September 25 is Looking More Ominous

September 25, 2022 is the beginning of the next seven-year cycle on the Jewish calendar.

This will be the start of the seventh cycle since, as far as the Four Signposts are concerned, the end times started. The end times started at the calling out of the first horseman of Revelation 6 in 1980.

The Cycles

Though the start of the second (started 1987), third (1994), fourth (2001), fifth (2008), and sixth (2015) cycles were either nothing significant, or in which 9/11 and the financial collapse occurred, it is the first cycle that strikes me as possibly making this seventh cycle’s next event punctual.

You see, the first cycle, and the calling out of the first horseman—he who rode out only as a conqueror and started attempting to conquer—started the Iran-Iraq War the very hour the first cycle began on September 10, 1980.

The Second Signpost

So, might September 25 bring us the very start of the Second Signpost, or, the conditions that allow that Signpost to proceed without blockage? The blockage is, of course, the US military. The only reason that I can see the Second Signpost has not started is the IRGC’s fear of the US military in the region. It would be China and Russia’s job to begin a war to engage US military forces.

We have seen the reasons and symptoms that China and Russia might very well start WW3 to take out the United States. China wants Taiwan (and everywhere else in the Far East) because it has Chinese people. Russia wants the four regions of east Ukraine because they have Russian people. (The difference between the two is that the Chinese in Taiwan want to stay separate while the Russians in Ukraine want to be independent or part of Russia.) The common factor is the United States interferes with these nations’ plans.

Russia and Ukraine

And now Putin has declared that the special military action in Ukraine is being elevated to an all-out war with greater mobilization of troops. The President of Serbia sees WW3 beginning in the next one to two months. Ukrainian president Zelensky says he believes Russia won’t use nukes against Ukraine. He is right—Russia won’t use them on their brothers the Ukrainians, he will use them against the West, who is indeed working to shatter the Russian nation.

The history of Russia must be understood, as well as that of the Orthodox Church and its opposition to the Roman Catholic Church, in order to understand that Russia is the good guy here, not the West. That history is over 1,000 years long.

Right after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia asked if they could join NATO. We said no. Then we told them NATO would not expand. It did anyway all the way to Russia’s border. And now with the West possibly making Ukraine a NATO member millions of Russians living in Ukraine would become their peoples’ own enemy.

Russia has been stating what it will do all along if the West does certain things.

Today, with the west falling away from God, Russia may very well be—surprisingly!—the last major Christian nation on earth. I believe God will allow Russia to be spared from the Antichrist as well as the worst effects from China.

Do you really think the western media, who twists news to suit the Left’s narrative, can be trusted to report a truthful, straightforward course of events in Ukraine? Hardly. (An example of this is the 2 million people reported in the western media kidnapped by Russian troops and forced into Russia, when Russian media reports that 2 million people who were homeless due to the war, were offered new places to settle in Russia if they wished, and were then transported.)

Even the Western church seems to be asleep. I hear over and over people praying against the evil Russians, or the Russians kidnapping people. They won’t believe the media when it is reporting abortion is good, but then they’ll believe everything the media says about Russia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, the United States. I’m just disappointed that our leadership is doing what it is doing. Our nation truly has changed.

Be Prepared

Regarding the Second Signpost itself, keep in mind, too, most Americans may not even get to see the Second Signpost first hand on TV or the internet if WW3 starts. Infrastructure could be out in your area.

I will be watching the news on Sunday, and praying. The hour of the turnover will come at 2 PM EST.

Please make yourselves ready. Be completely trusting of Him to provide your needs. Love your neighbors and especially your brothers and sisters. Share what you have with them. Get rid of the idols in your heart that have crept up to overtake Jesus Christ as the love of your life! Readers of this website should be ready, already.

God willing I will post if anything greatly significant happens.

