times. The words ‘they rose up to play’ come to mind. (Exodus 32:4-6)

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