The Four Signposts, CCP Aggression, and the American Marxist Tide

(Note: To Christians in the West, the following post is perhaps darker than typical posts placed on this website. I choose to tell it how I see it and not put a smiley face on it.)

Clarity to Fuzziness

One trait of Bible end-time prophecy is that its narratives are clearer or fuzzier depending on how close to, or far from, Israel the prophesied event is said to occur. This should not be surprising as the Bible is about God’s plan of salvation for mankind which centers on Israel, and also our King and Messiah who lived his life, died to save us, and rose again, which all occurred in the land of Israel.

Israel: Clear

Where Bible end-time prophecy talks of Israel, its narrative is relatively straightforward. Even popular prophecy teaching gets it. The Bible is clear: the Jewish people will come back from around the world and settle in the land of Israel. They will establish one nation, build their third temple, and be assailed by the Antichrist during the 42 months of Jacob’s trouble. Finally, they will be rescued by the Messiah that they scorned two millennia before. (Resting completely on God’s mercy, we Gentiles should be thankful to God so we would all have a chance to enter the kingdom of heaven.)

Middle East: Fuzzier

However, the further from Israel that the Scriptural narrative goes geographically, the fuzzier things become.

Moving out into the nations of the Middle East, the surrounding region from Egypt to Iran, and Turkey to Yemen, Daniel 7 and 8 yield the Four Signposts as written about in Daniel Revisited. Popular prophecy teaching misses this completely and instead assigns these prophecy passages’ fulfillment to centuries ago. It’s easy to miss them because the words in the Bible aren’t as clear, and centuries of tradition cloud the passages. However, the Bible tells us enough to show that there are indeed four events to occur prior to the Tribulation. One of them has already occurred, and the second, the invasion by Iran of the Middle East, could happen anytime. This is the Second Signpost.

The Three Parts of the World: Fuzziest

Moving further away from Israel, outside of the Middle East, the Bible doesn’t say very much at all. We are told directly in Revelation 16:12 that there are kings from the east, so we know Antichrist will not rule the entire world.

However, the Bible does give us hints when we read Daniel and Revelation chiastically, as is done in Chronicles. Chiastics indicates Babylon the great is all unsaved humanity, and geographically is the entire populated world. As written about in Chronicles and in this post, the world is divided into three parts (per Rev. 16:19): Central Earth, East Earth and West Earth. Each has their own overarching theme of idolatry, and each will receive unique judgments from God in addition to the trumpets and bowls.

Center Earth

This is to be the realm of the Antichrist. The imminent Second Signpost is the triggering event for the Antichrist to eventually take over Center Earth. If the First and Second Signposts are true, we can depend fairly reliably on the Third and Fourth Signposts coming, which will see the establishment of all of Islam uniting under the Antichrist, and his waging war and conquest on Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa just prior to the time of Jacob’s trouble which is also the “Gog-Magog War” of Ezekiel 38.

Center Earth is the part of the earth that has fallen away from the Gospel. Europe fell away due to humanism and the Enlightenment (ironically named). The Middle East, North Africa and central Asia, all full of Christians by the seventh century AD, fell away due to Islam. These regions are now to be given over to the Antichrist.

But Center Earth is not the only place being prepped for the end times. The Bible, through chiastic reading, gives us hints as to what will happen generally in the two other parts of the world. In addition to the threat of Iran running out, there are other things going on in this world at an increasingly dizzying pace.

East Earth

This is the part of the earth that has by and large rejected the Gospel, with a few exceptions having never become Christian. Even today, in this region that has half of humanity, only 9 percent of East Earth is Christian. China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India have insisted on clinging to their state idolatries such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shintoism. This region will likely see tyranny in the form of rule by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Michael Pillsbury, author of The Hundred-Year Marathon, makes the case as to the CCP’s goal: total world domination by 2049. (Pillsbury was the chief advisor to President Trump on China, and was mostly responsible for Trump taking such a hard stance against China.) After China’s century of humiliation when world powers took chunks of Chinese territory, the CCP has taken it upon itself to right these wrongs. The head of the CCP is President Xi (pronounced like the feminine pronoun). Xi looks upon Mao, Stalin, and Hitler as heroes and wants to outdo them. The CCP also sees the Chinese as the superior race and everyone else as barbarian (sound familiar?). I believe the kings of the east of Revelation 16:12 are none other than the CCP. Even now under Xi’s leadership we see the CCP becoming increasingly iron-fisted.

