A Third Witness to an Iranian Invasion

Within a day or two of learning about Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s talk about Iran, I discovered a work of fiction written by a man named Ali Al Shihabi.  It is titled, Arabian War Games: Cataclysmic Wars Redraw the Map of the Middle East.  It is available on Amazon.  For readers of my book, Hidden In Plain Sight, or for readers of this blog, the storyline will be familiar: it’s about a land invasion by Iran into Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.  It is basically the Second Signpost.

With this novel being published there are now three of us (myself, Dr. Kedar, and Al Shihabi) who believe an Iranian land invasion is not such a crazy idea.  Mr. Al Shihabi is a Saudi citizen who lives in Dubai.  He was an investment banker who has an interest in Middle East geopolitics, and who decided to write his first novel.  Unlike my enthusiastic recommendation for everyone to see Dr. Kedar’s talk, I cannot give the same recommendation for Al Shihabi’s book.  I’m not going to recommend you not get it, because it does give a scenario of an Iranian invasion similar to that of the Second Signpost, but if you’re looking for a gripping novel for entertainment this is not it.

Apparently the background and material for the book was well researched, what with his knowledge of an offensive strategy playing out, and military hardware, as well as the various officers and politicians of the various countries involved.  From the biography given, this book was that author’s first attempt at writing a novel.  The writer’s heavy use of third-person present-tense, coupled with next to no character development, prevented this reader from being drawn in.  However, it is the scenario of the Iranian invasion itself that would make it of interest to my readers. 

One word of caution though, the author is anti-Zionist (anti-Israel), and creates a second plot line where Israel’s leaders discuss and execute a forced mass exodus of all the Palestinian people from west of the Jordan River into other countries.  This may upset some readers knowing that a people and military as ethical as Israel’s be portrayed in such ruthless terms.

The main storyline itself has various differences and similarities to my own beliefs of how the Second Signpost will unfold.  The author projects that it is the Iranian main military that spearheads the invasion.  This is different than how I perceived it with heavier use of the Basij, but it is very plausible.  He shows agreement with Dr. Kedar that Iraq is under Iran’s influence if not outright control, and so provides an excellent platform to launch an invasion.  There is also a plausible set of reasons given for the invasion itself such as Iran’s desire to take half the world’s oil reserves, but no reason has to do with the coming Mahdi.  The author also portrays the current Supreme Leader of Iran as the leader commanding the invasion.  But that’s alright because – lets be honest – the Bible telling us that there must be a coup prior to the invasion is something only God’s word would see – and no one else.

One major difference between the book and Dr. Kedar’s position in his talk is that in the book Iran has not yet developed nuclear weapons.  This of course makes Iran vulnerable to being stopped, according to Dr. Kedar.  And of course in my own book I show that Daniel 8 says that the persian ram, Iran, will not be stopped and will be able to do all it wants to do.  It is because of this that I wrote in my last post that I believe Dr. Kedar has a point about Iran developing nuclear weapons before the invasion.

One area where the author confirms my beliefs is that the United States and the west will be taken totally by surprise due to (1) belief Iraq is there ally and not under control of Iran, and (2) belief that Iran would only try to stop the oil at the Strait of Hormuz.  A land invasion is not even on the radar.  It is this being taken by surprise that allows Iran to initialize the invasion successfully.

If any reader of this blog does read Mr. Al Shihabi’s book and wants to discuss it, you can comment on it.

I suppose that as time goes on and as we get closer to the Second Signpost we are likely to see more and more people realize that a land invasion by Iran is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.”

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  1. Mark,
    Like you, I was introduced to the Islamic Antichrist paradigm by Joel Richardson. I just found your blog yesterday and am very interested in your 4 Signposts theory. Lately, I have been quite concerned about the growing threat that Iran poses, not just to the Middle East, but to the US. Reza Kahlili has been writing about Iran’s WMD advances (both nuclear and with bio-weapons) and their intention to cripple the U.S. I have been concerned that God is going to use Iran to both judge the U.S. and open the way for the coming of the Mahdi.

