Just Another Test of the Ram’s Capabilities or the Second Signpost for Real?

News from ZeroHedge, based on a new article from the Wall Street Journal reports there is some intelligence that the IRGC is threatening to attack Saudi Arabia.

It is being treated by both the Saudis and US National Security Council (NSC) as the Iranian regime’s way of diverting attention from the ongoing internal demonstrations. This may be true, and so if an actual attack is borne out it might be on the level of just some rockets targeting as has been done in northern Iraq the last few weeks, or perhaps an attack as large as the one on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco facility in 2019.

Major explosion at oil processing plant in eastern Saudi Arabia, due to IRGC drone attack on September 15, 2019.

However, being aware of the Second Signpost adds some interesting light to an NSC spokesman’s statement:

“It wasn’t exactly clear how attacking Saudi Arabia and launching a war with a far better armed opponent would “distract attention” from Iran’s internal troubles, but what is very clear is that if Saudi Arabia wanted to send the oil price soaring, it wouldn’t use another OPEC+ cut but would simply take production offline indefinitely; and if it can arrange Iran to help out… well, why not.”

First, “it wasn’t exactly clear” is indeed clear if the Second Signpost is kept in view.

Second, “attacking Saudi Arabia and launching a war” would definitely “distract attention” from Iran’s internal troubles because, well, the Second Signpost will be a Mideast and global game changer.

And third, Saudi Arabia may want to send the oil price “soaring,” but if the second horseman is to take peace (“iraynay”) from the earth, the IRGC will send the price to a level far beyond what is being talked about.

Here is yet another situation in which we who know the Signposts are given the benefit of seeing seemingly chaotic events in the Middle East transformed into part of the ongoing script that is the Four Signposts.

Keep watch. One never knows when the next Signpost will actually begin . . .

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  1. It will take peace of mind from the world – everyone will be “shocked”. It won’t make sense to them.

  2. On 2022-10-29 the commander of the IRGC warned that protests against the government of Iran cannot lead result in anything good.

    On 2022-10-31 the IRGC threatened countries it claims have stirred up the protests.

    “It is only our will that keeps us from firing” is false. The Iranian invasion, scripturally foretold, must conform to God’s timing and purposes. Although the Revelation 6, Daniel 7, Daniel 8 visions do not indicate that protests would precede the Iranian invasion, those protests have revealed human character flaws in the prophesied invaders. An Iranian expansion in territory will not last long, perhaps only three years, to be replaced by a regime of better character. But the third signpost will not last long either, because its first leader will be broken off, resulting in four regimes, which become the fourth signpost, during which a Mahdi/Antichrist of evil character will rise to power.

  3. I thank you for this update and yes there’s turmoil inside Iran which is different from earlier protests. Iranian government of Shia clergy hijacked Iran in 1979 and in 1980 their followers attacked the American embassy. Meanwhile, 80 million people of Iran are held captive under this satanic regime. However, the real movement in Iran has been underground. The church inside Iran has been growing at an unprecedented rate through disciple making with no centralized organization, mostly led by women. The Lord has been appearing in dream and vision or via powerful encounters and miracles. Something big is brewing and it’s all pointing to Christ’s return. Maranatha!

  4. The current chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Major General Hossein Salami, on 2022-11-04 stated: “The enemies [of Iran] are well aware that we will definitely respond to their interventionist and mischievous behavior; but now, we cannot say where and how this will take place… Whoever disturbs the Iranian nation’s peace will never enjoy peace.”
    “And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword” (Revelation 6:3-4).

  5. In my November 1 post on this thread is a link to an October 31 video by Iran’s IRGC that threatened countries it claims have stirred up the protests in Iran. One of the countries the video threatens is Albania. On November 1, one day after the video, Albanian Daily News published a response: “During the video, the targets of Iran’s drones and missiles are presented one after the other, including the city of Tel Aviv, the American bases in the region, as well as the MEK [an Iranian anti-regime group] camp in Manez [a town in Albania]… Recently, Albania has been the victim of a cyber attack by the Iranians, who managed to get a lot of confidential information from the systems.”
    Because of Iranian cyberattacks on Albanian government computer systems, Albania broke off all diplomatic relations with Iran. Albania is a small 59% Muslim country. It has a big role to play in the end times. Its recent increased friendliness with Israel is offensive to the Iranian regime.

