Yes, Saddam Hussein is Also Tied to the Shemitah

This came as a surprise to me.  I was doing some research on Saddam Hussein this past week and stumbled across a little-reported fact.  The Second Signpost may yet prove it is to happen on or around the end of this current Shemitah year.  As we know from Cahn’s book The Harbinger, the 9-11 attack and the financial crisis both happened on the last day of the Shemitah in 2001 and 2008, respectively.  My own experience also became tied to this current Shemitah.

What is the Shemitah?  It is the seventh year and last year of a Biblical seven-year cycle found in Leviticus.  Though Biblically it is tied only to the land of Israel, this concept of a seven-year cycle is showing up in many places and ways.  The Signposts, the Tribulation and even the return of Christ may all be tied to the Shemitah.  I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

But I didn’t think Saddam Hussein, the fulfillment of the first horseman and leader of Iraq, had anything to do with the Shemitah.

It is well known that Saddam Hussein came to power on July 16, 1979.  July 16 is also the anniversary date for the start of Islam.  And though that is 1,357 years by our counting (from AD 622), by the Muslim calendar it is almost exactly 1,400 years.  July 16, 1979, though, is not the end of a Shemitah year.

Saddam then spent fourteen months consolidating power, executing suspected traitors, and preparing the military for war with Iran.  He was bent on conquest from the start.  It is well known that Saddam Hussein ordered the massive invasion of Iran’s Khuzestan province which started on September 22, 1980.  This was the start of the eight-year-long Iran-Iraq War.  September 22, 1980 is not the end of a Shemitah year either.

Saddam Hussein giving a speech in 1980.

Saddam Hussein giving a speech in 1980.

What is less well known, and where books on the subject must be delved into, are the actions that took place leading up to the war, including the very first conquest ever undertaken by Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein.  No, the invasion of September 22, 1980 was not Saddam’s very first conquest.

As part of the tension leading up to the war, Saddam accused Iran of holding territory that belonged to Iraq or Arab nations in general.  The territories included half the width of the Shatt al-Arab waterway which was Iraq’s only link to the Persian Gulf, some towns along the thousand-mile border with Iran further north, and some islands in the Strait of Hormuz that Saddam contended belonged to the UAE.  (Yes, the UAE.  Saddam viewed himself as the leader of the pan-Arab nation and defender of all Arabs.) Territory-wise, it was all small stuff.

Both Iran and Iraq would sporadically send artillery fire across the border at each other through the summer of 1980.  But it was finally on September 9, 1980 that Iraqi ground forces commanded by Saddam Hussein actually crossed the border into Iran and captured two towns: Qasr-e-Shirin, and Naft-e Shah.  Qasr-e-Shirin can be found on the map due east of Tikrit, just east of the Iranian border.  Naft-e Shah is about 37 miles further south along the border.  It was then on the next day, September 10, 1980 that Saddam Hussein declared that disputed territories had been liberated.

Twelve days later on September 22, 1980 Saddam finally ordered his army to cross into Iran’s oil-rich province of Khuzestan and the Iran-Iraq War officially began.

So what is significant about this little invasion and conquest of two towns on the other side of the Iranian border?  First, it was Saddam’s first conquest.  The rider who rode out as a conqueror and was bent on conquest, conquered.  But secondly and more importantly, September 10, 1980 is the end of a Shemitah year.  September 10, 1980 was also Elul 29th, the last day of that Shemitah year.  If this date is meant to be significant, then prophecy sees Saddam Hussein riding out, not in July 1979 when he took power, but on September 10, 1980 when he began his conquests.

So it would also seem that Saddam Hussein heralded the start of the First Signpost, a full five Shemitah cycles ahead of the Second Signpost (if it starts this September).  And though I don’t think the remaining Signposts will take nearly as long, we have had 35 years to “get it,” to understand that the Signposts have started, the events of the end times.

It is also looking like there is a divine rhythm in timing to these end time events.



The Iran-Iraq War, by Efraim Karsh, Osprey Publishing, 2002;

The Lessons of Modern War – Volume II – The Iran-Iraq War, by Cordesman, Anthony H. and Wagner, Abraham, Westview Books, 1990. (Available online here in pdf’s by chapter)

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  1. Mark, the connection with Shemitah and the return of Jesus could be connected with the Jubilee year, which is the 50th year following 7 seven-year shemitot (plural of shemitah), or 49 years. It would seem very likely that the Lord’s return would mark the ultimate Jubilee, even though we can not know the day or the hour in advance.

