Another Witness To An Iranian Invasion

“What?  Iran is going to conduct a ground invasion of the Middle East?”  I get that question a lot.  Crazy as it sounds, it is true.  It is true that is, if the interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8 as explained in my book, Hidden In Plain Sight, is correct.  When I discuss the possibility of an Iranian land invasion – whether Christian or not – many people look at me in disbelief.  It seems like a ground invasion by Iran is completely off of everyone’s radar.  When I published my book earlier in March of this year, I thought I might very well be the only person whose work brought him or her to the conclusion that Iran was going to conduct a ground invasion of the Middle East. 

No other person in the Christian prophetic community, as far as I could tell, arrived at and foresaw the events to come involving Iran and the future Four-Nation Confederacy.  This foresight was only due to a new interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8, derived by a study of history and sound exegesis of Scripture.  The visions of Daniel 7 and 8 are lost on the Christian community as long as Christians cling to the traditional and popular interpretation that those chapters were fulfilled in ancient times.  This new interpretation unseals the words and reveals those chapters’ true purpose.  Many brothers and sisters have read my book, understood and absorbed the message, and are now alerting others in the Christian community of this message. 

Besides the theological community’s lack of vision (no pun intended), I also hadn’t seen anyone in academia or government publish papers or give talks on the subject of what Iran might have in mind to do in the way of ground invasions.  That is, until now.  There is now a second witness.

Someone else has reasoned that Iran could and would invade parts of the Middle East.  A Dr. Mordechai Kedar has posited that Iran may very well conduct a ground invasion at least of the Gulf States and Arabian Peninsula.  As far as I can tell he arrived at this conclusion from his own studies of modern-day Iran and Middle East politics.  Who is Dr. Mordechai Kedar you may ask?  He is an Israeli scholar, the senior lecturer in the Arabic Department at Bar-IlanUniversity in Tel Aviv, and a retired Lieutenant Colonel formerly of Israeli Military Intelligence.  One of this blog’s readers, Sharon of New Zealand, alerted me to one of his talks.  He gave a talk in June 2012 stating why he believes Iran is a threat to the Middle East region, and that it not only is developing nuclear weapons, but wants to invade the Arabian peninsula and the Gulf States.  You can see his talk at the Israel Video Network site or on Youtube.  I recommend everyone watch it.

To me, Dr. Kedar’s talk is nothing short of amazing.  Finally, someone else is thinking Iran could invade.  I will now highlight parts of the video.

Dr. Kedar talked about how Iran considers the Middle East to be their field, if you will.  At 08:55, Dr. Kedar said, “Iran considers all the space from India to North Africa as their strategic background.”  And at 09:50, he said, “So they don’t hide their intentions to be hegemons of the area.”  I certainly agree with this conclusion since much of this area will most likely be occupied when Iran runs out during the Second Signpost.

Dr. Kedar then went into detail at how bordering countries are already affected by Iran.  He made the case for why he believes Iran already controls Iraq.  If indeed Iraq is controlled by Iran it would make Iran’s invasion of the Middle East in the Second Signpost, much easier and plausible.  At 12:26, Dr. Kedar said, “Iran has clear aspirations to take the Gulf.  It means Kuwait, Qatar,…and the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and so forth. They don’t hide it.”  He then talked about how Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar all fear possible takeover by Iran. 

From my own work, as I show in my book Hidden In Plain Sight, the Bible tells us that when Iran invades the Middle East it will be able to do what it wills and no one will interfere with it for a time.  I showed why Iran could militarily invade and had the potential leader (with the belief system) to order it, but I did not make a case for why they would not be touched.  The Bible simply says this would be the case, and so I stated that. 

But Dr. Kedar makes an interesting case to support this notion of Iran’s untouchability.  At 15:55 he says, “A nuclear Iran, especially, will paralyze the world…”  He argues that if Iran develops nuclear weapons, that Iran won’t be touched.  When a state has nuclear weapons they aren’t bothered.  This really does make sense.  If nuclear weapons are indeed the major factor of untouchability, than Iran will not invade until it has its nuclear weapons.  However, as far as pre-invasion events go, this is still speculation.  The one preceding event we do know is stated in the Bible in Daniel 8:3, and that is the coup in the government of Iran, where the Supreme Leader becomes second in power (the longer horn grows up later).  It is entirely possible that this coup might come at about the same time as the announcement that Iran has nukes.

