About to Start the Seventh 7-Year Cycle of the End Times

Our world is about to begin the seventh 7-year cycle of the end times according to Signpost theory. The seventh year of a cycle is the sabbath year, the Shemitah.

We are currently in the seventh year, the Shemitah year, of the sixth 7-year cycle.

At sunset of September 25, 2022, local Israeli time, the current Shemitah ends and the seventh 7-year cycle begins. That would be about 7 pm Israel time and Noon, Eastern Time, September 25.

The Four Signposts, heralding the end times, began the very first hour of the Shemitah starting in 1980. We are finishing the sixth cycle, and about to start the seventh.

Jesus told us all the events of the end time would occur in one lifetime (ref. Matt. 24:34). If 1980 is the start in which a young, 18-year-old adult would have witnessed the beginning, that adult would be 74 years old in 2036, assuming Christ returns at that time.

We may speculate times, but do not pin your hopes on these times.

If the Second Signpost kicks off at the start of this next cycle, we do not have much time to prepare. Seek his face. Cast the idols out of your heart. Trust in Him. Love others.

The seven-year cycles, as they relate to the Signposts, are listed and described below with speculation for the seventh and eighth cycles. Read Daniel Revisited for details.

CYCLE 1 – Sep. 10, 1980 – Sep. 23, 1987

FIRST HORSEMAN rides. Saddam begins Iran-Iraq War to begin conquest, the very hour Cycle 1 begins. Second horn of ram begins growing as power of IRGC begins to grow, due to Saddam’s invasion of Iran.

CYCLE 2 – Sep. 23, 1987 – Sep. 5, 1994

First horseman continues. Saddam conquest of Iran fails. Saddam begins and loses second war of conquest against Kuwait.

CYCLE 3 – Sep. 5, 1994 – Sep. 17, 2001

First horseman pretends to have arrows. The world hears the roaring lion. Cycle 3 ends with 9/11. Second horn of ram continues to grow, absorbing more and more of the Iranian economy.

CYCLE 4 – Sep. 17, 2001 – Sep. 29, 2008

FIRST SIGNPOST begins. 9/11 triggers the force to act, that is, making the winged lion stand and changing its mind, changing its government from a brutal dictatorship under Saddam, into a parliamentarian democracy. First horseman found to have no arrows, as he is removed. Second horn takes over Iranian banking and politics. Cycle 4 ends with the 2008 Financial Crisis

CYCLE 5 – Sep. 29, 2008 – Sep. 13, 2015

The lion with wings continues to stand. Second horseman is next. Persian ram prepares for the charge out across the Middle East, and for war, testing war capabilities.

CYCLE 6 – Sep. 13, 2015 – Sep. 25, 2022

The lion with wings continues to stand. The kings of the Medes and Persians display their power and capabilities.

CYCLE 7 – Sep. 25, 2022 – Sep. 9, 2029

Could the Second, Third, and Fourth Signposts take place during this time? They could, potentially. Oil would climb in price several times over. China and Russia could attack America over Taiwan and Ukraine, making US military pull out from Mideast, allowing Persian ram to charge.

CYCLE 8 – Sep. 9, 2029 – Sep. 21, 2036

Could this be Daniel’s seventieth week?

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  1. Mark,
    While the “signpost” perspective has become something that I do see IS 100% a very clear true part of the end time process and prophetic time clock and it is key to it all…. IF America falling via China / Russia is necessary so that we will not stand in the Ram’s charge I, who was previously only someone with a doom & gloom perspective, do not believe that will be the case.
    There is so much at play here. Most will not agree with the following statements. Watch “the Great Awakening” documentary. https://www.qfs1776.com/the-great-awakening-bonfire-guy . This shows how Mr. T is actually friends with Putin and Xi. And though they are often portrade as the bad guys, they are not. They are opposed to biolabs and child trafficking. Mr. T went to ALL of the leaders of the world and laid out in front of them the proof that he had of their involvement with this deep underground child corruption and they all capitulated. Xi & Putin were not at fault here. What we are seeing is not a giant world stage of Kumbookie theater.
    That said, what you have presented here about the 7 year cycles makes this coming September of great significance!!!! I myself look forward to the GCR and Nesara Gesara and mass military arrests / tribunals (justice) But how this ties with that I am not sure. I have honestly struggled to force the two to fit together and so I am trying to be patient with myself. But there is hope. There is a break in the clouds and a huge potential for humanity yet.