    Blessings as you search all this out.

  2. God is the God of order, so yes His timing is perfect. BTW the next Shemittah year will be the year 5775 after Creation, which runs from Sept. 25, 2014, through Sept. 13, 2015. We are currently IN the shemitah year according to Hewbrew counting.

  3. Ali,
    Yes we are in the Shemitah year. For readers who haven’t seen these posts, here is one about the end of the year and one about the start.

  4. Very good. Thank you.
    I have followed Tim Warner at ‘Answers in Revelation’. He has done a lot of work on the jubilee years.
    He is also working on a translation of the Bible.
    He might be a good person to contact. Understanding Gods Word is a team effort.
    Nehemiah built the wall with a team of imperfect men and women. Gun on their hip, rifle on their back and trowel in their hand. He had to force them to purify their lives as the bride will be forced to purify herself to prepare to meet her Groom. I am not speaking of the bride in persecuted lands. I think they are much cleaner than the unpersecuted church.

  5. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    I strongly agree there’s ‘a divine rhythm in timing’ Mark. No doubt you were inspired to make this fascinating find!

  6. As you, Joel and Walid contend that God’s End Time prophecies concern predominantly the Middle East. Equally it follows that the pattern of Jewish Feasts and calendar such as shemitah and jubilees, as you have mentioned, should be central to everything.
    What is the view on the 6 millennia, with the year 6000 apparently soon upon us and with the next millennium as God’s day of rest to follow.
    Incidentally, I have recently viewed on Youtube a brilliant discussion with Chuck Missler and Barry Settlefield, a world prominent leading edge scientist who discusses that the earth could well have been made in 6 physical days due to changes in speed of light etc !!


  7. Brian,
    I haven’t discussed creation, evolution, etc, but it is an interesting topic. My own personal view is that indeed God created the world in six days.

  8. Okay, I will jump in here…I contend that a REGENERATION of the earth was done in six days by the LORD. Earth is far, far older than merely 6000 years I assure you. Okay, now we are far afield here. And not at all the topic of this blog. Sorry, Mark. This is a very hotly debated topic in Christian circles.

  9. Good point, good4u1. When I said God created the world in six days, I meant He created the land, the plants, the animals, and people in six days. Prior to the first day, the earth itself with its oceans already existed per Genesis 1:1-2.

  10. Mark,

    I appreciated reading your book, “Daniel Revisited”, especially the section on Daniel 8. There is so much that we can learn that is clear in the Bible and I think conjecture is not a good thing with prophesy. It makes us look bad when things don’t go our way. Scoffers will come in the end of time and mock us. The Bible is a middle eastern book and like you said the Shemitah’s do not Biblically relate to any country but Israel. I think most years significant things happen and it is a stretch to adhere everything that happens on the Shemitah as being significant. There is also some conjecture that the years of Shemitah are not accurate at this time. This type of thing sells well in the US but is not pleasing to our Lord. We must seek truth found in scripture and historic Christianity, not making guesses.


  11. I have a thought I would like your comment on. It seems to me before Iran attacks the other Arab nations they would want to do something to America to keep us for getting involved. I have been feeling we need to prepare for an attack on this country that would damage the electric grid. I have been reading about EMP, electric magnetic pulse. If Iran and possible North Korea exploded 1 or 2 nuclear bombs high enough over our country to damage the electric grid and anything electrical we certainly wouldn’t be able to even try to stop Iran from attacking the other Arab nations.

  12. Hi Treva,
    Good question. Daniel 8:4 tells us that the Persian ram will do all it wants to do. I wrote about this earlier in this post.
    There could be any number of reasons the US would not stop Iran. Nuclear war or EMP on our shores could be a reason. Just the petrodollar going away would be a reason as well. We don’t know and the Bible is silent on the “why”. So the bottom line is I have no opinion. We will just have to watch and pray and seek His wisdom on any preparations.

  13. Robert,
    I agree. This is why the topic is not in my book, only in the blog.
    But I include this topic on this blog because there is enough evidence, it seems to me, that so many events happening on the various Shemitah dates could not be merely coincidence.

  14. Speaking of the Shemmitah…if this really could apply to other nations like the US…we will not have long to find out, now will we? Keep watching and praying!