I believe we are seeing with China the ramping up to predictions made not only in my own Chronicles, but in Pillsbury’s Marathon as well.

The CCP has already violated agreements to let Hong Kong be free for another 50 years after the 1997 turnover from Britain. The CCP is not only threatening Taiwan with conquest, but is threatening Australia with war, and Japan with nuclear war. Australia has mineral resources that China is already buying up. And how does the CCP feel about Japan’s actions to China in the 1930’s and 1940’s? The CCP wants to dominate the East militarily and the world economically.

West Earth

We are also already seeing the ramping up of what is coming here in West Earth, i.e. the Americas.

The peoples of the Americas, calling themselves mostly Protestant in the USA and Canada, and Catholic in Latin America, are obsessed with their state idol of money. Instead of pursuing Christ they are pursuing money. The Americas were discovered by people seeking wealth, and peopled with those also seeking wealth. Wouldn’t it be just like God to want to bring all these people to Him? He would do it by taking away all our wealth. As Timothy Keller wrote in his book Counterfeit Gods, people don’t realize Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have. I believe this is where Americans will be just before Christ’s return. It’s for our own good.

Even now we see the evil of Marxism rising in the United States. It has fooled half the US population, whether it is by Critical Race Theory (CRT), or that “Democratic Socialism” is not Communism and so is harmless.

We are already seeing the effect of US politicians being bought off or blackmailed by the CCP. The recent story that Gen. Milley called his counterpart in China to tell them he would warn them if the US was going to attack them is just shocking.

Also, for the first time, we witnessed in 2020 many questions in many American states regarding the election being compromised. Americans may deny these things by saying that everything will be alright and these things will pass, but I have seen no major across-the-board backlash or organized pushback against the Marxist tide, to match or exceed the Left’s united push on all these things. Half of American adults polled don’t even know what CRT is.

Whether Marxism takes over as the USA’s future, or there is an internal war against Marxism, either way it will occur with the banking system failing especially with the help of Iran starting the Second Signpost being the final nail in the coffin of the Petrodollar. Americans by and large just do not understand, and take for granted, that the US dollar has been the major reserve currency kept by the world since WW2. But that era is ending. The privilege and power held by our government and military across the world will be greatly reduced.


Revelation 9:16 and 16:12 hints at war between the Antichrist’s realm and the realm to the east, i.e. East Earth run by the CCP. The world will witness the beginning of a great war between two megalomaniacs (Antichrist vs. head of CCP) just on the eve of Christ’s return, in the form of the sixth bowl and sixth trumpet.

The Four Signposts and Tribulation tell us there will be war in the Middle East and in Center Earth, off and on for pretty much the whole time until Christ’s return. At the same time why wouldn’t there be war with China advancing its agenda across the East, and making war with the West to establish itself?

As Pillsbury wrote, one of China’s goals is to lay low the US so that China can be dominant. And it may be very likely that a military attack by China against the US is the only thing the IRGC needs to begin the Second Signpost. (With this in mind, we Americans may not even see the Second Signpost as it unfolds because we will be in a war with China.) This all makes sense in the light of China then being free to devote 200 million troops to march west from China, across Asia, exterminating one-third of mankind.


In addition to the Second Signpost setting the course in the Muslim realm, I believe what we are witnessing in the West and the East are the events leading to a very changed and brutal world coming in the years prior to Christ’s return.

Marxism, that philosophy proven to destroy untold millions of human lives, will reign in the East via the CCP, and in Center Earth via the Antichrist and his mark, and will either rule or assault the West in some form.

The church in China and the Muslim realm has endured persecution for decades and centuries. The church in the West will learn. Hopefully it wakes up, realizes the Rapture will not rescue them while living cushy, sleepy lives, and becomes a bright, burning light declaring the Gospel to all in the West so millions can come to repentance and be saved.

If you call yourself Christian, examine yourselves so you can identify any idols in your life and replace them with Christ, so the center and foundation of your life is none other than Christ. He is the foundation and rock you must build your life on. Christ is indeed all we need.

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  1. Mark,

    China could do two things to cripple us. A large scale EMP attack would permanently destroy our electric grid and completely collapse our country. It would end up being a madmax type shtf scenario that could go on for years.
    Also undermining the US Dollar now is not hard and could easily cripple us.
    Russia just signed with Saudi Arabia last week telling them that they would come to their aid militarily if they needed. That completely undermines the petro-dollar system which the Saudi’s agreed to make it so that all oil in the whole world is only bought and sold in the dollar as long as we come to their aid militarily if they need it and also keep peace in the middle east. We are falling short of the peace keeping part with what just happened in Afghanistan and we are no longer needed to be their savior if they were to need military assistance. So thus the petro-dollar is done for. Countries just need to start the process of buying and selling oil in some other currency other than the dollar and our over printed currency will collapse like a house of cards.