I wrote in this post how Iran’s invasion will cut off one quarter of the world’s oil production.  Dr. Kedar also points out that it would also cut off 56% of the world’s reserves.  Dr. Kedar also said at 17:45, “They [Iranians] have the desire to bring Europe to its knees and they will be able to.”  Likewise in the aforementioned post I show that the largest economies in Europe will have to bid up on the price of imported oil and, indeed, this would indeed bring Europe economically to its knees.

Toward the end of his talk starting at 28:30, Dr. Kedar talks about the sect known as the Hojjatieh.  While I did write about Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s beliefs in my book, I didn’t identify his faction, the Hojjatieh.  I wrote about the Hojjatieh in this post

Essentially, members of the Hojjatieh, including Ahmadinejad believe they must help bring about the Mahdi by creating worldwide chaos.  Dr. Kedar said at 30:40 of the Hojjatieh that “their mission in life is to push the world into mayhem.”  Dr. Kedar confirmed that Ahmadinejad also believes in starting this worldwide mayhem.  At 32:10 Dr. Kedar said, “This sect the Hojjatieh is there, has influence on politics, and maybe – might – push Iran…. to push the world into a mayhem and this might explain some behaviors of the Iranians.”  I couldn’t agree more.

If I seem encouraged it is because I am.  Finally someone besides yours truly is seriously talking about a ground invasion from Iran.  Of course the only reason I would be encouraged at the prospect of such a horrific event is only because this event carries great Biblical significance and could be the point at which Daniel 7 and 8 truly get people’s attention.  When this invasion happens I pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ will find out why this terrible and bewildering event has occurred, that they receive the message that is from God’s word, that this invasion by Iran is one definite step in God’s plan for the end of the age and that though the end is not yet, we are one step closer to the arrival of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Mark: I had forgotten or overlooked that Ahmadinejad with his Hojjatieh beliefs was contrary to Khamenei’s! This was one of the great points Dr. Kedar made in his lecture.

    Another is that a nuclear armed Iran will be able to “do as it pleases” without fear of reprisal by concerned nations now forced to the sidelines.

    This ominous scenario makes more sense than say an enraged Iran lashing out conventionally at its Sunni neighbors due to having its nuclear weapon program destroyed.

    I also found it ominous that Dr. Kedar does not foresee Israel doing the world’s dirty work in attacking Iran: Israel has a nuclear deterrence and consequently Iran would not dare attack Israel or it knows what will happen.

    Its easy now to see how a Nuclear Iran will hold the USA hostage to its ground invasion: doing absolutely nothing to stand in the way of its conquest of the Gulf states and 56% of the world’s oil!

    Daniel 8:4 I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; and no beasts could stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and magnified himself.

    Thank you very much for posting Dr. Kedar’s lecture. You’re on the “Mark”.

  2. I would like to add that Iran will be emboldened by Barack Hussein Obama’s reelection as Commander in Chief of US forces: how Iran’s leader’s must be delirious to see how allah is showing them such favor.

    The Allah worshipping President of the USA is one of them and will do nothing to stand in the way of Islam’s march to destiny.

  3. Hi James,

    As far as a reason for Iran to march out across the Middle East is concerned, it is as simple as the Hojjatieh yearning for chaos so that their Mahdi will appear. I believe that the oil in the region just sweetens the probability of chaos in their view, due to that oil being cut off causing worldwide economic disruption, in addition to the chaos of war itself in the Middle East.


  4. In my opinion, the likely scenario for this to play out as you, Mark, and Dr. Kedar describes will probably be the last term of Obama precisely because Obama is such a weak leader (as Iran sees him) and many US conservatives do too. Brace yourselves…it is going to be a hair-raising time and the first significant birth pang the world will feel as we hurl toward the next, even more important birth pang…and the last seven years of this broken age.

  5. I might add to your thought too, Julie, that Romney most likely would have been better at handling what is to come than Obama would. But our nation chose Obama, so that the Lord in His righteous judgment might give the U.S. whatever it has coming, good and hard.


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