    I am not convinced that the specter of a nuclear armed Iran would be enough to keep the U.S. from intervening militarily to protect our vital energy interests in the Middle East if Iran launched a large scale ground offensive. But, if the U.S. had been devesated by a successful EMP attack, for example, then it could give Iran the freedom that they need to mount such an attack.


    What do you think?

  2. Hi Rick, glad you found this site, and welcome.
    Not that I am trying to raise book sales, but I would highly recommend you read the book. I go through all the verses of the relevant passages, all the ancient and medieval history, taking the reader by the hand as we go through the material slowly and logically. After reading the book you should be fully briefed in (what I call) End Time Signpost Theology. And I haven’t heard a bad review yet. This post has a brief summary of all four signposts.
    That said, covering all the details of this multi-faceted subject, one of the details in scripture is that according to Daniel 8:4 Iran will be able to do all it wants to do and no country will be able to stop it. So when I talk about Dr. Kedar thinking Iranian nukes will give Iran freedom to do its own will, its not that I am trying to arrive at the conclusion that Iran will be able to do what it wants, its that the Bible says that it is so, and we’re just trying to see how it might be enabled. If it is not the nukes, it could be something else – EMP, oil shock, dollar shock, or anything else. So according to the Second Signpost the question of whether Iran can do all it wants its settled – it will be able, and the Bible says so.
    The next (the Second) Signpost is ominous. Check out this post. Iran is the central nation of this next Signpost. This is also an example as to why this new Signpost interpretation is so amazing, we know – in general – what will happen next and where we are in relation to Christ’s coming, because the Bible is actually telling us. We just don’t know the details, but we will see the details as events unfold.

  3. Rick,
    Regarding Reza’s book. I’m reading it right now. And I’m reading a couple other new books that came out this past year on the Iranian guard.

  4. Mark,
    I have ordered your book and I’m very excited to read it. I certainly don’t disagree with what I’ve seen of your exegesis so far, and I accept your conclusion that if Iran is the ram in Daniel 8:4 that it will be able to do what it wants, I was really just wondering if something like an Iranian EMP attack on the U.S. would fit into your 4 Signposts theory.

    I have felt confident in my ability to support the Islamic Antichrist paradigm from scripture, but I didn’t feel the same when it came to my concerns about the threat emanating from Iran. I came to the conclusion that Iran posed a threat to the U.S. because of reading that I began to do because of my desire to learn more about the Mahdi and Islamic End Times theology. I believed that God was leading me towards my conclusions, but I didn’t feel entirely confident about it, because I wasn’t able to support those conclusions scripturally. So, your book has me excited and I’m interested to start reading and dig deeper into your work. Grace and peace. Keep up the good work!

  5. Mark,
    On a personal note, finding your work represents an answer to prayer. I have been wrestling with my concerns over Iran because I felt that I was led to my conclusions by God and because they have been pressing so hard on my heart, but I was conflicted because I did not know how to support them Biblically. I have been praying and asking God to help me to resolve my confusion because I want to make sure that I am hearing His voice clearly and I want to be a faithful and responsible leader for my family. I am not a doomsday prepper, by any means, but I have felt that God is leading me to prepare by storing food and water and other emergency supplies. My hope is in the Lord and not in anything that I set aside, but I also want to act wisely and in accordance with what God is revealing in these last days.

  6. Rick,
    I have heard that this book seems to be an answer to many prayers, even mine. This whole book started because of one of my prayers some eleven years ago or so.
    How each world event plays out is totally open. We do know that whatever happens it will be within the bounds of what Scripture seems to be telling us. So Iran will be able to do what it wants. The U.S. may be attacked with EMP or not (I certainly hope it is NOT attacked), but all we know is that Iran will do what it wants. It seems Jesus wanted us to know the season and the signs, not the details.
    On this site we can all watch together.
    Thanks and grace to you too.

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