  2. Iranians and Afgans are coming to Jesus because Jesus is all they have and need. I thank them for the brave and selfless lives they lead and ask their prayers on our behalf who have so much to lose to win our place with them. Come Lord Jesus!

  3. Clearly it’s stated “I believe we are seeing with China the ramping up to predictions made not only in my own Chronicles, but in Pillsbury’s Marathon as well.”. It’s the writer’s belief ie a view, a conviction, derived from personal studies, interpretations and other resources – definitely not sound biblical teachings. I’m 71 years old and have been learning eschatology and end times for five decades – and foursignposts was (was) worthy of consideration until now. Credibility is suspect when one does not ascribe the same discernment to fact-check background circumstances, vantage point, context, reviews by others etc etc of the content of ‘the hundred years Marathorn’ as one does with reading and interpreting the bible.

  4. The first time that the Cross reminded me of a key, I thought it had no teeth. Then I looked again, and I saw that it does have teeth, and those teeth bit Christ, for our, for my, sins …-+/;

  5. Any time your car annoys you with a glowing “door ajar” sign, just remember that in English we read backwards. Proper writing goes from right to left, not left to right. It really says “rood raja,” or King of the Cross.

  6. Weiwengleong,
    The Four Signposts as an interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8 not only will not change if true, in the face of peoples’ studies, but is only concerned with the Middle East.
    So regarding China and the East which is outside the purvey of the Signposts, Chronicles is saying, look here is the direction the East may be going, and Marathon says, look, its in agreement because of actual data from the CCP.

  7. Noted.
    There are vast and varied actual data from all countries – historical, current; presented as possible, probable scenarios and schemes related to geopolitics (US, China, EU, etc). “Marathorn” has selectively focused on data that supports the book’s agenda and author’s vantage point. Insights from laymen and China watchers throws light on the book’s credibility, prejudices, US hubris and hegemony. Likewise, Signpost has likewise referred to Marathorn to focus selectively on some actual but limited data (what is the true context of the data – historical, circumstancial? etc) to support a particular vantage point.
    Glad that you prescribed the focus and original intent of Signpost – the the progressive and prophetic biblical narratives of Dan 7,8 (the return of Jesus’ rule and reign over Israel’s contemporary nations) and the future and full kingdom reign over all nations.
    Wonder whether it’s good and wise (probably for the US evangelical church hijacked from the original “Moral Majority” movement by politicians for votes) to superimpose America’s current hegemony and hubris onto any personal and devotional meditations and observations instead of biblical timeless and spaceless truth.
    Personally I do believe studies, scholarship and resources (like your Signpost) from American believers do still have a deep and valuable contribution to the worldwide Church.

  8. “… it may be very likely that a military attack by China against the US is the only thing the IRGC needs to begin the Second Signpost.”

    On 2010-08-22, Kim Clement (1956-2016) prophesied: “They [unnamed nation] will come against you, America, and you shall not even need to look, for I, God says, shall ruin them before they even get to your seashores; I will show you the great display of a tidal wave that shall not come for the judgment of this nation, but for the defense.” As crazy as this may sound, it was expanded upon in a 2021-04-02 prophecy through Amanda Grace: “The dragon [China] shall make a store (strong) advance at sea with the backing of Persia [Iran] in order to steal and take territory not theirs to claim. So I the Lord shall stir up the waves and cause catastrophe to hit those ships, as many will turn around after a string of attacks, and unexplained accidents so force a major turn. So as the container ship [Ever Given] was so turned [implying that its cargo was for evil purposes], I shall do the same to the fleet of the dragon, and they shall be driven back for who they shall point their canons [pun on cannons] at to attack. The Philippines are crying out, says the Lord. I have heard the cries of those faithful ones, and I the Lord shall protect them from wicked advancements upon their land, says the Lord of Hosts.”

    As will be revealed in 2020 election forensic audit reports soon to be released, both Democrats and Republicans allowed China to hack into the US election to make a landslide victory for Trump look like a easy win for Biden. However, there was a sting operation that observed and recorded all cheating in real time for later revealment. When the world is shown how China and others manipulated our election, China will not apologize, but will try to accomplish by force what they thought they had accomplished through bribes and collusion.