  2. Hi Jesse,
    Let’s be clear, and that is, just because I lean towards China and Russia starting all-out war with the USA, I’m not calling Putin or Russia the bad guy. China has its own ambitions for ruling the world, but Russia simply wants to be Russia. Russia has had three enemies historically. Sunni Islam, China, and the West. The West became an enemy after the Schism of 1054, leading to the sacking of Constantinople, Napoleon’s invasion, and Hitler’s invasion. Russia allies with Iran because, it being Shia, is an enemy of the Sunni (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). The only way Russia would jump in a war against the US is because the West is being the bad guy, crossing too many red lines for Russia to feel secure. Russia allies with China because it is the least “enemy” of the three. Russia keeps its nukes to keep China at bay.
    Xi, though, is a bad guy. Read The Hundred-Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury.
    And I agree, there is alot going on.

  3. Reading this, I can personally witness to most of this as I was 18 for most of 1980 and someone else who Stephen Kirk spoke of in his book. Adding personal work (as it is on earth as it is in heaven) to thwart enemies in all of the cycles up until December 31, 2015, now praying and warring in heavenly realm since the 1st of 2016 up until today. Come Lord Jesus!

  4. Thanks for that great post Mark.

    Many scholars believe in the 7 day/7000 year model.
    If Jesus died in 33 that would make second coming 2033 and Daniels seventh week
    Given current events this is quite feasible but of course it doesn’t line up with the Jubilees of 2022-29 or 2029-36
    Any thought how it might align.
    Did Jesus die in the middle of a jubilee? Then He might be coming in the same timeline ??
    Maranatha Brian

  5. Brian,
    Basically, it looks like 2036 may very well be the earliest year in which Christ could return, due to the fact the other three Signposts haven’t started yet, and they are before the seventieth week. How does this align with the other factors you mention?
    Christ may very well have died and risen in AD29 or 31, not 33, since He was born in 2 BC or 4 BC.

  6. God works through natural processes. He will let the human workings of deal-making and finance finance Iran in preparation for her invasion.

    I do submit so long as Ayatollah Khamanei continues in power, the third (or fourth?) ‘king’ per Daniel 11:2 cannot assert him/itself. However, so much can happen while we wait for events in Iran to make progress.

    The United States, the UK, and the EU must be removed as impediments to the ram-invasion. Moreover, if Türkiye is to truly become ‘Yavan’, we must see an invasion of eastern Greece, even all the way to her mainland. Definitely the Aegean islands, including Crete…

    Yet, the ships of ‘Kittim’ will sail per Daniel 11. How will Cyprus fare in all of this, or will the EU force Türkiye out of southern Cyprus at some point? The Bible is clear, but it sure leaves a lot of latitude regarding ‘how’, even if it says ‘what’.

  7. In the Qur-an the arabic word tasnim is the name of a water fountain in paradise: “… mixed with water of tasnim, a spring from which those brought near drink” (83:27-28 The Critical Qur’an). Iran’s IRGC founded the Tasnim News Agency for Persian readers in 2012, now also published in English, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and Hebrew. By using my computer’s translation function I can compare the content of the Persian, English, and Hebrew editions and see that the content for the English and Hebrew editions is cherry-picked for use as anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda.
    Persian: https://www.tasnimnews.com/
    English: https://www.tasnimnews.com/en
    Hebrew: https://www.tasnimnews.com/he
    Tasnim tasting like propaganda is not the spring of water that Jesus spoke of: “… the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14 NIV).