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  1. Mark: Last Resurrection Sunday I was at a relative’s house for dinner. After the usual giving thanks for the food my relative added “and Dear Lord, please help the Ukrainians drive out the Russian invaders. Everyone else said “amen” either out of habit or to be polite. I did NOT! I waited for small talk to morph from frivolous to more serious stuff and found an opportunity to get the truth in edgewise. When mentioning that Putin wasn’t seizing the whole country, but bio-labs started by the west, Russian speaking provinces which declared independence, and that the democratically elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by REAL Fascists sponsored by Clinton, Soros, McCain, people at the table listened. One person who said AMEN to the prayer of defeating the Russians was agreeing with everything I said and adding his own material. I could tell he got his news from the same sources I did: WND, Zerohedge, Trunews, etc. et al. I have forced many people at church and bible studies to think about what they are saying and ask them: Why are you on the same of an issue as Clinton, Obama, Soros, Biden, RINOs, and why is the west now opposed to Russia since they abandoned communism and outlawed “grooming”. I try to point out that if Zelinski were a good guy the “usual left wing suspects” would do everything to overthrown him. The left has NEVER supported a good guy. They don’t even support the lesser of two evils: South Africa in the 1980s, The Shah, South Vietnam in 1975, Somoza 1979.

  2. Mark
    Thank you for your article.

    Many say that the tribulation cannot happen as there are certain things that must take place first. However, a nuclear strike or an Iranian invasion of ME or possibly China into Taiwan would crash the markets with untold consequences. Events could accelerate at lighting speed.

    What are your thoughts on the 7 year covenant that Israel signs with regard to the timeline for, as far as I understand it this must be seven years so would have to be signed immediately. this also brings to mind the seven year clearance of radioactive ? Material.

    Also we’re any of the timings of the historical significant events occurring in the same days/hours periods ?

  3. Hi Brian,
    My thoughts on the 7-year covenant signed by Israel? In my writing I point out that it won’t even happen like that. It is yet another point on end times that theologians have all brain-washed us with.
    The Bible never says its with Israel. It just says “with many” and with the Antichrist. The reason theologians say its with Israel is because Israel is the only show they think is in town that the Bible talks about. There are the whole Four Signposts being missed.
    Its not even a covenant or new covenant. The 7-year covenant “with many” is a confirmed covenant. What could the Antichrist have previously confirmed with Israel? The covenant to be confirmed is between the Muslims and the man to be the next messenger from God, the Mahdi. It is this same “many” as in Revelation 10:11. Muslims believe that when the next messenger comes, whether Moses or Jesus or Muhammad, the messenger confirms a covenant between man and God. The Antichrist is the Mahdi. The many are Muslims.

  4. One thing that I never have figured out Mark was who was involved in burning and trashing of several of our cities in the summer of 2020. BLM protestors said on several occasions that some groups would come in behind them sometime later toward the end of the protesting. Somehow the media in this country seems bizarrely transfixed only on January 6th, 2021 and NOT include summer 2020. So why is that, Mark? Was the media afraid to explore this for a good reason and merely move toward race problems instead Was there some other group to be afraid of at that time that was taking advantage in the midst of the chaos of the pandemic? Still not sure of this but really concerned that they could end up make a return? I am not one so quick to make an assumption of leftist group. They could be very much from out of the country and lined up with Mid E radicals. That used to be a concern a decade ago, somehow it was forgotten.

  5. IS russia a Christian nation?

  6. @Gary C The Muslim Brotherhood has had deep ties to the National Democratic Party for years. The Iranian regime is jealous of the influence of their lobbyists and, just like they support Hamas and other groups against Israel, reaching out across the Shia-Sunni divide to attack an even more hated foe, Iran also uses Sunni agents to launder their Washington, D.C. lobbying dollars.

  7. @Mark, Do you think that if the U.S. had not intervened in Bosnia and Kosovo, Putin might have remained an obscure figure well into his retirement by now? Could it be that he would never have stood a chance of rising to power without the twin boogeymen of NATO bombing Serbs and of Chechen rebels scaring the Russian people into believing that their only hope to prevent further disintegration and impoverishment was to rally behind a strongman?

