Day 163: A Third Proof of the Ram’s Capability

Today is Friday, June 19, 2020. It has been 163 days since the start of the grace period announced by the Iranian supreme leader.

The IRGC has just completed a missile test showing a third capability of the Persian ram to be able to run out and cause havoc. It tested a next generation of cruise missile, capable of taking out ships.

The first capability was shown in September 2019. The IRGC proved they could carry out pinpoint attacks on oil facilities. This was the first proof of its Second Signpost capability, that is, it could take out any oil facility in the Middle East.

On January 8, 2020, kicking off the grace period, the IRGC proved it could strike American facilities with great accuracy, hitting the center of each of the buildings struck. This was the proof of its second capability, showing any American military asset on land could be a target of the Persian ram.

And now the proof of its third capability has arrived. You can see video of the tests here and here. The missiles have a 280 km (170 mile) range which is just enough for the IRGC to hit just about anywhere in the Persian Gulf from Iranian soil.

Screen grab from Iranian news video of mock ship being struck. The cruise missile trail can be seen in the lower left hand part of the screen.

How many more days will this go on? I don’t know. I thought perhaps it would be 60 to 90 days ending sometime in the Spring.

Screen grab of another mock ship being hit by a cruise missile.

On the other hand, the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979–1980 took 444 days, and every day was counted.

So the Second Signpost could happen tomorrow or after a number of days have gone by. Keep in mind the IRGC has now proven they can hit oil facilities, US military assets on land, and ships such as tankers and US navy vessels. What else is there to prove?

Let us keep watching. Have you prepared?

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  1. Iran’s missile capability to destroy entire ships is disturbing; the combined crew and air-wing personnel on a typical American aircraft carrier numbers upwards of 5,000.

    Also on 2020-06-19: “On the occasion of the first anniversary of the downing of a US Navy MQ-4C Triton drone in June 2019 by Iran’s military, the IRGC on Friday released new footage which shows how the homegrown Khordad 3 air defense system is developed by Iranian military experts.”

    This video was commented on by Radio Farda, which covers Iran news from an American point of view. Radio Farda is a part of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which is funded by Congress.
    The video excerpt displayed has no soundtrack. For the full five-minute video with soundtrack, click on the orange highlighted “The video is an attempt to show.” The video displayed has a Fars News Agency logo; both Tasnim and Fars news agencies are controlled by the IRGC. When it asks to reveal your location, click “block.” At 3:55 the video depicts a drone flying around the coast of Australia. Was this was to suggest some capabilities of Iran’s Noor satellite?
    “An image from the U.S. Government shows that the Qassed SLV was launched in a southerly direction from its launch pad in Northern Iran placing the Noor satellite into a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO). An SSO orbit lends further credence to speculation that Noor is an Earth observation satellite as the orbit will allow it to pass over every part of Earth several times a day for the duration of its (unknown) operational lifetime.”

    Economic sanctions have not prevented Iran from improving its military capabilities. Nothing can stop the fulfillment of Bible prophecies concerning Iran.

  2. Mark, I have been wondering especially in seeing certain people are named pop up, if there are possibly any Iranian funding any leftIst causes in the states. This attack on the police on many major cities could prove vulnerable and a huge destruction as well. Any cell groups could take major advantage of this? Just something to look out for.

  3. Technology gap between countries world wide is closing fast….continue social and economic downgrade will allow wars to increase world wide no doubt 2021-22 something will erupt, God knows.

  4. @Gary C Iranian agents almost certainly take advantage of any disturbance they can. They don’t want to do anything too obvious, but they know they’d be found out eventually. If Mark’s interpretation of the second ram’s horn as the IRGC is correct, Supreme Leader Khamenei may have already lost direct oversight of the IRGC’s overseas operations. It wouldn’t even take cells as such to do massive damage. Look at the Mandalay Bay or Pulse Nightclub attacks. The IRGC would eventually figure out slipping in lone agents acting independently rather than interconnected, broad-footprint cells that can get noticed by surveillance would have a much higher success rate in the long run. That there have not been more such attacks already shows God is still keeping them off of us, for now at least.

  5. East is the one direction the charging ram will not go (Daniel 8:4). Afghanistan is due east of Iran. On 2020-06-22, a “Joint Statement from the Minsters of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran” was issued that has fifteen points of agreement.
    Agreement #3 indicates that as the U.S. military leaves Afghanistan, Iran will be taking over as peace-keepers in Afghanistan. The anti-Trump media has not been reporting that the U.S. military is already leaving Afghanistan.

