Iran “Nothing But Trouble”

This news report tells us Iran has just seized two British oil tankers.

The British oil tanker Stena Impero seized by the IRGC at the Strait of Hormuz, Friday, July 19, 2019.

With that, it is looking more and more like the trigger for the Second Signpost will come from Iran. It is looking like they are goading the United States into a fight, hoping to get one by escalating its attacks and thefts, until the United States responds with a strike. That is not to say it will happen like this, but it seems to be headed that way.

US president Trump responded by saying Iran is “nothing but trouble.”

Yes, Mr. President, the Iranian regime is nothing but trouble, but with more trouble than you and most people know.

It is the ravenous bear that is about to be commanded to gorge on many other countries in the Middle East.

It is the long-horned ram about to charge across the region, and do whatever it likes, from whom no one can rescue.

It is also, through the second horseman, to be given authority to start a massive Sunni-Shia War making men kill each other on a scale not seen since World War 2, and to take peace of mind from the rest of the earth so we will all want to scream.

It is God’s agent to bring about the next stage of Jesus’ physical return to earth, and the end of this age.

Time is short, and seems to be getting shorter. We were given a little time. Events like these two tankers being captured, remind us the Second Signpost could begin any time now.

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  1. If “Iran is nothing but trouble,” why would President Trump, while in Japan a month ago, say, “We are not looking for regime change,” adding that Iran could become great under its current leadership?

    Daniel 8:4 states that the ram [Iran] “became great” with its two horns of power, which won’t be removed until the goat [Turkey-led confederacy] breaks their power (Daniel 8:7). So it would be foolish to call for regime change now. “Iran is nothing but trouble” is a fair summary of Revelation 6:4, which Daniel Revisited links to Daniel 7:5 and 8:3-4.

    When an American drone was destroyed by Iran, President Trump refused to retaliate. That restraint was praised by Senator Rand Paul. On July 15, Rand Paul tweeted: “Proud that @realDonaldTrump and I argued with you [Lindsey Graham] against endless wars! @POTUS made it clear to all of us at the table, we are getting out of the Middle East quagmire. We’ve been there too long. Time to bring our troops home.”

  2. U.S. military has begun reestablishing air base inside Saudi Arabia:

    “intended to counter the threat from Iran”

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    Per Daniel 8:3-4, any preparations the USA makes in the region won’t matter if those verses are being fulfilled now/shortly. There will be no one to rescue from the Persian ram.

  4. I agree, Mark. I should have commented to that effect instead of posting the link without the context of Daniel 8. It is something to see that we are living in the fulfillment of prophecy!

  5. Still thinking that perhaps that something like a Biden/Harris win over Trump/Pence in 2020 is more likely for the ram to go into full force, Mark. Trump’s unfavorable rating is still high especially after this last weeks rally rant. The Epstein case has the ability to tarnish him enough as well. I am convinced that Iran still needs more time to build and the US is too guarded.
    Something I caught online awhile back is the number of forces and military resources that the US has compared to other countries. The timing simply doesn’t feel right yet. Perhaps at the next Shemita.

  6. IMO, Trump is playing a foolish game of “no boots on the ground/no regime change” but “stopping all Iranian troublemaking”. American troops WILL die if he leaves them in theater.

  7. Hi Mark, there could be another perspective too – is the Lord’s hand in this situation’s timing in very last days of Theresa May’s term as Prime Minister, and which could make the signature mark of her legacy?  In my opinion, all her actions prevented her receiving the blessings prophesied at the start of her premiership, and disregard of Donald Trump probably led to her Government’s refusal of American naval protection measures in the Gulf, as reported by previous leader of Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith.

  8. Jeanne,
    Sometimes I lose sight of the forest because of the trees, but, you’re right, it is something to see prophecy unfold and fulfill right in front of our eyes – what a privilege and blessing!

  9. I do take a measure of comfort knowing that God can be experienced and actively working within his world through implementing his plans to return His Son to his rightful kingdom. Even if this means a measure of pain and suffering in the future for earthly inhabitants.


