How Can One Prepare? Remember M-S-M

How can anyone prepare for the next three Signposts? This topic should be on our minds.

It will likely be years, if not a couple decades, between now and Jesus’ physical return to Earth. For complete material preparation one would have to store years of food and water in a mountain or desert hideaway. This is not practical, nor mentioned in the Bible.

Though I couldn’t think of a better mnemonic, just remember M-S-M, as in the Main Stream Media. The first two letters are essential for preparedness. The third can only be done in degrees.

M for Mental Preparation

Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (NASB) When Iran runs out over the Middle East, and the oil spigot is turned down or off, and the US petrodollar is no more, and oil and gasoline become very expensive, there will be many millions of people wanting to scream in terror as suggested by our Messiah (in Matt. 24:6) since He told us not to do that.

When you see the world and your city become chaotic because people will be hungry and downright desperate, you will know these things are not just random chaos, but are events called out in God’s word. This will be the next event on the way to Jesus’ real return.

This knowledge will make a real difference in your life when combined with the next letter.

S is for Spiritual Preparation

Everything Jesus taught us in the Gospels applies to everyday living but even more so in the end times. We are to dig down deep and build our house on the rock (Luke 6:46-49) so we can stand the storms. We are to pursue His righteousness and kingdom and He will take care of the food and clothes (Matt. 6:33).

In other words, we are to definitely obey James 1:22, which says we are to do what the Word says, not just foolishly listen only. In my own life and walk, God has shown up in countless powerful ways in teaching, provision, and giving me a deeper understanding of who God is and how He operates, by simply doing what His Word says. Do Philippians 4:6, for example. These things will increase your faith until they become knowledge.

Spend time with the King in your prayer closet each morning (and don’t forget Ecclesiastes 8:3). Talk to Him throughout the day. Ask Him to intervene in turns of situations, telling Him you have faith He will work things out, in any situation.

Your faith and relationship with Christ, combined with the knowledge of what is truly happening, is the foundation of your preparation.

M is for Material Preparation

Though not as important as the first two ways to prepare (as far as salvation and overcoming the world is concerned), if God is impressing on your heart to do material preparation, then you should obey.

Material preparation can also involve a fine line, lying somewhere between “a prudent man sees danger and takes refuge” (Prov. 22:3) and doing nothing when you have plenty of resources to prepare but instead test the Lord (Deut. 6:16, Matt. 4:7) when clearly the only testing of God we are allowed do is in tithing (Mal. 3:10).

With these thoughts in mind, what kind of preparation can be done, or should be done, materially? Again, seek counsel from our God.

If you are poor and cannot amass things ahead of time, you can still do the mental and spiritual preparation, and live purely per Matthew 6:33.

Here are some thoughts on material preparation:

1) The credit and banking system could be down for a while – days, weeks, or months. It will likely recover in some form or fashion in your area, even if it’s just barter. Therefore, a month’s worth of cash to pay for food, utilities and the rent/mortgage payment could bridge the gap. The US dollar (as well as the Euro and/or Yen) will likely fall in value but for a time at the start of hard times cash should still be accepted by people selling products and services.

2) For longer terms than a single month you might want to consider gold and silver. Gold can be used to shelter much wealth, while silver (like US junk silver coins before 1965) can be used for day-to-day purchases. Back when gold and silver was Americans’ money (before 1913), four silver quarters would buy a week’s worth of groceries. Today four silver quarters can be had from your coin shop for around $12. Gold and silver are long term stores. Gold also comes in handy for bribing your local border guard so you can pass into the next zone (like what happened to the Jews who fled Germany circa 1938 to 1942).

3) A month’s worth of food and water for each person in your household is prudent. You may not be able to buy food even if you could. Also, one never knows when or where the next hurricane or earthquake will strike, and there will be no federal aid. Matthew 25:31-46 also contains a warning here: even if you are down to your last couple meals, if a brother or sister shows up at your door hungry, you are to share the last of your food with them.

4) Cash, gold, food and water are the basics. Then there are all the other things: guns, gardens, farming, crafts, etc. All these things are between you and your God. In general, living in a less populated area seems prudent. On the other hand, I have met brothers who have been shown they must stay in the city to minister when the Second Signpost strikes.


Generally, anticipate that everything may be more expensive, and the money or cash needed may not be available, so be ready for that. Special purchases you are thinking of making should not be subject to procrastination on this side of the Second Signpost.

You may be fed by meals just appearing miraculously as with Elijah, or you may be fed by a “Joseph” who has obeyed our God and laid up much provision for many.

But remember the important aspects of preparation: start with your relationship with Christ.

Think preparation. Time is short.

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8 replies

  1. Iran is poking, poking, poking.

  2. Very good, James. Just posted about the poking.

  3. Indeed, Iran is looking for a fight because the economic sanctions imposed by the US are really hurting their economy and the regime is feeling the pressure from the Iranian people as the cost of living has become crippling. So, in some respects they will be turning the tables on their oppressor as the US feels the effects of losing the petrodollar leverage we have enjoyed for so long and will be no more in the near future. Sobering.


