Davidson’s Four Signpost Teaching on Colorado CTN TV

Here is some more detail from this earlier post regarding my appearance on Colorado TV.

I was invited on to a TV program called PUSH (Pray Until Saturation Happens) here in Colorado. PUSH is a program of Pray Colorado.

Pray Colorado is a network of pastors, ministry leaders, churches and individual brothers and sisters who provide a 24/7 umbrella of prayer over Colorado’s government, education, culture, and society at large.

Check out Pray Colorado’s website at coprays.org. It has comprehensive lists of prayer points they use, and the Church in any city, state, or country, would find them useful.

I was invited because the leaders of PUSH see the message of Daniel Revisited as being relevant to these times, influencing revival in Colorado. (For that matter, it will affect revival everywhere else as well.) The next event in Bible prophecy is not the Rapture, but the Second Signpost which is the invasion by Iran of the Middle East which will greatly affect the entire world.

PUSH is a 13-minute program. My interview and teaching of the Four Signposts will be broadcast first in the following venues and times. It will then be kept on Facebook and YouTube for viewing any time. Anyone will be able to see a 13-minute briefing on the Four Signposts.


YouTube: Friday, Jan 20 at 11:45am, Colorado Prays YouTube channel

Facebook: Thursday, Jan 19 at 11:45am, @rockymountainctn and @coprays.org

Television streaming, cable, or broadcast: Mon, Jan. 9 and Sun, Jan. 15, both days at 7 pm MST – –

Denver, Northern Colorado & Cheyenne (KQCK/KQDK)

Comcast (Ch 643 & 1033 HD & Ch 51 sd)

Coverage includes: Castle Rock, Breckenridge & Aspen

Dish (Ch 33 HD & sd)

Antenna (Ch 39.1, .2, .3 or 33.1, .2, .3)

Prism/Century Link (Ch 39)

TDS Telecommunications

(Estes Park- Ch 94; Arvada- Ch 91 / Ft. Collins- Ch 92)

Colorado Springs & Pueblo (KWHS):

Comcast Colorado Springs- (Ch 6 & 1006)

Comcast Pueblo – (Ch 385 & 1006)

Antenna (Ch 51.1 & 51.2)

Ft. Carson (Ch 88) / Peterson AFB (Ch 51)

Air Force Academy (Ch 6)

Prism/Century Link (Ch 51)

TVision (Rye/Colorado City Ch 156)

StratusIQ-(Ch 568 in Falcon, Colorado)


The brother interviewing me is Fr. Phil Eberhart, senior and founding pastor of Resurrection Anglican Fellowship in Denver. He only had time to read chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited prior to the program because he had just received the book, but he believed the message was spot on. Afterwards, he invited me to a pastor’s breakfast a couple days later, where many pastors received the book.

I was able to tell from only two brief meetings with Pastor Eberhart, off the program, that he is a true follower of Christ.

I also thank the Lord and praise God for Colorado Prays. To be honest, up to a month or so ago when I finally learned by word of mouth about that network of brothers and sisters, I was feeling pressed and a bit down about the evil sprouting up here in Colorado. But seeing the body of Christ uniting and results occurring from united prayer, my spirit has been lifted. The Church here is actively engaged in spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus Christ in Colorado.

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  1. Iranian drone attack early yesterday in Syria reported by Erick Stakelbeck …..

  2. [condensing the post down to essentials]

    On 2023-01-26, an Infoweb Media interview with the Ambassador of Turkiye in Albania, Tayyar Kagan Atay, was reported by Albania Daily News. In 2023, Turkiye and Albania will celebrate the 100th anniversary of their “Eternal Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation” signed on 1923-12-15. Turkiye and Albania will be two of the four heads of a prophesied leopard-like beast (Daniel 7:6). Daniel 7:6 is linked to Daniel 8:5-8, which states that “a goat with a prominent horn between its eyes came from the west, crossing the whole earth without touching the ground” (Daniel 8:5 NIV). In 2022, Albania began purchasing drones from a Turkish company. “Albania, which joined NATO in 2009, has helicopters but no fighter jets. Its air force is made up of a few Cougar and other military helicopters after its old Russian and Chinese-made jets stopped flying in the late 1990s. Deployment of the Bayraktar TB2 has been a major factor influencing conflicts from Syria to Karabakh [region in Azerbaijan and Armenia] and Ukraine, pushing Baykar into the global spotlight and transforming it into a major manufacturer and exporter. The drone gained so much prominence with the public that Ukrainians composed a song about it and some allies launched unprecedented crowdfunded campaigns to buy more. The platform is known for taking out some of the most advanced anti-aircraft systems, artillery systems and armored vehicles.”

  3. During the ongoing protests in Iran, the Iranian Sunni Spiritual Leader Molavi Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi has been courageously calling for Iran’s leaders to listen to the people.


    “Sit down with people who oppose you and express criticism. Criticism must never be blocked. Where criticism is prevented, tyranny is created… Truth is the real thing. The truth must be followed. The truth must be followed, even if it is uttered by the enemy, even if it uttered by the Americans, even if it is uttered by our enemies, the Israelis.”


    “People want freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to write, freedom of assembly, and freedom of thought… I humbly suggest that you compassionately release the prisoners of this recent uprising and these protests. Do not be hard on them, since they are mostly very young, even children. Free these young boys and girls. Do not accuse them of rebellion against God.”


    “The Iranian people stood together in the Revolution of 1979, and fought for their freedom and justice. (They revolted) to get their rights and to restore pride to Iran, and so that Iran’s resources would benefit our nation alone… Today, the people are shouting for the same things. They are shouting for justice. They are not asking for a lot. They do not want much. They want justice! The Iranian people believe that there should be de-escalation of tensions in our foreign relations and foreign policy. The people want Iran to be a peace-seeking country, not a warmongering country.”

    Daniel 7:5, Danuel 8:3-4, and Revelation 6:3-4 will be fulfilled by an Iranian regime that is unconcerned about the happiness of its own nation, in which a new restaurant can be forced to close if a woman sings at its opening ceremony.

    But who are we to judge, when innocent bystanders near a protest at our Capitol can be jailed and deprived of all constitutional rights for two years without a court hearing?

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