An Indicator About Syria

Its one thing when your enemies talk about how you are about to fall, its another though, when your friends start saying the same thing.  The U.S. has been calling for Assad’s defeat and stepping down in Syria for the last year and a half.  The rebels have been fighting the Assad regime in a civil war that has raged on for months.

Syria, like Turkey and Egypt, is being prepared for its part in the Third Signpost as one of the four nations in the future Confederacy.  The question in my mind was, when?  When would Assad finally be removed from power?  We just recently received an indicator, and it was from one of Assad’s allies.

Russia and Iran have been staunch allies of the Assad regime, while Turkey, Egypt and NATO have been calling for Assad to step aside.  And so it was a friend, Russia, that admitted it doesn’t look good and that Assad will soon be removed from power.  Who would know better than Russia?  And I see no reason why Russia might lie about such a thing.

If Assad is removed from power within the next month or so, we could see an Islamist government with its own constitution in place in Syria, this time next year.  And so then Turkey, Egypt, and Syria will then be ready to form their Confederacy as Daniel 7 says must happen.

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