  4. Thanks Mark for this post.
    I do believe that if possible we should store as much food and other preparedness items as we can afford and have space to do so.
    I myself am good to go in that arena. I am in a decent place and do hope to move to a more remote place in the next year if I have the time. But time does seem to be running out.
    Have forgotten to store cash as I used it and didn’t replenish. I’ll get some set aside again.

  5. Mark: Ten or fifteen years ago I attempted to use silver coins twice to buy food just to see if it worked. A big failure on both case. The first time was at a bread shop, a very good bread shop, bread made fresh everyday. Average cost was $7 per loaf for the least expensive whole wheat bread. I offered an ounce of silver for a loaf. At that time silver was about $10 an ounce. The clerk told me to go to a coin shop and get money and come back. The second occasion was offering an ounce of silver for food to a PREPPER who owned health food store. He gave the coin a blank stare and said “I don’t know anything about this”.

    Political activist Mark Dice attempted to sell a one ounce gold coin for $25 outside a coin shop and there were no takers even though the coin was worth $1500! He’s done videos such as these with silver bars. No takers. I don’t know if Americans will change even when starving.

  6. S-W-F-F
    Shelter, Water, Food, Fire
    Depend on God

    Shelter- Stay out of the elements and conceal your location

    Water-Get a stove top Distiller (I got mine for 40 bucks online) to distill clean water on a stove top or even on a barbecue grill or open pit fire but you also need to have “pottable aqua tablets” in your bug out bag (10 bucks at Walmart).

    Food- I purchase the 25 year “my patriot supply” food bins. Buy 1 a month, I get the handy bins, I just side them under the bed. I wanna get the meat, the breakfast and pizza bin even! Lol.

    Fire- if you do not have a fire place, stove or grill get one! You will also need fuel for it, Wood? Charcoal? Natural gas? Propane? Got 3-1/2 years worth? Get a fire piston and know how to use it, they do not need fuel and work amazingly well. Also lighters, matches, even ferro rod and flint and steel. I just carry the fire piston in my bug out bag.

    I know that this is no laughing matter, I joked lightly about pizza, but I trust in the Lord and only will have enough for 3-1/2 years survival for fellowship, family and friends (in Christ) really it will all just be sitting here ready and waiting – in my home – for those that are not taken. God bless you all and keep you safe.

  7. I am a single Mother of 2 on disability for several autoimmune diseases. It scares me to depend on the government for anything, but I am unable to work & my kids are young yet. I have no support; no real family to speak of, but I know what’s coming. I feel so helpless! I can’t save money, can’t stock up on food. Sometimes I have to go to the food pantry to make it thru the month. What do I do? Is there anything at all?

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for your comment and question. I couldn’t answer immediately – I had to go away and think and pray. I felt your question was an important one. This may be a little long, and it won’t be organized like an essay, but here are some thoughts.
    Before starting let me tell you that I was kind of in your young ones’ position (back in the late ’60s and early ’70s). My mom was a single mom, on welfare due to some disability, and so for a few years there I knew what it was to go hungry for 2 or 3 days at the end of every month when the food stamps ran out, and I had just one or two pairs of pants and shirts and one pair of sneakers, and that was it for clothes. I remember the last hour before the lunch break every day at school I got very hungry and was thankful there were free school lunches and they were pretty good back then. One feels so vulnerable in situations like that, and it is scary, even in good times.
    So today I have some food stored up, and a garden I’m tending. And we have chickens that lay eggs. But none of it matters if the Lord has other plans for me. I do these material things to not test the Lord, to do what I can. But a single hailstorm or locust swarm could take away the garden for that year, and burglars could take the food. Then I would be closer to your position materially. Wherever we are, and that is you, me, or the millionaire in his bunker with ten years of food, God will meet us where we are IF you are pursuing Him. We have Matt. 6:33 as a promise. It comes down to where is your heart, what or who is your Master – food or Jesus, guns or Jesus, anything or Jesus. But it must be Jesus.
    As I wrote in the post, we know what is coming – so we are mentally prepared. You and I are in the tiny minority who are mentally prepared. I know for me I am also spiritually prepared. But when I take my eyes off Jesus, when I skip a day or two of being in the prayer closet, I admit I do get scared myself. So we must stay spiritually prepared – in Him with no exception.
    I believe spiritual and material preparation also includes your church family and is very important. Here is one thing you should be able to do: any brothers or sisters with whom you meet to worship our God and to encourage one another, such as in a house church, or small fellowship. I believe small groups and house churches are the way of the future in the USA. That system already exists in much of the world. God will work thru small groups to help its members, but He will also provide strangers to help you.
    So do what you can materially. If its nothing, then its nothing. But you are free and capable of clinging to Him, and if you’re not in a fellowship group, pray and seek one. This, I believe, is what you could do. I hope that helps at least a little. God bless you Michelle.

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