It Will Most Likely Come Down to Qalibaf vs. Jalili

So here we are.  It is ten days until the election in which Iran will have their next president.  Of the candidates favored by the supreme leader, Saeed Jalili is believed to be ahead.  Of the candidates favored by the IRGC, the leader seems to be Mohammad Qalibaf.  In a fair election either might win.  I wrote earlier about them in this post.

But this probably will not be a fair election.  The last one in 2009 was not a fair election either.  The IRGC, a.k.a. the power behind the second horn, a.k.a. the king maker [Ref. 1], makes the candidate they like, the president.

If I have identified the candidates correctly as far as who backs them, then if Qalibaf wins, the IRGC will be free to continue to increase its grip on the entire country having the full cooperation of the new president behind the scenes.  They will have an easier time of achieving what Daniel 8:3 says the second horn will achieve.  If Jalili wins, due to whatever circumstance, then the IRGC will have a tougher time of it, having to work with a president that doesn’t play along all the time, but leans more toward the supreme leader.

[Ref. 1] p. 39; Ottolenghi, Emanuele; The Pasdaran: Inside Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps; FDD Press; Washington D.C.; 2011.

Here is the story on the Al-Monitor site –

Tehran Mayor a Powerful Contender For Iran’s Presidency

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