  9. Agreed Weiwengleong,
    And I believe the Signpost message in Daniel Revisited would be far more helpful and useful to Christians native to the Muslim realm, India, Europe, and Africa, than to Christians here in America.

  10. Prism,
    Just so you know, I cannot believe what Kim Clement has said, because so many “prophecies” he has made have not come true. In fact, I cannot think of one thing he has said that has come true that wasn’t something general and vague. Per the definition in Deuteronomy 18:22 he is a false prophet. Since many things have not been true I can only assume all things from his mouth will not be true.
    I don’t know about Amanda Grace. However, if she is parroting what Clement has said, my belief is she is in the danger zone.
    Over many years I’ve noted roughly one hundred American people claiming to be prophets with their prophesying, and of them only half a dozen have ended up being true. Those half dozen or so are also names that are not famous like Kim Clement. And their prophecies were very specific and came true to the letter.

  11. “I cannot think of one thing he [Kim Clement] has said that has come true that wasn’t something general and vague.”

    Here is a 2010-02-27 Clement prophecy that names specific countries and specific events relating to those countries: “China will endeavor to try and come and rise up against this land [America] and against Israel with a pact that they wish to make with Iran [on 2021-03-27, a Iran–China 25-year Cooperation Program was signed], but there shall be betrayal from Russia that shall make them [China and Iran] angry and they shall withdraw.” The prophesied pact between China and Iran was fulfilled 11 years later. The prophesied betrayal by Russia that will anger China and Iran must follow and has yet to be fulfilled. Iran has just been granted full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that China and Russia are members of, so it is now possible for Russia to betray the SCO in a way that would anger China and Iran. The four signpost prophecies, which are 100% accurate, do not mention a pact between Iran and China prior to Iran’s invasion of the Middle East. Yet that is what has happened.

  12. China just needs to sit back and watch the West consume itself.

  13. Mark,
    Thinking you will like following from Nelson Walters, he posted it last week. At the 12:15 mark he discusses how” the great city “can indeed have much broader range then just a locality. This is the second time I have seen this idea presented, you are the first to consider it.

  14. ABC’s Nightline aired a Monica Lewinsky interview tonight, which brought to mind Jonathan Cahn’s book The Paradigm, in which he compares events in America to events in ancient Israel, starting in Israel from about the time of King Ahab, and in America from the time of Bill Clinton. In the book, both leaders are shown to follow a template of deepening and accelerating their respective nations’ fall from God’s will and ways. Monica Lewinsky, in the modern occurrence of the template, fills the prophetic role of a symbol of the nation’s temporal, civil leadership defiling the priestly role which God ordained and gave to the Levites. Her name’s derivation is given to identify her role, as coming from Lewin, which came from Levin, which came from Levi.

    It brings to mind also something which Jonathan Cahn doesn’t mention in his book. Before the Second World War, Poland had a large Jewish population. The people of the land to which a large portion of the Jewish people were exiled from their biblical homeland in the Levant were named Poles, which in English is often translated with the same spelling as the word for asherah poles, a type of idol which the Israelites worshipped in ancient times, contrary to God’s law, and part of the reason for their exile. Now God is calling the remnant of His people out of the land of poles. That isn’t to say anything particularly negative about Polish people, they are human beings made in the image of God like anyone else. Many of them helped the Nazis carry out atrocities during the Holocaust, but many Polish people also refused to help the Nazi regime, and many suffered and died for their refusal, including helping to shelter Jews. They were also polish, preparing a cross to remove the sins of a people who have strayed from God. When the Antichrist comes, he is going to kill all who oppose him that he can effectively reach, whether they are Christian or Jew, Muslim or Hindu, Communist or fascist or anarchist. People need to reject idols and take up their crosses. Even the cross started out as a pole, but the pole also was nailed. We need the crucifixion for our salvation.

  15. Gary,
    It will likely take up a chapter in the book I’m writing.

  16. When I watch videos of people around the world protesting vaccine passports and oxygen-depriving masks (by which government influencers hope to control who can buy or sell or go to school), I am watching heroes saving humanity from unnecessary restrictions. They will eventually be victorious, because there are still three signposts to go through before anything like a mark of the beast determining who can buy or sell will exist. The domain of the Antichrist will be mostly confined to parts of West Asia, Africa, and Europe. There will be many who will refuse to take the mark as resistance against further expansion of Antichrist’s domain. I am hoping that there will never come a time when this 1897 song composed by Charles H. Gabriel cannot be sung.

    words by Adam Craig

    On the battlefield of life, be a hero!
    In its turmoil and its strife, be a hero!
    Show your colors in the fight,
    And with sword and armor bright,
    Strike out bravely for the right, be a hero!
    Be a hero! Trust in God and never fear!
    Be a hero! He will help you, He is near;
    On ye soldiers to the fray,
    Hear the great Commander say,
    “We shall surely gain the day,” be a hero!

