Major Event For Egypt

Egypt’s new Islamic-leaning constitution has been signed into law by Egyptian president Morsi, a day after it was approved by voters. The constitution was approved by about 64% of the 33% of the voters who turned up to vote. An english translation of the draft version of the constitution is available here.

This is a major event in the ongoing process of getting Egypt ready for its role in the Third Signpost. Because the four-nation confederacy, of which Egypt will be a part, must attack in an embittered manner (Daniel 8:7) these nations must be converted from having secular governments to having Islamist ones.

The process began in January 2011 with demonstrations in Cairo as part of the Arab Spring. Mubarak was then ousted, and Mohammad Morsi was elected the new president. And now this new Islamic-leaning constitution is the law of the land.

If there was any doubt about this new constitution, Article 2 says,
“Islam is the religion of the state and Arabic its official language. Principles of Islamic Sharia are the principal source of legislation.”

Therefore Sharia will ultimately shape and mold and affect Egyptian society, and people’s freedoms. Sharia overshadows all the grand talk in the document describing how the government and society will function. I even found a slip in the constitution itself – there seems to be a contradiction between Article 45 which says,
“Freedom of thought and opinion shall be guaranteed,”
and Article 44 which says,
“Insult or abuse of all religious messengers and prophets shall be prohibited.”

And there you have it.

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  1. Good Points Mark

  2. Isn’t Saudi Arabia governed by Sharia Law? It is one of the most oppressive Islamic nation-states in the Middle East. There are NO freedoms for women, cast system is evident, the only open religion practiced is, of course, Islam. It is just myriad of Islamic oppression. This is what the people of Egypt want? It does seem counter-intuitive for future national prosperity. But then it is not about Egyptian prosperity, but fulfilling a future role in another part of Daniel’s vision of the goat’s singular horn broken into four horns of which Egypt is one of the four horns. Do I have this right thus far? I hope so.

  3. Yes unfortunately you have it right on Islam, democracy, and society. It seems that western society was hoping that Arab Spring would bring democracy, which it did but the masses wanted Islam as law. And society in Egypt this past year, as Iranian society did in 1979, believes that Islam itself is good and will bring justice to society. They believe these things until Sharia really does take over.
    As far as the four horns growing from the broken horn on the goat, these will be four new nations. One of them will cover the area known today as Egypt, with other territory as well. When the great single confederate nation breaks into four the map of the Middle East will be radically redrawn compared to the map of today. The nation to be created in that part of the Middle East is not Egypt as we know it today, but it will be a new nation covering the area that is Egypt and could be quite different.

  4. Really. Now that will be something to see! So then four regions of power will be called something else and not the current nation-states we see today. Well, do we have a lot of Middle East watching to do…this will indeed be real prophetic news if this comes to pass. But we have a long way to go before that happens. It will be fascinating to see how all the details play out if this becomes reality. First, though, Iran will need to be dealt with and the Obama Admn doesn’t seem to take a strong stand with this rogue Islamic state unless there is covert maneuverings going on to stop them. We’ll know soon enough one way or the other during Obama’s last four years, in my opinion.

  5. These four new nations are discussed in detail in my book in pp. 201-204, and theres a map too on those pages. Daniel 8 says it will be four nations breaking up out of the single confederacy, and that from Susa’s point of view the four nations are in the directions of the four winds. It so happens too that the major ethnic groups – Arab, Persian, Turkic – border each other in the region of Susa. So there will be an Arabian nation, an Egyptian nation, a Turkish nation and an Iranian nation but their boundaries and peoples will be different from what they are now.

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