  6. Hi Prismsplay, this is a great observation. Thank you! Also, USA and Albania were the only two countries that requested an investigation into the human rights violations regarding the crackdown of current uprising! It seems Albania is not afraid of going up against the deception of the Shiite government of Iran. And Mark Davidson had Albania listed as one of the players when the third horseman appears. The changes are rapidly occurring. Iran is certainly looking to start a war in the Middle East and it’s only a matter of time.

    God bless; may Christ’s reign begin soon.

  7. So a take that I have arrived at tonight, Mark, with the results of dismal performance of the red ripple election. Is that Biden can move forward with placing increasing number of forces in Poland and Romania. I suspect that Putin and Biden will keep going at it and avoid any overt aggression but utilize a steady increase of force in Ukraine. At some point, I also suspect Putin will be enough in a unilateral alignment where Iran’s forces desire to subdue Iraq fully will take place and our forces will be caught off guard as more will be in Ukraine. (Then there is also that always Chinese threat to Taiwan as well) Iran has already tested their drone’s capabilities in Ukraine. I suspect they will try this on the current forces in Iraq to where they scatter westward to protect Saudi Arab and Israel. No one will be able to stop their take of Iraq.
    The current count of GOP representatives in the House stands at 218 with 5 districts still uncertain. They may get a few more but it will not be enough to deter the Biden administration desire to keep Ukraine going. Plus there are enough on the Republican side that though don’t like a lot of Biden’s big governments policies but will still sign on for troop building in Poland, Germany, and Romania. If both the Senate and the House would have flipped, there could have enough momentum to bring troops home from Ukraine and force peace negotiating immediately. We need to be reminded that God is in control and knows the final outcome and final endgame.

  8. I have assumed that Iran would never invade Azerbaijan, because the majority religion in both countries is Shia Islam. But now, after the Azerbaijan parliament has approved opening an embassy Tel Aviv (which Iran’s IRGC is threatening to destroy), I’m not so sure.
    Azerbaijan is directly north of Iran (see Daniel 8:4), and Iran is accusing Azerbaijanis of fomenting the ongoing protests in Iran that have resulted in several IRGC officers being killed. On 2022-11-01 a Christian prophet I follow prophesied: “Iran’s government is about to fall.” Daniel 8:3-4 makes it clear that the ram’s two horns, a Supreme Leader (perhaps a new one) and a stronger than ever IRGC, will be in power and remain in power until Daniel 8:7 is fulfilled. So any fall of Iran’s government must be restricted to whatever elements of that regime stand in the way of the fulfillment of what we refer to as the second signpost, which begins with a ram that is “standing” (Daniel 8:3). Perhaps that word “standing” deserves some attention. Why even mention it, unless something like the current protests had thrown some doubt upon Iran’s ability to not only stand, but to then launch a major world-changing invasion?

  9. Blaming Kurds for unrest, Iran threatens Iraq with offensive

    Turkey has regularly made such incursions into northern Iraq over many years, not just to go after legitimate terrorist targets but to destabilize and terrorize Kurdish communities. Turkey may consider supporting Sunni Islamist militant groups in attacking any extended Iranian deployment of ground forces.

    Putin attacks fellow Slavs in Ukraine, destroying the heating and infrastructure desperately needed by millions of people, and sent a hundred thousand of his own country’s people to their deaths. He may not nuke Ukraine, but only because his own people wouldn’t stand for it. By destroying infrastructure instead, he can try to kill just as many people and just sell it to people back home as being the doing of the “Wicked West,” if only they hadn’t tried to enable Ukraine to defend its own people and borders. He’ll probably claim that NATO is really behind the bombings.

  10. Hi Prism,

    I took the opposite side (as shown in DR Fig 10-2) and assumed Iran would invade Azerbaijan for many reasons – (1) it’s part of “to the north”, (2) half of all Azeris already live in Iran and most Azeris are Shia Muslim, (3) the IRGC’s ideology of Guardianship of the Jurisprudent covers all Muslims – Shia or Sunni – and (4) Azerbaijan is a secular Muslim country which of course begs to bring it under the stricter government of Iran.
    Regarding standing, the form of the word “amad” is “omed” which means to stand in the presence of. You may be on to something, it could be more significant, but at this point it seems the word for standing simply means the ram was presented to Daniel, and not moving, but just showing that the second horn was growing. Please share with us if you find something else.

