Houthi Missile Attack on UAE a Test

In this last post, I wrote that the attack on the UAE was just an extension of the ongoing Sunni-Shia war going on via proxy in Yemen and Syria. On further reflection, there is a little more to it.

The Iranian-backed Houthi drone and missile attack on the Saudi ally United Arab Emirates (UAE) last month can be thought of as a test.

Some commentators like this one have pointed to the idea that Iran is telling the UAE that it should change its alliance away from Israel.

The IRGC launches a ballistic missile from underground during the Great Prophet exercise July 28.

However, being aware of the Signposts, there is another aspect that is apparent.

I believe the one reason Iran has not already conducted the Second Signpost is due to the heavy presence of the American military. As Daniel 8:4 says, “No other beasts could stand before him, nor was there anyone to rescue from his power.” (NASB) This could mean either American forces will be defeated by Iran, or it could also mean the American military will vacate the area due to war with China over Taiwan and/or war with Russia over Ukraine.

By directly attacking the UAE via its Houthi proxy, Iran is also testing the American military. As it turns out, two incoming Iranian mid-range missiles were intercepted by the American-deployed anti-missile system THAAD. Built by Lockheed, it has been in development for some twenty years and has been deployed all over the world.

The lesson for the IRGC would be that not only have other elements of the American military been standing in the way of the Second Signpost, but the American THAAD could intercept missile attacks, to some extent, launched from Iranian soil.

This would confirm the IRGC would need to change tactics, or wait until its allies Russia and China deal with the US in a military confrontation.

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  1. Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, which is controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has been covering the massive protests for freedom in Canada. As I write, the most visited Tasnim article is “Ottawa Protesters Defy Canadian Police Threat with Fuel Cans,” which has an embedded video showing how protesters are outsmarting the police.
    Although the IRGC has a key role in the prophesied sequence leading to the Mahdi/Antichrist, it rejoices to see ordinary Canadians outsmarting their corrupt government leaders, because it knows that ordinary Canadians do not support Western meddling in the mostly Islamic Middle East.

  2. Wanted to ask how your book on Mystery Babylon is coming and when it will be released. I got into a discussion recently about that many cities can compromise of being …the great city.

  3. Islamic Republic of Iran owns Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, the only organization legally able to transmit radio and TV broadcasts in Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting owns PRESSTV, which broadcasts in English and French and maintains a website in English. On February 13, 2022, PRESSTV published an article titled “Trump’s criticism of Pence’s ‘failure’ has deeper context.” It is an assessment of what happened on January 6, 2001, in America. The article is more accurate and detailed than anything that America’s mainstream media have reported. The highlighted title linking to the article reads “Was the January 6 US Capitol breach used as a cover for an actual coup?” The article itself indicates that there was ample evidence to question the apparent outcome of the November 3 election, but that the storming of the Capitol forced a hasty approval of disputed election results. (The coup was achieved by illegal voting methods and by putting a stop to reporting the election results until coup operatives could stealthily change a landslide win for Trump into a win for Biden.) Here is the PRESSTV article itself:
    Why did PRESSTV publish this information now? I believe it was because they were told to by the Iranian government. Shortly after the election, patriotic cyber experts reported that significant hacking into voting tallies in America had come from China, Iran, and other nations. These reports were suppressed. Iranian officials know that Trump won reelection and know that Iranians helped enable the coup that put Biden into office. By admitting now that there may have been a coup, they will be able to say that any Iranian participation was not approved of by the Iranian government. Pence is a hero, because he was willing to become hated so that the greatest sting operation in human history could proceed. Treasonous acts had been recorded as they happened. The sting operation has lasted over a year because all of the participants in the coup had to be found. The PRESSTV article is evidence that they have been found. Full disclosure is coming soon.

  4. Another place to watch will be North Korea, North Korea this week just became closer with China, closer than normal this will be another area United States will have to worry about North Korea’s itching to attack South korea.

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