Morality Police Disbanded

The morality police in Iran have been ordered to stand down.

All this means in relation to the Second Signpost is that the Basij has one less job to do. The regime likely told them to stand down to reduce the agitation towards the great majority of Iranians who hate the regime, in light of the last three months of protests.

The Basij is the large pool of volunteers from which the IRGC gets its recruits. The Basij was there before former President Ahmadinejad made them the morality police, and they will be there after.

The Basij, the IRGC, and the whole regime will be ended during the Third Signpost.

A common sight in the 2009 election: Basij paramilitary getting off their fiery red motorcycles to beat up another protester. The “morality police” have been ordered to stand down.

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  1. Mark,
    In a separate topic, but related, I just heard about a massive decrease of interest of service in the woke military and a lot of discharges coming without interest to renew. This affects military stature and numbers overseas and how they are stationed in places like Iraq. With a hyperfocus on Ukraine, there will be no one opposing Iran once they take Iraq and would assume forces stepping toward Saudi Arabia to protect them when this happens. Also, I am understanding Russia will plan to mount thousands of troops in the winter months and anticipate that something will happen where our troops will enter Ukraine to aid Zelensky’s forces. Zelensky does not want to back down and Biden with the democrats and rino republicans they will support the invasion. Just when we think when we will get back to normal in 2023, sadly we won’t. The Silk road will pretty well established by then too.

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