  11. Turkey to attack the Kurds and steal the oil…?
    US doing attack manoeuvres for Iran nuclear sites ?
    where do you see this going Mark ?

  12. Any updates on publishing timeline, Mark?

  13. Hi Gary,

    The book finishes with editing mid-December, and then goes to the publisher. It should be out around the end of January.

  14. https://israel-alma.org/2022/11/30/the-turkish-artillery-and-air-offensive-in-northern-syria-will-a-land-invasion-occur/
    Recent miltary operations by Turkey in Syria have become a concern for Iran.
    Who can keep up with the multiple nations having military presence in Syria? Here is a just published map by Alma Research and Education Center.

    I learned something from this map. I was aware that the IRGC uses the Latakia seaport. Now I see it uses two other seaports and that the IRGC uses seven Syrian airports. The signpost perspective indicates that Iran will prevail in Syria before a four-nation confederacy that includes Syria defeats the two-horned Iranian regime.

  15. Great point. Russia needs high oil prices to sustain the war effort. Perhaps the bargain with Iran is to receive the drones and for them to prosecute a war in exchange for space technology.

    Of course it has been plain to see Americas military dominance but without satellites and possibly EM bomb strikes all their advantages would be lost . Possibly then the Old style war method of Russia would prevail.

    I am interested in seeing how the ‘hook in Russias jaw’ plays out. Does this mean God pulls them away from the Ukraine into the ME because they are losing there or winning and therefore reluctant to leave ??

  16. A good of friend of mine in the ministry after listening to Bruce Gore is more convinced that postmillennial is more correct. He recently got on that bandwagon along with James White, this was frustrating to see and an online argument ensue. One tenet of postmillennialism, for the most part, is Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon. Modern Jerusalem, especially these days, is definitely influenced by Mystery Babylon but to simply target the city as the source of being the mother of harlots is so problematic. I am very interested in your research and studies on the matter. I believe you will find many interested in this matter once it is published. Joel Richardson’s book on this matter was interesting but it didn’t seem to fully satisfy. S Douglas Woodward has another position that is interesting as well with America being “the daughter of Babylon.” Looking forward to the release. This is one of those subjects I truly believe we know in part and keep growing to discover more about especially as we get closer to the Lord’s return.

  17. Brian,
    Scripture does not say anything about a hook in Russia’s jaw. That expression from Ezekiel 38:4 is built on traditional prophecy teaching that Russia is Gog and Russia will lead that war in the Middle East. It’s all false.
    “Rosh” in Ezekiel 38:2 is “first” or “chief” like it is the other 600 times in the OT, not Russia. Gog is the Antichrist/evil spirit entity. Gog is a demon prince who will work through Antichrist. Gog is the chief prince of Magog, Meshech, and Tubal, who’s peoples live in Turkey.

  18. Gary,
    I express doubts along those lines in the very first chapter of the book. The idea that Babylon the great could be any one city or religion doesn’t fit Scripture. News will be coming out shortly.

  19. Before the American boxer Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali, the most famous Muhammad Ali was the founder of modern Egypt, an Ottoman Albanian who was fluent in the Albanian and Turkish languages.

    Christians and Jews should celebrate the life of the Albanian Muhammad Ali, a Muslim, for his religious tolerance. “Tolerant Islamic teachings regarding the treatment of non-Muslims, who had previously formed semi-isolated communities, were put into place as the Egyptian administration declared equality between races and religions. Old distinctions were eliminated, religious freedom was granted and financial burdens on Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem were lifted. Strict instructions were issued for the protection of their security, and disputes between the Christian sects in Jerusalem were resolved, particularly those involving the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Egyptian administration granted permission for the renovation of churches and monasteries. Egyptian policies lifted the oppression Christians faced in their daily lives. Traditional discriminatory procedures were done away with and government posts of all kinds were opened up to Christians and they served as representatives in the consultative councils paving the way for religious harmony. Similarly, the Egyptian administration also lifted financial burdens from Jews visiting holy sites and secured their safe passage. It cancelled the regulations restricting Jewish temples and gave permission for their repair and renovation. At the same time, however, it rejected Jewish requests to pave the area adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque and the site of Buraq [the Wailing Wall] on the basis that it was not religiously legal.”