  8. Hi Jeff,
    You wrote, “if Türkiye is to truly become ‘Yavan’, we must see an invasion of eastern Greece.” I submit, per what I wrote in Daniel Revisited, that, no we do not need to see that. Keep in mind, the leader of Turkey is already a king of Yavan, in that both descendants of Yavan settled on the Turkish coast millennia ago, and in the great population exchange in the 1920s, Greek (more of Yavan’s children) Muslims moved to Turkey while Turkish Christians moved to Greece.
    Also, I show that Daniel 11:30, which speaks of ships of Kittim, is part of Daniel 11:21-30 which is shown in my other book Chronicles to exclusively be fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes. Rome sailed to Egypt to make a presence and statement to Antiochus intimidating him to leave Egypt. The ships the Romans used were built by the Greeks, who were vassal allies at the time (about 160 BC) and built them not only in Greece proper but also in Cyprus and Crete.
    The Greek historian Polybius wrote in detail about all this (you can go to the Free Resources page on this website which includes a downloadable pdf of Appendix B, which is a detailed historical account showing fulfillment of Daniel 11:2-35).

  9. The recent stabbing of Salman Rushdie, author of the 1988 novel The Satanic Veses, has been celebrated by the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both the founder of that regime (Khomeini) and the current Supreme Leader (Khamenei) had called for the assassination of Rushdie. The reason for their animosity has been succinctly explained by Dr. Eugene Bach, one of the leaders of the Back To Jerusalem Christian missionary movement:
    A full account of the Satanic verses incident in the life of Muhammad can be found on page 377 of The Critical Qur’an by Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch. Spencer’s account ends with this: “Many modern Islamic scholars deny that this incident took place at all, as it causes acute embarrassment. If Satan could put words into Muhammad’s mouth once and make him think they were revelations from Allah, who is to say that that Satan did not use Muhammad as his mouthpiece on other occasions?”

  10. The recent death of Gorbachev prompted the entire Islamic world, both Sunni and Shia, to call attention to the 1989 letter to Gorbachev by Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Yes, even the Sunni world is showing sympathy for what Khomeini was expressing to Gorbachev in 1989. Here is the full text of the letter:

  11. Interestingly enough Erdogan shows up in the news yesterday complaining about Greece’s military presence in the Aegean islands.
    I am slowly seeing that 2029-2036 may allow enough time for the 4th king of Persia to be manifested, as well as the Goat’s defeat of the Ram, not to mention the establishment and destruction of Mystery Babylon. I had been thinking or hoping 2022-2029 may have fit, but unless many dominoes fall quickly somehow, I don’t know.

  12. You validate what I’ve been saying. I cannot imagine how the 70th shabua per Daniel 9 could begin this year. We simply have too much to get through, first.

    A 2029 start indeed is plausible.

  13. Of course if Russia go nuclear or the nuclear plant in Ukraine is blown up then that could escalate things very quickly especially with the close relationship developing between Iran and Russia.

    Maranatha shalom

  14. Nine times in the Book of Jeremiah coming events are compared to the pains of a woman in labor. The first three (4:31, 6:24, and 13:21) seem to apply to ancient Judah, the fourth (22:23) to ancient Lebanon, the fifth (30:6) to Israel during the Great Tribulation, the sixth (48:41) to the Moab west central area of modern Jordan, the seventh (49:22) to the Edom southwest area of modern Jordan, the eighth (49:24) to Damascus in modern Syria, and the ninth (50:43) to the King of Babylon (Antichrist).

    Notice how similar the statements about Moab and Edom are. Both mention an eagle (an Iranian drone?) swooping down:

    Jeremiah 48:40-41 NIV
    This is what the Lord says:
    Look! An eagle is swooping down,
    spreading its wings over Moab.
    Kerioth will be captured
    and the strongholds taken.
    In that day the hearts of Moab’s warriors
    will be like the heart of a woman in labor.

    Jeremiah 49:22 NIV
    Look! An eagle will soar and swoop down,
    spreading its wings over Bozrah.
    In that day the hearts of Edom’s warriors
    will be like the heart of a woman in labor.

    But a swooping Iranian drone is missing from the forecast for Damascus. Is that because Iran already controls much of Syria?

