Rumors of Xi’s Arrest Greatly Exaggerated?

The seven-year Jewish calendar cycle is turning over as of today. Russia is making moves. Iran is experiencing another round of protests. What about China?

Well, I suppose China had to jump in to the fray one or another. The social media world is abuzz with rumors that Chinese President Xi is under house arrest.

One Tweet says,

“Meanwhile, rumor has it that #XiJinping was under arrest after #CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA.”

We will see.

But as of now, rumors of Xi’s arrest are greatly exaggerated.

Most people in the West might hope of a coup in China, that it might take down Communist Party rule. I don’t. If Xi is taken down, I believe chances are something even worse could come to power.

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  1. Communist China is a political oligarchy (and a Borg cube) with literally thousands of people who could, if it came to it, take over without firing a shot. Xi is expendable.

    As for wanting to keep Xi around and also Putin and Kim Jong Un, 100% agreement. From what I can tell, compared to Jong Un, his sister, Yo Jong, is positively terrifying.

    The problem with wanting these leaders to ‘fall’ is their potential replacements are in positions where they can observe the mistakes of present leaders and learn from them. This, indeed, is a frightening prospect.

    All this being said, Yair Lapid’s speech this last week to the UN is a far, far bigger symbolic event, representing the tip of an iceberg of happenings we cannot even imagine.

    The fools. Them and us. They will put together their ‘two-state solution’. It will fail spectacularly. They may try and try again, but nothing will work.

    But some random dude working at Taco-burger in Mosul (or somewhere) will have the answers. He will, without firing a shot, blitz his way up the ranks of Islamic scholarship, synthesizing Sharia as no-one before him, thereby attaining power suddenly and in such a way the ten toes will come to him one way or the other.

    This, I believe (as you do, I think), will be a new Caliph, but a successful one. Daesh was nothing but a dry run.

    And trust me, Muslim friends, this is *not* the result I want. What I *want* is for all to come to the foot of the Cross. Other than that, I’ll take a European Antichrist and a Revived Roman Empire any day over a new Caliphate-beast-kingdom. Re the radical-Muslim Antichrist, I *want* to be wrong.

    This past week, I rode Uber with a very nice Palestinean man from Ramallah. I made quite sure to *not* talk politics with him.

  2. Oh, and here’s the point I forgot to make: there are Palestinians (not all!) whose hatred for the Jews goes farther than righteous indignation over the Arab villages bulldozed so long ago as well as many other things. Those Palestinians’ hatred toward the Jews manifested itself in München at the 1972 Olympics and continues to be genocidal.

    When the Jews began returning to the Holy Land in the late 19th century and right to the mid-20th Century, they did it wrong. Too often, they forgot their own scriptures about ‘neighbors’ and ‘foreigners’, setting themselves and the Palestinians on a collision-course.

    I get the feeling the 1994 Oslo Accords were the best band-aid for truce the two sides could have come up with. And they called it a peace deal – ha!

    Just as in Northern Ireland with its own ‘troubles’, the only solution is at the foot of the Cross, trusting in Jesus and his precious blood, shed for all.

  3. Mark: You’re right again. Most people who are desperate for change never factor in to the equation that things might get worse. Changing from a bad marriage to a worse one. Changing from one bad dictatorship to a communist one: ALWAYS WORSE.
    e.g. I know of a Christian Arab who once told me “God will NEVER forgive George Bush for overthrowing Saddam. I would never want to live under Saddam, but he was the only leader in the middle east who knew how to deal with all these nutcases trying to take over.” I learned much about middle east culture from him.

  4. Kim Yo Jong does have that certain… skeletal … quality about her smile.

    It is very weird coming to your home and finding some other family calling it their home, with the government taking their side.

  5. Jeff Ragsdale – I liked your comments and found them very interesting. “Random dude working at Taco-burger” made me chuckle a bit, but in a “yeah, sadly” kind of way.

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