  15. I just had a thought about the iron and clay of the statue vision. I had interpreted the iron and clay as sunni versus shite, but now I’m thinking iron is the strong islamic terrorist groups while the weak clay is the silent majority of “moderate” Muslims. Seems ISIS is gathering together (fighting with and against each other) the strong, for them to ultimately be destroyed at Christ’s return. Hope for the weak clay to covert at that time.

  16. Recent headlines:
    • Syrian army tears through the south to sweep Iran and Hizballah up to Israel’s Golan doorstep
    …More than 4,500 Syrian soldiers, reinforced by hundreds of Hezbollah fighters and IRGC officers, were involved in the offensive
    …Hezbollah has accused Israel of forming ties with rebels in the border region
    • Report reveals shadowy Unit 190 of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
    • Secret Iranian unit fueling Mideast bloodshed with illicit arms shipments
    • World needs Iran to help stabilize Middle East: Rouhani
    • Iran optimistic it can improve ties with Saudi Arabia: envoy

  17. Jamin,
    Yes, all these things are either noise or preparation for the Second Signpost. So it goes.

  18. Mark
    I heard earlier this week about Ahmadinejad is trying to get back into the political arena in Iran.

    Any thoughts on this? I know you thought he would be a major player.


  19. Gary,
    Good question. Ahmadinejad is basically done, for a major role, I believe. He may get back in to politics in the parliament, or some other role in government, but he will be a minor player. The final nail in the coffin for Ahmadinejad was that the IRGC’s history was a better fulfillment for the second horn of the ram growing, than Ahmadinejad.
    His website is interesting with the catch phrase “we will come soon.” That may be significant, actually. Ahmadinejad was a big believer in Iran invading the Middle East. Perhaps he is hoping in his mind for basically the Second Signpost to be sooner than later.

  20. I was very interested that you felt you had a year to spread your message, as so many things seem to be converging. We are taught that the 3 fall feasts are prophetic – this year 13th Sept (Feast of Trumpets) is the last day of the Shemitah year, 23rd Sept (Feast of Day of Atonement) is, (as one of your readers has pointed out), 49 years to the day on the biblical calendar from the re-taking of Jerusalem in 1967, and 28th Sept (Feast of Tabernacles) is the fourth and final blood moon. Am I paranoid?! I would value your thoughts.

  21. Hello Springfielder,
    Well, I don’t think readers of my book and this site are paranoid; they are watchful, forming a community of brothers and sisters who are the watchmen for their communities.
    The timing of my layoff simply translates for me, in the kinds of ways that God has shown up in my life, to “take notice” and realize there is more to the timing of the Signposts, being aligned somehow to the Shemitah.
    With these things said, the Second Signpost could happen anytime. September 13, 2015, coming up is a day that would likely adversely affect the USA. I have no idea what it could exactly be. IF it is related to the Second Signpost, then the Second Signpost could happen earlier than Sept 13.
    Above all, know that the invasion by Iran will most likely plant the seeds to change the way this world operates. Be watchful. Stay in Him. Prepare physically after much prayer with your King. God bless.

  22. Thank you Mark. What would you mean by preparing physically? Your comments are much appreciated, as I’m wondering where all the church leaders are in all this.

  23. Springfielder,
    I’ll be writing a post on this very soon. Many people see the possibility of an Iranian invasion and say that they will watch and see and then if it happens they will believe the message. They don’t realize that this isn’t just another event in the Middle East but something that will change everyone’s lives.

  24. I look forward to reading your post, as I’m sure you’re right. Thank you for continuing to monitor all this and pass on your thoughts.

  25. Earth was not created in actual 7/24 hour days. Godly timelines known as Epochs were used to write Genesis in ancient Hebrew. Understand that the only book in which God is mainly the author speaking about creation in most of the beginning Genesis written through Moses and son. The first few versus in Genesis covers billions of years, the most in any other book of the Bible. I understand is difficult to understand Godly timelines and it should, we are ants in the whole scheme of things. Earth was most likely created in 6 Godly days of 1,000 years each for man = 6,000 years of creation and on the 7th he rested. Genesis tell us what mainly happened on the 7th day with Adam that nearly reached 1 heavenly day (930 years) along with Methuselah who came the closet ever (969 years)… but yes there’s a unique timeline tied to biblical dates mainly related from the beginning to the end and back. The time that Adam spent naming the animals in Eden is the time we have left now before Armageddon. The dates in between are the dates of the construction of the temple and both dates for the destruction of the temple. If you like to learn more on the math, let me know. The end of this system of things is near but we don’t know exactly when the hour or day.

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