    Jeremiah 49:24 NIV
    Damascus has become feeble,
    she has turned to flee
    and panic has gripped her;
    anguish and pain have seized her,
    pain like that of a woman in labor.

    The Israel Defense Forces have been thwarting Iranian weapons shipments into Damascus and Aleppo.

  15. Until 2015, when I first read Daniel Revisited, Albania had zero prophetic significance for me. In 2018, Chronicles of the End Times added to what Daniel Revisited had revealed. So I began monitoring websites having news about Albania in English. Other than Albania’s friendly relations with Turkiye, not much has stirred my interest until today, 2022-09-07, when an Albanian website I monitor reported that Albania is immediately breaking off all diplomatic relations with Iran.

  16. Edi Rama, the Prime Minister of Albania, has his own YouTube channel. His 2022-07-07 presentation on it concerning why Albania is immediately breaking off diplomatic relations with Iran has English subtitles.

    Iran’s Tehran Times, which is published in English, has the Iranian regime’s response to Edi Rama’s statement:
    The Iranian regime is claiming that Albania has been unduly influenced by America in breaking off diplomatic relations with Iran when Iran has done nothing wrong. But Edi Rama claims that he has seen proof that the Iranian regime was behind the 2022-07-15 cyberattack against Albania.

  17. Dear Mark

    Many thanks for your post, very interesting indeed. I have observed we follow a timeline similar to WW2, only 80 years ago, making it 1942.

    The USA also follows a timeline similar to the American Civil war, only 160 years ago.

    I did this post if you are interested.


    Kind regards

  18. Good catch. I confess I got tired of watching Albania week after week with nothing happening.

  19. On the same day that Albania broke off diplomatic relations with Iran over an Iranian cyberattack on Albania, Iran accused Albania of being mislead by Western cyber experts, who also blamed Iran for another cyberattack days after Albania broke off relations with Iran. The second cyberattack prompted Middle East Eye to review relations between Iran and Albania:
    “Albania has no capacities in place to track and prove such activity, so we have to rely on the information provided by the US, UK and NATO.” But Albania’s government had used foreign experts to show them, not just tell them, who did it. The article also discussed a reason for the cyberattacks: Albania’s giving the Iranian opposition group MEK safe haven in Albania.

    Iran also hates the fact that Albania, a majority Islamic country, has friendly relations with Israel. “In November 2019, after a deadly earthquake struck Albania, Israel sent Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military engineer troops to Albania to search through the rubble for survivors and rescue them, assess whether buildings were structurally sound, and provide Albanians who had been evacuated from their homes with waterproof tents to shelter them. In January 2020, Albanian President Ilir Meta met with Israel Defense Forces soldiers during an official visit in Israel, embraced them, thanked them for their assistance, and awarded them the Albanian Golden Medal of the Eagle.”

  20. https://en.irna.ir/news/84889020/Iran-s-permanent-membership-in-SCO-becomes-official
    On 2022-09-16 the Islamic Republic of Iran became a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In the chart below, none of the permanent member nations of SCO (shown in dark green) should fear any aggression from Iran. But among those nations that are only dialogue partners (shown in yellow) several could be prime targets for Iranian invasion, especially Egypt, Turkiye, and Saudi Arabia, all of which now have friendly relations with Israel. Egypt is buying Israeli sub-Mediterranean natural gas to make liquified natural gas to sell to Europe (at a time when Russia has reduced its gas flow to Europe). Turkiye has restored diplomatic relations with Israel. Israeli airplanes are allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia.

  21. On September 23 2022 a significant step was taken by Albania toward its third signpost role as one of the four heads of the leopard (Daniel 7:6).
    By shutting down schools of a Turkish opposition group, Albania is greatly improving its relations with Turkiye. What a contrast to how Albania is providing safe haven for an Iranian opposition group! The Iranian regime launched back-to-back cyberattacks on Albania because of Albania’s protection of MEK. The stark contrast between how Albania is dealing with Iranian and Turkish opposition groups has manifested itself just prior to the end of one 7-year cycle and the start of another.

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