Davidson’s Four Signpost Teaching at CIRA 2022 Conference

Indeed, it looks like it may finally be God’s time for the message to get out.

I was invited to do a teaching as part of Day 4 of Al Fadi’s CIRA International on-line Conference on October 22, 2022, “Loving Your Muslim Neighbor.” I had the opportunity to chat with Al Fadi. He is a dear brother with a heart for spreading the Gospel to Muslims.

What follows is a 43-minute teaching video on Daniel Revisited and the Four Signpost interpretation of end-time prophetic Scripture.

Chris Mantei of Wings of the Eagle ministry and of the Endtime Church is host.

Long-time readers will be familiar with the material presented as the message hasn’t changed. It can also be used as a 43-minute briefing for anyone to learn about the Four Signposts.

Let us pray that God uses this video to spread the message, and CIRA International to declare the Gospel to Muslims.

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  1. For a visual on the four colors of Arab country flags, see:
    As the article shows, many Arab country flags were influenced by the 1917 Flag of the Arab Revolt, which was designed by Mark Sykes, a British military man. Sykes would not have known about the four signposts. The Bible he would be familiar with read “pale horse” instead of “green [chloros] horse.” So when Sykes chose the four colors for the flag, he would not be thinking about the four horse colors of Revelation 6. Yet Sykes had to be inspired by God to choose those four colors for a flag that would influence the designs of many Arab country flags. The Tyndale Bible of 1526 may be the only English translation of Revelation 6:8 that had the color right: “And I loked and beholde a grene horsse and his name that sat on him was deeth and hell folowed after him and power was geven vnto them over the fourthe parte of the erth to kyll with swearde and with honger and with deeth that cometh of vermen of the erth.”

  2. I credit my ponderings on The Four Signposts in December 2019 for a Biden win in November 2020. Trump’s strong presence in the Gulf needed to leave before it could happen. Biden was the only one that I thought had any possibility of winning along with bewildered policymaking to make events fall into place. I was actually stunned because a lot of factors were showing a fairly solid placement for Trump to win. Interestingly, many “prophets” were saying Trump was going to win too. But he didn’t. Sadly too many of these “prophets” rather chased esoteric American centered imaginings rather than search the Scriptures. I remember when you showed up on Joel Richardson’s radar years back and it really was registering with me. I had been very confused about end times prophecy after the Cold War ended in 1990. I’m the midst of the bewilderment at that time I felt one night back then the impression of “keep your eyes of Turkey” although I didn’t know what it meant. I seriously believe that double entendre of Daniel 7-8 will hold true Mark in the coming months and years ahead.

  3. Prismsplay – is Sykes the same as “Sykes-Picot”?

  4. Prismsplay – is Sykes the same as “Sykes-Picot”?
    Christopher – yes.

    The 1917 Flag of the Arab Revolt has since 2004 been on display in Aqaba Jordan, to commemorate the 1917 Battle of Aqaba victory over occupying Ottoman forces.
    I think that God inspired the Aqaba Flagpole to be built as an active sign of the four horse colors of Revelation 6.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcd0LmFviiw (beginning at 3:07)
    The commemoration flag began flying during the first signpost, represented by its white portion. It will probably still be flying during the second signpost, represented by its red portion. Since Aqaba Jordan is in walking distance of Israel’s Gulf of Aqaba coastine, the Aqaba Flagpole may come under the protection of Israeli forces when Iran invades the Middle East. It is the Bozrah area of Jordan to the north of Aqaba that will be terrorized by Iranian drones.

    Jeremiah 49:22 NIV
    Look! An eagle will soar and swoop down,
    spreading its wings over Bozrah.
    In that day the hearts of Edom’s warriors
    will be like the heart of a woman in labor.

  5. @Christopher, yes, at least according to the Wikipedia, it is the same Sykes. Note #19 had an interesting assessment of Sykes by T. E. Lawrence:

    “…called Sykes “the imaginative advocate of unconvincing world movements… a bundle of prejudices, intuitions, half-sciences. His ideas were of the outside; and he lacked patience to test his materials before choosing the style of building … He would sketch out in a few dashes a new world, all out of scale, but vivid as a vision of some sides of the thing we hoped”. Lawrence thought him a good fellow, but a sadly unreliable intellect. ”


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