“We Have to Prepare for a World Where Iran Doesn’t Have Constraints . . .”

These ominous words of Robert Malley, U.S. special envoy of the Biden Administration to Iran, were spoken October 13 with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

If the coming Second Signpost is true, these words are a warning to all of us, much worse than most people may expect. The world does not realize that a nuclear Iran would usher in all the remaining Signposts along with the coming man of lawlessness.

“We have to prepare.” Such spineless words. As we get close to Christ’s return, we can look back and see how all the awful prophesied things taking place was due to good people’s power being neutralized, replaced by lawless people doing nothing to stop greater evil.

So get ready. Get ready in your spirit and mind and circumstances. Brace yourselves, for the world is about to change with an Iran that has no constraints, a world in which the second horseman is unleashed, the bear is called to feast, and the ram is free to run out with its second horn longer than the first. It’ll be a world in which God’s people temporarily lose all political power and all hell breaks loose.

The United States may not need to be attacked, and its military may not need to be engaged in a war with China over a diversion like Taiwan. All it takes is an administration like Biden’s to do nothing but show weakness and spinelessness, as it did pulling out of Afghanistan. Evil delights in facing these things. Along these lines the situation is even sweeter for Iran: Malley also said, “We are prepared to remove all of the sanctions that were imposed by the Trump administration.” This would allow Iran to sell all its oil and pump more money into all its activities, to accelerate the Persian ram’s plans.

Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons seems a given with Malley’s full statement:

“We have to prepare for a world . . . where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program and we have to consider options for dealing with that, which is what we’re doing even as we hope that we can get back to the deal. Iran is giving us its answer by what it’s doing and not doing every day.”

Options? What options? Back to the deal? You mean the do-nothing JCPOA nuclear deal which allowed Iran to move forward with its plans anyway?

And, yes, Iran is giving us its answer everyday since 1979 as it has fulfilled Daniel 8:3 to the finest detail since that time, and gets ready to fulfill Daniel 8:4 in the years ahead.

The Second Signpost could very well begin prior to the next presidential election in 2024. The current administration provides the perfect climate to allow evil to advance, both domestically and internationally.

Dwell in the shelter of the Most High.

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  1. The mass adoption of another way for countries all around the world to buy oil using another currency other than the over printed US Dollar…in other words a dollar collapse or removal of the petro-dollar system as the world reserve currency would also allow Iran to do as it pleases. I do agree that we are currently “spineless” also. Right now if we don’t get some solutions soon to our broken shipping system where international shipping can not even get goods that we have ordered and paid for onto out ports because the spineless fake president made illegal mandates that the truckers are not willing to take, thus there is not enough truckers to take the goods from the ports to the warehouses, thus there is no room at the ports for the ships to off load. This alone could become a huge problem soon as we use up our gas and diesel and oil and we don’t get more to the refineries to process then we could in the next few weeks see fuel cost $10 or way more even. And all that without having our dollar re-valued for what it is or the second signpost starting. But we’ll probably get a dollar collapse SOON. So brothers and sisters, learn some history of why the Roman empire collapsed and how we have repeated it…. and buy silver and gold.

  2. On 2021-10-24, at the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei lashed out at an ISIS terrorist attack in Afghanistan, blaming America’s Democrat Party for enabling the rise of ISIS during the Obama Administration: “Who are the DAESH [ISIS]? The DAESH is the same group that the Americans—the Democrats in the United States—have clearly stated, ‘We created them.’ Of course, they do not acknowledge this at the present time. They deny it now.”
    In contrast, Khamenei did not blame the Republican Trump Administration for enabling Islamic countries to normalize relations with Israel. Instead, he castigated the governments of those Islamic countries: “Unfortunately, some governments made a mistake. They made a big mistake. They sinned by normalizing relations with the usurping, despotic Zionist regime. This move is against Islamic unity and solidarity. They should turn back from this path and compensate for this grave mistake.”

    The two countries with the highest percentage Shia populations are #1 Iran and #2 Azerbaijan. Yet Azerbaijan turned to Turkey and Israel to help it win the 2020 war against Christian Armenia. “Azerbaijan used its drones that they purchased from Turkey and Israel to tail and eventually destroyed the Armenian weapon systems in Nagorno-Karabakh, shattering its defences and facilitating a quick attack. Like most countries part of the defunct Soviet Union, most of the air-defence systems in Karabakh were old Soviet systems that found it impossible to defend against the modern drone attacks.”
    Azerbaijan has recently hinted that it would like to annex the Armenian land between the two parts of Azerbaijan, which would result in Iran having no border with Armenia, one of Iran’s major trading partners.
    After accusing Azerbaijan of having harbored Israeli personnel, Iran launched war games at the Azerbaijan border. The two leading Shia countries are now seeking reconciliation. Two Iranian commercial truck drivers, who were arrested for driving through Azerbaijan with loads bound for Armenia, have been released. Iran has ordered Iranian truckers to obey Azerbaijan’s transportation rules. But if Azerbaijan harbors Israeli personnel, a recent threat by Khamenei would come into play: “Those who think that by relying on others they can ensure their security should know that they will soon be struck a blow.”

  3. On 2021-08-03, Ebrahim Raisi became the eighth President of Iran. On 2021-10-19, IFMAT, a website harshly critical of the regime, published an article titled “Iran’s Silent Military Coup – IRGC Conquers Government.”
    This short article in English has unknowingly indicated that the second horn of Daniel 8:3, the IRGC, is now becoming more powerful than the first horn, the Supreme Leader of Iran. This must happen before Daniel 8:4 can be fulfilled.

  4. Lebanon has big domestic problems and so does Sudan. A war would concentrate people’s focus elsewhere. The Shiites are winning in Yemen and the Egyptians and Saudi have mended fences with Israel. I heard that Russia has given Israel the green light to attack Iran in Syria (and directly in Iran ?) the pieces of the jigsaw for the Psalm 83 war are rapidly coming together

    Furthermore Israel now openly talks about attacking Iran who are actively creating a nuclear bomb.
    If I was Iran I would pre-empt this by organising an attack on Israel via its proxies and then themselves before Israel can get the upper hand.

    Perhaps the Lord will let this happen soon especially as we are in the shimita cycle. Such a war which stops freight and oil movement might cause the dollar to crash and precipitate a world financial crash ?

    This all could sadly happen at any moment. Daniels seventieth week and the final seven years could be that close.


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