    As U.S. military presence also diminishes in Iraq, Iran-Iraq relations are improving on all fronts, including military cooperation.
    It may turn out that some of Iran’s westward military invasion will be secondarily launched from western Iraq. Could Jordan be invaded without fulfilling portions of Isaiah 15-16 (Moab), Jeremiah 48-49:22 (Moab, Ammon, Edom), Ezekiel 25:1-14 (Ammon, Moab, Edom), and Zephaniah 2:8-11 (Moab, Ammon)? I can’t imagine IRGC leaders asking Hebrew scholars of “Nevi’im” (the prophets) which governorates in Jordan they should avoid invading lest they inadvertently fulfill ancient prophecies a second time.

  6. Just checked today and poll stats are also showing Trump’s numbers are dropping in swing states and nationally. Ben Shapiro was critical of his speech in Oklahoma as being too divisive, which the country needs, and that he needs to change his tone. Convinced that Iran will have a lot more advantages next year. Just be prepared.

  7. A 2020-06-24 article at Radio Farda caught my attention:
    It reminded me of the 2016-01-25 article posted on The Four Signposts discussing Iranian Supreme Leader succession from a biblical point of view.

    Radio Farda is funded by the U.S. government to cover Iran news from an American perspective in the Persian language. Some of what they are writing and broadcasting in Farsi is also written in English. Radio Farda has produced an excellent video on the Supreme Leader succession prospect.
    Although there are no English subtitles, visual images, body language, and tone of speaking are understandable.

    As Mark Davidson pointed out in 2016 concerning Daniel 11:2: “a third Ayatollah appearing may or may not happen. But with all the rich tapestry that is Bible prophecy, we should not be surprised if it does indeed occur as an echo of ancient fulfillment, here in the end times.” This new Radio Farda commentary reveals that IRGC leaders are already involved in any succession that might happen.

  8. Prisms,
    Your last sentence, “This new Radio Farda commentary reveals that IRGC leaders are already involved in any succession that might happen.” may be the confirmation that the second horn is indeed taller! When the succession happened last time way back in 1989, the IRGC didn’t have this same involvement.

  9. Mark,

    I follow Amir Tsarfati whom I believe is a Messianic Israeli Jew who has reported that the National Council of Resistance in Iran has reported the Regime has suffered a devastating explosion last night in the Parchin Complex which includes dozens of factories and buildings that house ballistic missile warheads. The explosion centered around an ammo site where the center of these warheads were located.

    If the picture posts below the darkened area is where the charred remains of the Parchin Complex was located. There is no doubt in my mind that this was not a gas explosion as claimed by the official party line by the Iranian Regime. But a direct act of God invisibly behind the scene to slow down the progress of Iran to charge out as it desires.

    Mark, I firmly believe that God is sovereignly not allowing Iran to do all it pleases at this point in time. Iran’s time is not yet ready to be made manifest. First, it was the virus causing a pause and now this. God is showing his mighty hand here in his supreme sovereignty over Iranian affairs. We must continue to be patient and wait for God’s lead.

  10. Julie,
    Agreed. This may be confirmed by events in Libya as countries are still being readied.

  11. There are many more attacks of the sort that Julie Jenkins described above. Only a few days later, June 30th, a site at Natanz was destroyed:

    “Iran Admits Serious Damage to Natanz Nuclear Site, Setting Back Program – A Middle Eastern intelligence official said Israel planted a bomb in a building where advanced centrifuges were being developed.”

    It is part of a long series, which BBC journalists ascribe to a cyber war between Israel and Iran:

    “Iran blasts: What is behind mysterious ‘attacks’ at key sites?”
    “Israel does not normally take responsibility for these kinds of “attacks”, and Iranian officials have avoided blaming Israel directly. But it seems the cyber war between the two countries has already started.”

  12. Mark: I didn’t know which headline I should post this under. You are probably aware by now of a huge explosion in Beirut:
    The shock wave certainly looks nuclear but they are denying that it is. Judging from the nature of the blast and the resultant cloud of colored smoke could you guess what kind of detonation this was?

  13. Hi Karl,
    It’s not nuclear. That sphere of white was the shock wave pushing away water vapor. The color of the smoke reminded me of the color of smog, which is made by nitrogen tetroxide. Some say the blast was ammonium nitrate which would be close enough.
    I believe the explosion, as big as it was, is just noise.

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