    During a 2021 official state visit by the Prime Minister of Albania to the tomb and mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo Egypt, the Prime Minister of Egypt said: “It is known as the fortress of Muhammad Ali. He was Albanian and we consider him the founder of the new Egypt. The mosque was built in memory of Osman Pasha, his son. The mosque is in the same style as the Ottoman mosques. The architect of this mosque is from Istanbul. This construction is an exchange of influences from Turkey in Ottoman times. The mosque is a reference point of Cairo.”

  20. Another sign that the second signpost is fast approaching is a renewed dispute over ownership of three small islands in the Persian Gulf.

    In 1971 the three islands belonging to UAE were seized by Iran, and when the Islamic Republic of Iran was established in 1979, the three islands remained under Iranian control.
    “The leaders of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] member states and China held a summit in Riyadh on December 9, 2022. The joint statement issued by these leaders caused uproar in Iran because it referred to the issue of the three islands in the Persian Gulf. ‘The leaders affirmed their support for all peaceful efforts, including the initiative and endeavors of the United Arab Emirates to reach a peaceful solution to the issue of the three islands; Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa, through bilateral negotiations in accordance with the rules of international law, and to resolve this issue in accordance with international legitimacy,’ the joint statement said. Iran rejected this part of the statement, saying that Iran’s sovereignty over these islands is not negotiable.”
    Iranian ownership of the three islands allows Iran to control ship traffic through the gulf.
    Iranian military are now forcing American ships “to sail through the courses that Iran has defined in the Persian Gulf.”

  21. The ownership of three small islands in the Persian Gulf is big deal to Iran. When China agreed with Gulf Cooperation Council leaders that ownership of the three islands is not a settled issue, Iran angrily summoned the ambassador of China, who then agreed that Iran’s ownership of the islands should not be questioned. Iranian historians cite evidence that Bahrain, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa were, until Great Britain began to occupy them, parts of Iran. “The Qajar government [of Iran] began its diplomatic attempts to regain Iran’s right to rule over the triad islands as well as Bahrain and declared it illegal to hoist other flags in the Persian Gulf, Tunb and Bu-Moussa islands. Iran in its correspondences referred to the geographical map which had been drawn by Britain for the Iran government. In that map, the islands of Tunb and Abu-Moussa had been shown in Iranian color. These diplomatic attempts were not in vain and the British government on April 18, 1870 recognized Iran’s sovereignty over the triad islands and Bahrain, but wrote to Iran’s government that, due to Iran’s weak navy, the British government is responsible for the security of these islands and the Persian Gulf for the time being.”
    With Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa already in the Iranian bear’s mouth when it is called to “arise, devour much flesh” (Daniel 7:5), American and British military bases on the island of Bahrain would look like sitting ducks to a marauding bear.

  22. Daniel Revisited pointed to the correspondency between the three ribs in the mouth of the bear of Daniel 7:5 and the three directions that the ram of Daniel 8:4 would push. Since the visions of Revelation 6, Daniel 7, and Daniel 8 are describing the same sequence of prophetic events in the Islamic world, that correspondency is indisputable. However, there may be another layer to it. Arabian emirates were not happy about Iran’s 1971-11-30 seizure of three islands in the Persian Gulf two days before the United Arab Emirates’ 1971-12-02 declaration of independence from Great Britain. In a 2019-05-29 UAE article is an interesting statement: “Iran’s actions over Abu Musa tell you everything you need to know about its regional designs. Strident and unwilling to compromise, it has no apparent strategic vision save for aggression and expansion by proxy. It acts like a wounded animal when challenged about its bad behaviour. It does so because such foreign policy choices serve as a way to divert attention away from its steadily crumbling social contract.”
    While it is indisputable that the bear raising itself up on one side corresponds to the ram’s second horn growing longer than the first horn, there may be another layer to that as well. Raising itself up on one side can indicate a wounded animal. The hatred of Iranians for their government is especially directed at the Supreme Leader. “Death to the dictator” is one of their main chants. They want their constitution changed to eliminate that position. But the Iranian Parliament, populated with IRGC members and friends, will not allow it, and the ram’s two horns must continue until the goat breaks them (Daniel 8:7). But meanwhile even the Supreme Leader’s sister has joined the protests against him.

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