  10. Pages 512-513 of “Chronicles of the End Times” discuss the strangeness of the first signpost, fulfilled 1979-2011. From a human point of view, it should not have happened the way it did. The strangeness about when and how the second signpost will be fulfilled is because God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-11). Due to its prophesied gruesomeness, the second signpost will not be something to sit back and watch while eating popcorn.

    The first signpost, revealed in Revelation 6:1-2 and Daniel 7:1-2, began in 1979, when Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) became President of Iraq, and Ruhollah Khomeini (1902-1989) became the Supreme Leader of Iran. In 1978, Khomeini had been exiled to France by the then vice-president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. In 1980, Iraq invaded the oil fields of the Khuzestan Province of Iran, resulting in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988.

    In 1990, Iraq invaded the oil fields of Kuwait, resulting in the Gulf War of 1990-1991.

    Saddam Hussein

    As Hussein’s forces retreated from Kuwait, they set oil wells on fire.

    Iraq required over 150,000 American troops to finally make that beast of a nation “stand upon the feet as a man” (Daniel 7:4).

    When Iran invades the Middle East, there will be no rescue by American troops (Daniel 8:4).

  11. Prisms,
    Nicely summarized.

  12. And a mans heart was given to it. A mans heart is deceitful, hard
    Where a lions heart is courageous and strong
    While I really find your study opening many to differing opinions FINALLY
    I believe Daniel is still sealed for a LITTLE while longer

    But what I know is May God Bless and Thank You for sharing your studies


  13. The mystery surrounding Erdogan’s supposed death/heart attack is intriguing! Any intel at your end Mark??

  14. Debbie,
    Thanks. In the original language “heart” is better translated “mind” which suggests how a government thinks. The lion thought about attacking and eating. The man’s mind thinks how can I get along with others?
    Our English translators mistranslated in many places in prophecy where they thought they knew better than the original language of the word of God. Examples: pale horse vs. green horse, beast with seven hills vs. seven mountains, “don’t be afraid” vs. “don’t scream in terror,” to name a few.
    As you may know, I believe the sealing is now broken because the Scripture says it is sealed until the end – but the end began in 1979 with the first horseman riding about which was a prelude to the lion standing. And I did not discover the Signposts until the time it was announced that the lion was about to have its mind changed – which is part of the first event of the end time.

  15. Ryan,
    If Erdoğan is not to be the first big horn of the goat, we need to watch and see who becomes the next best candidate.
    However, in this case it appears it was the Israeli media exaggerating again. I find that the Israeli media tends to make up things it wants to see happen – like the death of General Soleimani reported a while back, which was wrong. This is also why I take DEBKA with a grain of salt. They exaggerate sometimes too, and I found they are an Israeli-based institution.
    This report says Erdoğan is fine.

  16. Iran is the king of the south… Trump w America the king of the north…. Yes Trump will attack Iran w great fury soon after Iran attempts an invasion of the middle East… Trump is the AC prophesied by Daniel. The man of sin the lawless one….

  17. Hi Daniel,
    Please read Daniel Revisited. No, Trump is not the AC. Daniel 2:40 and 9:26 tell us where the AC will come from. The Signpost message takes all of Daniel 7 and 8 into account.

  18. Geography is a key to understanding Bible prophecies concerning Antichrist. Edom, Moab, and Ammon escape Antichrist control (Daniel 11:41). We need to see on maps that those places are in Jordan, which borders Israel. Egypt will not escape Antichrist control (Daniel 11:42), which probably means that Antichrist is the cruel king and reign over Egypt mentioned in Isaiah 19:4 and 19:20.

    We may soon know whether or not Iran invades Jordan (perhaps in fulfillment of Isaiah 15-16 concerning Moab, and Jeremiah 48-49:22 concerning Moab, Ammon, and Edom). If Iran invades Jordan, that would prove that Iran is not yet controlled by Antichrist (who will not be able to conquer that region).