  8. There were a few reports, separate of large-scale kidnappings which are indeed happening, of other refugees fleeing east into Russia by their own choice, simply because their homes had become a war zone and there was nowhere else to go.

    Many of these already speak Russian and can probably find jobs in Russia. In the case of youths whom Russia put on buses and shipped to the interior, that is a matter of interpretation. They are no longer in the line of fire. Ukraine’s constitution currently recognizes marriage for what it is, rather than the West’s current agenda, but the further under Western influence that Ukraine would fall, the more likely that would be to change. Western countries have been talking about inducing a brain drain on Russia by offering visas and jobs to all Russians with higher STEM degrees who flee, but with the policies the Left has been pursuing, this winter in Europe without gas heating and the coming decades Biden & Co. envision without internal combustion engines, in the long run, if Russia outlasts Putin and holds together as a Christian country, the brain drain may end up going the other way, with highly skilled professionals fleeing the post- economic West for Russia (sigh).

    Soddom and Gomorrah participated in a coalition war against a powerful ruler to their east. It didn’t save them.

  9. Congratulations on your book, Mark!

  10. K,
    No. God chose Putin to lead that nation on the tightrope.

  11. So, here we are, the 24th and the 25th have passed. Same old stuff, different day.

  12. “So, here we are, the 24th and the 25th have passed. Same old stuff, different day.”

    Really? I noticed that several Iranian-regime-controlled news sites could not be accessed on the 25th. I just learned why:
    “There may also be internal fears for individual [IRGC] officers’ security after a series of high-profile hacks of government websites by the online collective Anonymous, which peaked on Sunday [the 25th] with a data dump revealing parliamentarians’ contact details.”
    “An Israeli hacker group shut down the Iranian state-controlled Fars News Agency on Sunday night [the 25th], according to Iranian reports.”

    Small but significant actions can lead to large kinetic ones.

  13. Beginning on September 24, the IRGC itself, not just its proxies, launched drone attacks on Kurdish assets in northern Iraq.
    “TEHRAN, Sep. 25 (MNA) – News sources announced Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)’s artillery and drone attacks on the positions of terrorist groups in northern Iraq.”

    “Fars News Agency, which is owned by the IRGC, made the telling statement [before Israeli hackers took the Fars web site down]: ‘This new round of IRGC attacks has started in response to the separatists’ support for the ongoing unrest in Iran.'”

    So as a 7-year Jewish cycle ended and another one began, internal unrest in Iran has already resulted in IRGC attacks outside of Iran.

  14. Prisms,
    The news story you linked about artillery and drone attacks from Iran to Iraq on September 24 I find interesting. Its as if history itself is almost a chiasmus, a mirror. The very first day of the first cycle Saddam began an attack into Iran from Iraq, which eventually became the First Signpost. Now, almost the first day of the seventh cycle, Iran attacks positions back in Iraq. This might eventually become . . .?
    Good catch, btw.

  15. One way for the Iranian regime to shift attention away from massive protests against itself would be to escalate IRGC attacks against “terrorists” in northern Iraq. Dutifully, regime-controlled news websites are reporting on 2022-09-28 renewed attacks by the IRGC (Tehran Time is ahead of USA Central Daylight Time by 8 hours 30 minutes).

    A publication critical of the Iranian regime has also mentioned the 2022-09-28 attacks.
    “Soran Nouri, a leading member and and spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, told IranWire that the party’s camp near the town of Koy Sanjaq [see map below] had been struck this morning. Two of its fighters were killed, he said, and a number of members’ families and children were injured. The central camp of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan was also hit. Despite the scale of the attack, published reports indicated that there were no casualties, but the camp had suffered material losses. The IRGC has sought to frame the onslaught as an attack on ‘terrorists’ via its tame news outlets Mehr and Fars News Agencies in Iran. On Tuesday, Fars News Agency claimed: ‘This new round of IRGC attacks has started in response to the secessionists’ role in promoting mutiny in Iran.'”

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