The Theory of the 42, the UK, and September 25

Yes, the title may seem to include a few disparate topics, but they are all related. Let me explain.

First is that theory of 42. I first posted about it here, and then developed it further here. To sum up, per a Biblical idea, a nation has 42 leaders and then turns into something else. The news about Queen Elizabeth’s passing means the reign of the 42nd monarch of the United Kingdom has now passed into history.

The UK now joins the US in moving on to its 43rd ruler.

For the United States, Donald Trump was the 42nd president. The reason he is #42 and not #45 as popularly said is that Grover Cleveland was counted twice, Gerald Ford was not elected but was a steward, and Barack Obama was not constitutionally elected since he was not the child of two American citizens due to his father being a British subject, per the Naturalization Act of 1790, and per Article II, Section 1 of the US constitution: “No Person except a natural born Citizen . . . shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

The US has definitely changed with Joe Biden as president. Interestingly, there are many questions as to the circumstances of the election of Joe Biden, number 43. The United States has already changed and in more ways than one. If the election was stolen, then the United States is already an oligarchy.

Joe Biden makes his impassioned speech on September 1, 2022, saying anyone opposed to him is against democracy. Funny how God has a way of confounding the proud and using visuals to tell us what is really happening. Independence Hall, a building symbolic of this great nation for centuries, has been transformed to look very different, symbolic of a different nation.

The Left is now threatening that anyone who votes against them threatens democracy. Of course this is absurd, because by making such a statement they themselves are threatening democracy.

Now that the US and UK are in uncharted territory, what’s next? This is where September 25 comes in. The new Jewish seven-year cycle begins.

I wrote about the cycles here and here. The question of what is next for western civilization, with both the US and UK being pillars of western civilization and moving on to leader number 43, is made more pregnant with anticipation with September 25th and the turning of the cycle just days away.

Of the last six cycles starting in September 1980, three began with very significant events, the first one being the heralding of the First Signpost itself in 1980. Could the Second Signpost begin around September 25th? With the US and UK past their “42”, is the next chapter for the West some event that would prevent the US military from acting in the Middle East, thus allowing Daniel 8:4 (“No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power” – NIV1984) to be fulfilled?

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  1. There is a broken link on the theory of 42 when you try to click on “and then developed it further here.” I read the first one. Interesting.

  2. Links should be fixed now – thanks to both of you!

  3. So Mark something hit me internally after projecting a Biden win in December 1999
    The impression was over pondering lot the prophetic elements of the end times that you laid out. I had been reviewing the ideas of Iran invasion on your blog and pondered on your schedule Signposts. Trump was extremely too solid in his foreign policies for Iran to do anything. He would had to lose but didn’t know how. That’s was initial my impression. But pondering on it longer, I started to think of Queen Elizabeth and her passing for some reason. Like more significant events would follow after her passing
    Something hit me several years back too Mark. If ALL prophecy is subject to the prophets, then none truly can derive their own prophecy independent of other prophets, academic or esoteric No true prophetic utterance or even it is an academic analysis (like pre-trib, postmillenial approaches) can truly be independent and valid. Many are truly false as a result.
    I also post this also as a close ministry friend recently declared that he has gone postmillenial much like James White has and advised me to seriously to consider it. I advised him to read your book but not sure he will. I am concerned many like Doug Wilson, Durbin, Baucham, White and others will become off guard when things in America and West becomes much worse.

  4. Interesting thoughts on September 25th being noteworthy. I just ran across this video today regarding the 24th and wonder if there’s truly something brewing.

  5. Jamin,
    I did a little digging about that speech given by Friedrich Merz. He misspoke and meant February 24, 2022, as the day the war in Ukraine started, which is the day the speech was given. He had Roosevelt’s Dec 7 speech on his brain apparently using words from that speech. It is thought he might have said September because it sounds like December.
    Anyway, God still uses befuddlement to speak, even though Merz likely did not intend to say that.

  6. Link, please? Let’s see this video. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your reply Mark, what I thought was interesting as well was Denver handing out Go Bags etc. Very strange, and the timing…

    I’ve seen so many of these “Impending Doom” scenarios through the years that I’ve gotten to a point of almost ignoring them or just rolling my eyes. I expect probably nothing will happen.

  8. Jamin,
    Well, of the start to the last 6 cycles, 3 had something significant happen, so if patterns hold that gives us a 50/50 chance – a big nothing versus a big something.

  9. Just heard it but one show that is reliable that I just caught stated that Putin in the last 24 hours stated in a public forum “we are at war with NATO.”
    This declared on the last week of the current Shemitah.

  10. Dear Mark

    Many thanks for this post of yours. Fascinating stuff. I wrote about 42 myself but not as you have done.

    Kind regards

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