“Leave Your Assumptions at the Door,” Says a Signpost Watcher

(Note from Mark Davidson: The following post was written and submitted by a guest writer, BillyBow Aguirre, filmmaker. He has been a supporter and watcher of the Four Signposts for several years.)

By BillyBow Aguirre

Before I ever listened to Mark Davidson, I would listen to Chuck Missler, American author, evangelical Christian, and Bible teacher.

Chuck Missler wrote and spoke very similarly to Mark Davidson, saying put away your “presuppositions and assumptions” of a European Roman Antichrist.

Chuck Missler would teach that there is a second leg of the Roman Empire depicted in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel’s interpretation of the dream (Daniel 2:2-43 NKJV), and so he believed the Antichrist would come from the Middle East.

When I heard Mark talk about “The Four Signposts”, it resonated in my mind and heart. God is unveiling in the 2020’s the books of Daniel and Revelation.

I first listened to Mark Davidson about seven years ago listening to TruNews.com. Rick Wiles was hosting Mark’s message about Daniel Revisited. I fell in love with the message as Mark was revealing it. I knew that God sealed the prophecies of Daniel 7 and 8. In the Book of Daniel, God said,

“Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.”

(Daniel 12:9-10 NKJV)

My Savior Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords was unveiling end-time prophecy to my mind and heart. I was seeing for the first time that “The Four Signposts” were being unveiled.

I was having an epiphany about the Book of Daniel and its message. My epiphany was that I needed a “new look” at Daniel 7 and 8. I was lost in the old way. I had read The Late Great Planet Earth from Hal Lindsay. It left me with unanswered questions. Just like Mark, I was trying to piece together what was happening to the USA on 9/11. Why did Russia and Europe appear to be out of the picture? Why were the headlines full of news of Iraq, suicide bombings, the ousting of Saddam Hussein, and the developments in Iran? Why have thirty-five years gone by after Israel took the Temple Mount and we were in 2000 still wondering why the Temple Mount is vacant? Are we in the end times? Surely Jesus is returning to rapture His people? I was pondering all this just like Mark was.

Mark Davidson wrote in his Introduction to Daniel Revisited:

“Discovery of this new interpretation was not my original intent. I didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘I think I’ll discover a whole new end-times interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8.’ Like most discoveries in human history, this was a complete surprise. It wasn’t even on my radar. On the contrary, this discovery was merely the result of what started as a serendipitous quest for wisdom and an attempt to understand in some small measure what God was doing in these end times. Then the unexpected epiphany came when news events in the Middle East aligned with Biblically significant events.

“Many books have been written since the 1970s about Bible’s end-times prophecy. Probably one of the most popular of these books was Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth, first published back in 1970. Its end-time timeline said the Antichrist would come from the area of the old Roman Empire and would rule over a revived Roman Empire formed from ten nations. It talked about the Soviet Union (which we will now refer to as Russia) leading an attack with a coalition of the Arab countries on Israel. This popular picture in prophecy really bloomed after the Six-Day War in which Israel won a stunning victory over her Arab enemies in 1967 and took possession of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Daniel Revisited, pg. 5

This is what Hal Lindsay in The Great Late Planet Earth taught us to believe.

What I have learned and read from Daniel Revisited is to beware of assumptions. Again, Mark Davidson wrote:

“To see this new interpretation requires a new, hard look at history, Scripture, and our assumptions. However, of these three, it is perhaps our assumptions that present us with the main hurdle to seeing these prophesied events when reading prophetic Scripture. The new interpretation presented in this book is the result of three stages of study.

“The first is a serious study of ancient and medieval history that shines a light on Daniel. This enables the second stage, which is a change from old assumptions to new assumptions based on solid rationale. A study of real history demolishes the assumptions that have been built up over the centuries. Finally, with the new assumptions in mind based on real history, we undertake a careful reading, and pay attention to the exegesis of each and every verse in these chapters.”

