Theory of 42 Still Holds for US and UK

In earlier posts there was proposed a theory of Biblical interpretation revolving around the number “42.”

In this post I first wrote about it. This theory says that a nation having 42 leaders or 42 places or 42 stages, has reached completion and then changes the way it is or its circumstances.

The US Changed at the End of 42

In this later post, I wrote how former President Trump was not president 45 but only 42. When Trump’s administration ended under the conditions of the election of 2020 and January 6, the United States transitioned from a constitutional republic to an oligarchy. That is, the nation’s ruler was picked by a handful of elites regardless of the voters’ wishes.

The UK Reached 42 Only Now

But what of the United Kingdom (UK)? Queen Elizabeth was supposedly monarch 42 in the list of monarchs of England, Great Britain, and then the UK. As we all know, Elizabeth’s son, Charles became King Charles III, the next monarch of the UK. Has the UK changed? No. There has been no change in the way it is governed nor has there been a military invasion from the outside.

So what now? Well, the answer is that just as some of the US presidents cannot be counted as rulers of the US for purposes of the 42, so too, with the monarchs of the UK.

In the US, Grover Cleveland is counted once, not twice, and neither Ford nor Obama were constitutionally elected (and no it’s not the birthplace that’s the problem—it’s the fact that one of Obama’s parents was not an American citizen, so Obama is not a “natural-born citizen”).

In the UK, all the official lists say Elizabeth II was number 42. However, if one digs into the list of monarchs, they all, with one exception, were blood relatives and descendants of the first monarch, William I, the Conqueror.

The Cromwells of 1653–1658 are already not counted as kings.

The one person counted as a monarch who is not of the bloodline is Philip the Prudent. Philip was the husband of Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary), she being the rightful monarch in the bloodline of William I. He is added as a king due to a legal agreement between Spain and Britain, as part of their marriage.

If we exclude Philip, and count only those monarchs that are the of bloodline of William I, then it is the present king, King Charles III that is monarch 42.

The UK Might Change at the End of 42

Therefore, if this theory of 42 has any weight and if it is interpreted correctly, then when Charles’ reign ends we should expect the UK to change somehow. We already saw the US change its form at the end of the “reign” of ruler 42.

When would Charles’ reign end? He was already 73 when his mother passed away last year, making Charles III the oldest person to ascend the throne since 1066. On the other hand, his parents lived to be 96 and 99, so there may still be a number of years.

If the remainder of the Signposts occurs in the next ten years, creating the rule of the Antichrist, then his binge of conquest in that part of the world might include the UK making Charles III, indeed, the last monarch of the UK in its current form.

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5 replies

  1. Definitely 42 according to “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

  2. Mark:
    If this theory holds that mean that all efforts to restore constitutional government, and restore Trump to his lawful position as president (whether by political maneuvering or court action or Trump winning against the rigged system in 2024) are doomed to failure? And as a logical consequence should we abandon such efforts as a waste of time? How about a different political union? union of free states? e.g. Florida, Idaho, Texas, SD, OK,WY, etc…..

  3. Hi Karl,

    Not at all. I see two alternatives. First is Trump is president again. Just as Cleveland was counted once but served two separate terms, so can Trump, but then after Trump serves we go back to our changed state in 2028. Or second, and that is the original constitutional republic of 50 states is done and this country moves on to another form. It could take any form including what you list, it will just be different – governed differently with a different constitution.

  4. Mark: If anything happens to Trump that means game over, and we must move on. There’s no point in playing a rigged game.
    BTW, not entirely off topic. I used to listen to a bible teacher based in Houston Texas who treated his congregation as though they were a college Greek and theology class. He made his own translation of Ephesians 4:14..”no longer children tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine by the SLEIGHT OF MEN and CUNNING CRAFTINESS whereby they lie in wait to deceive”……….. The word SLEIGHT is the Greek word KUBOS from which we get the word CUBE as in “dice”. The point being is that a believer who tries to take on the world without being grounded in scripture is playing at the devil’s table and the devil’s dice are ALWAYS loaded. You can’t win. I say sarcastically that one is more likely to win the lottery in California than to be elected if one is pro-American. The game is that rigged.

  5. Looking forward to your posts and release of the new book Hidden Babylon. Thought you might like this video, Mark.

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