    Isaiah 16:1-4 indicates that some people from Moab will find refuge in Israel from the “spoiler” (Strong’s 7703). If that spoiler is the same as the “spoiler” (Strong’s 7703) of Isaiah 21:2, then its identity is revealed: Elam + Media = Iran. When “the spoiler ceaseth” (Isaiah 16:4), might that be when Iran’s leadership is destroyed by a Turkey-led confederacy (Daniel 8:7)?

  19. Isaiah’s prophecy about Moab (Isaiah 15-16) was written about a century prior to Jeremiah’s prophecy about Moab (Jeremiah 48). One might suppose that Isaiah’s pertained to his time, while Jeremiah’s pertained to a century later. A comparison of Isaiah 16:6-12 with Jeremiah 48:29-36 reveals many identical or similar phrases. The two prophecies will be fulfilled at the same time. If they had been fulfilled during the expansion of the Babylonian Empire, they would not have loose ends that have not been tied down to that time period. There are loose ends that might better pertain to the end times, when Iran will invade the Middle East.

    Moab was in what is now central Jordan. By comparing Wikipedia articles on “Jordan” and “Palestinians in Jordan,” I see that about 20% of Jordan’s population are Palestinians. Jordan’s leaders are demanding that a Palestinian state be established in the West Bank, land that Israel would not have gained control over had Israel not been attacked by those wanting Israel wiped off the map. Isaiah 16:6 and Jeremiah 48:29 use the identical phrase “We have heard of Moab’s pride” (NIV). That could pertain to Jordan’s demand for a Palestinian state.

    According to 2 Kings 24:2, Nebuchadnezzar used Moabites to attack Judah. That contrasts with Isaiah 15-16 and Jeremiah 48, in which Moab is not attacking, but being attacked, resulting in some Moabites seeking refuge in Israel: “Let the Moabite fugitives stay with you; be their shelter from the destroyer” (Isaiah 16:4 NIV).

  20. In his prophecy about Moab, Jeremiah quoted Isaiah 24:17-18 almost word for word (Jeremiah 48:43-44). Comparing these two passages, I noticed that Jeremiah took a broad statement by Isaiah and applied it to Moab:
    Isaiah 24:17 NIV: “Terror and pit and snare await you, O people of the earth.”
    Jeremiah 48:43 NIV: “Terror and pit and snare await you, O people of Moab, declares the LORD.”

    Isaiah’s statement reminds me of Revelation 6:4 KJV: “And there went out another horse that was red; and power was given to him who sat thereon to take peace from the earth.” Jeremiah’s application of Isaiah 24:17-18 may indicate that Jeremiah 48 will be fulfilled during Iran’s invasion of the Middle East.

  21. I can tell you having just toured Jordan this year, it does indeed have a fair amount of Palestinians which you can tell apart from Jordanians by their head attire, if they chose to identify as such. However, I do firmly believe that God has plans for that country as the ancient Davidic kingdom probably included vast parts of Jordan and will be part of the greater Israel proper in the Millennial Kingdom under King David’s rulership at that time.

    It is the first time that I truly felt like I was in the Middle East in terrain and culture. The Jordanian people were very friendly and accommodating to their western visitors and understand the importance of tourism to their country. The amount of biblical sites and interlinking with Israel is evident.


  22. Isaiah 11-12 ends with the phrase “great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.” This may indicate that what Isaiah wrote about Edom, Moab, and Ammon in 11:14 will be fulfilled after the second coming of Christ. Daniel wrote about Edom, Moab, and Ammon (Daniel 11:41), but the setting is earlier, during the reign of Antichrist. The setting for Isaiah 15-16 concerning Moab may be even earlier, the second signpost. The setting for Jeremiah 48-49:22 concerning Moab, Ammon, and Edom, which quotes from Isaiah 16, may also be the second signpost.

    Ezekiel wrote about Ammon, Moab, and Edom (Ezekiel 25:1-14), twice mentioning “the
    people of the East” (Ezekiel 25:4,10 NIV). “They will set up their camps and pitch their tents among you; they will eat your fruit and drink your milk” (Ezekiel 24:4 NIV). Such behavior may correspond with the marauding bear of Daniel 7:5, which pertains to the second signpost.

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