    There are giants in the land, be a hero!
    In the strength of Jesus stand, be a hero!
    In the darkness and the light,
    Fight like David for the right,
    Stay the tempter in his might, be a hero!
    Be a hero! Trust in God and never fear!
    Be a hero! He will help you, He is near;
    On ye soldiers to the fray,
    Hear the great Commander say,
    “We shall surely gain the day,” be a hero!

    When you see a brother fall, be a hero!
    Lend a helping hand to all, be a hero!
    In the name of Christ draw near,
    Speak a word of hope and cheer,
    Do what good you can while here, be a hero!
    Be a hero! Trust in God and never fear!
    Be a hero! He will help you, He is near;
    On ye soldiers to the fray,
    Hear the great Commander say,
    “We shall surely gain the day,” be a hero!

  17. In Whiston’s translation of Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus, we are told that Alexander the Great, during a visit to Jerusalem, was shown a passage in a scroll of the book of Daniel predicting that a great Yavan king would conquer the Persian empire (11:8:5), which Alexander had done prior to his 332-331 BC visit to Jerusalem. Since Josephus did not quote the specific passage in Daniel, Whiston guessed that it must have been one or more of four passages. Whiston did not realize that the first three he cited (Daniel 7:6; 8:3-8, 20-22) are end-time prophecies; only the fourth passage he cited (Daniel 11:3) actually prophesied of Alexander the Great. Since Alexander was pleased to have been prophesied of, whoever translated the Hebrew of Daniel 11:3 into Greek for Alexander may have been wise enough not to translate the next verse concerning the breakup of Alexander’s empire. Bible scholars doubting the antiquity of the book of Daniel seem eager to dismiss as fantasy what Josephus wrote about Alexander’s visit to Jerusalem, because that would mean that the book of Daniel had already been accepted into the Jewish canon of scriptures. Such scholars were miffed when the fragments of the book of Daniel found among the Dead Sea Scrolls showed the same shifts between Aramaic and Hebrew found in the Masoretic text. See

  18. In a 2021-09-01 Word from the Lord, Christian prophet Amanda Grace wrote that “a major leader within the [Iranian] Ayatollah’s court shall suddenly fall.” Two days later, Major General Firouzabadi, who had been Chief-of-Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces and after that a senior military advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran, died of COVID-19.
    The 2021-09-01 Word also predicted that a “very threatening and destructive statement: would be made “by the leadership of Iran during this time.” That was fulfilled on 2021-10-03. Ruling behind Iran’s elected government is the real two-pronged leadership (Daniel 8:3), the Supreme Leader and the IRGC. An English version of the “very threatening and destructive statement” by the Supreme Leader is here:
    “Those who think that their security will be ensured by relying on foreigners should know that they will pay a hefty price [for entrusting their security to foreigners].”
    An Engish summary of that statement by the IRGC’s Tasnim News Agency is here:
    “Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei called on regional countries to maintain independent armies cooperating with the militaries of neighbors, warning that those under a delusion that outsiders can ensure security will soon receive a slap in the face.”

    A reading by Amanda Grace of the 2021-09-01 prophecy begins at 15:33 in this video:

  19. The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought publishes, in English, the magazine “Crescent International” both in hardcopy and online. The online version has an “about” page that explains why their publication, which reports on Islam as a international movement, does not bash Iran. Iran is “the only working Islamic state system that is truly independent of Zionism and imperialism,” and “is the most successful representation of the Islamic movement since the time of al-Khilafah al-Rashidah [the four rightly guided caliphs after Muhammad].”

    From the lands conquered by Muhammad, the Rashidun caliphate expanded in three direction, north, west and east. According to Daniel 8:4, Iran will expand in three direction, west, north, and south. The map of lands that Iran will control may end up looking pretty much like the map of lands controlled by the Rashidun caliphate, except that Israel, which did not exist back then, will not be conquered.

  20. Mark,
    Hoping you post soon. Another trafficking bust in Babylon……

    Seriously think you need to do a YouTube channel after you write your book. Thinking you could get more draw toward people looking at your books!

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