Daniel Revisited, pg. 3

In conclusion, if you want to know what I believe is the right interpretation of the end times, then read the Introduction to Daniel Revisited and we will find out what the end times hold for us in Daniel 7 and 8 in God’s Holy Word. You must also remember what Mark Davidson also wrote:

“The centuries-old assumption of a revived Roman Empire being the base of the Antichrist acts as a red herring, keeping untold millions of Christians from seeing what they truly need to see—the Antichrist emerging from the nations of the Middle East. Europe is under a microscope, while the Middle East is seen as an area of chaos until the Arabs form an alliance with Russia or Europe and they all attack Israel. The old assumption of a revived Roman Empire is keeping us from seeing that the chaos in the Middle East is the ongoing fulfillment of prophecy directly leading to the Antichrist. Until we shed this old notion, understand what history is telling us, and take a fresh look at Daniel, we will continue to look to Rome in vain for the Antichrist.”

Daniel Revisited, pg. 18

Also, twice in the book of Daniel (Dan 8:26 and 12:4), Daniel was told to seal, or shut, the words of the vision and messages he received from God. Don’t believe your assumptions of the interpretations of other books that write about end-times till you read the Introduction in Daniel Revisited, written by Mark Davidson. You can download it for free here. May the God of heaven and earth open your heart and mind as you read from Daniel Revisited and study God’s holy Word.

BillyBow Aguirre is the Executive Director of Holywood Studios. BillyBow’s IMDb page is here.

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5 replies

  1. If you have read the Introduction in “Daniel Revisited,” forward this article to all your Christian families, Pastors, and friends who are still stuck in the old biblical paradigm of The Late Great Planet Earth and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series. This centuries-old assumption of a revived Roman Empire being the base of the Antichrist didn’t just start in the 20th century. It goes back far as Hippolytus, a bishop of Rome in about AD 200, who wrote the first Christian commentary of Daniel 2:40. In the Introduction in Daniel Revisited, written by Mark Davidson, you will find out biblical, historical, and current events information, where other books lack.

    Put away your assumptions and preconceptions. After reading the Introduction, I pray that you will be compelled to read the book “Daniel Revisited.” Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through God’s Holy Word, history, and current events.

  2. Revelation 6:3-4 indicates that the rider of the red horse, which has been identified as Iran, will be given “power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other” (NIV). Right now one of the most peaceful places on Earth is the Gulf of Aqaba branch of the Red Sea, a vacation area for Egyptians, Israelis, Jordanians, and Saudi Arabians.

    There is cooperation between those four nations to protect the Gulf of Aqaba coral reefs, which have some unique species of both coral and fish. It is a scuba diver’s paradise. Even in winter the water temperature does not go below 70 degrees fahrenheit.

    But Jeremiah 49:20-22 warns: “… Hear what the Lord has planned against Edom [SW Jordan], what he has purposed against those who live in Teman [in Edom]: The young of the flock will be dragged away; their pasture will be appalled at their fate. At the sound of their fall the earth will tremble; their cry will resound to the Red Sea [Gulf of Aqaba]. Look! An eagle [Iranian drone?] will soar and swoop down, spreading its wings over Bozrah [in Edom]. In that day the hearts of Edom’s warriors will be like the heart of a woman in labor” (NIV).

  3. This photo from a 2022-07-19 meeting of the presidents of Russia, Iran, and Turkiye shows Raisi standing in the middle raising the hands of Putin and Erdogan as if they were children. Unmanned aerial vehicles were no doubt in their discussions. Both Iran and Turkiye are producing UAVs superior to Russia’s. Baykar, a private company in Turkiye making UAVs, has been selling UAVs to Ukraine but refuses to sell them to Russia. So Russia wants to buy Iranian UAVs. On 2022-07-15, Iran had showcased new additions to its naval forces: drone carrier ships and submarines from which UAVs can be launched.

  4. prismplay,
    Really wondering what may play out on the 23rd of Elul (September 19th of this year). Three Shemitahs ago the 23rd of Elul fell on September 11th.

  5. Gary,
    I was having the same thought – post coming soon.

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