Erdoğan May – Still – Be the First Horn of the Goat

Life is full of surprises, and watching the signposts is no exception, providing all sorts of twists and turns.  In my own studies and time spent, I was slowly coming to the realization that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may very well be the first horn of the goat.  This first horn is the opener for the Third Signpost as I write about in my book Hidden In Plain Sight.

So upon publishing my last post about Erdoğan, on that very day where it looked like he was putting together an impressive resume for any popular and great ruler, the riots in Taksim Square begin.  And of course his handling of it shows Erdoğan’s Islamist tyrant side.  So maybe all bets are off?

Maybe not.  All the other leaders of the other signposts are or will be tyrants, so why not this one?  Saddam Hussein, the leader at the center of the First Signpost was a tyrant.  So is the supreme leader and whoever will be the second horn in Iran.  And of course it’s a good bet that the leaders that crop up in the Fourth Signpost and in particular that one toward the end, a.k.a. the Antichrist, are all tyrants.  So why would the first horn of the goat leading off the third signpost be any different?  The fact that Erdoğan did some things right and tripled Turkey’s economy are all good things, but they all might also just be the door that allows someone like Erdoğan to step into the role set up for him.  Alexander the Great was popular, but he was a tyrant too.

So it started as an innocent little protest by some Turkish citizens to prevent the removal of trees and the plowing up of Gezi Park in Istanbul, to make way for some barracks.  The protestors said to the government not to do this.  Then the government responded with a heavy hand.  Then Erdoğan shows up from his trip abroad and invokes Allah.  And now he is demanding that the protests end immediately.  It does sound like a tyrant starting to emerge.  But isn’t this the way of the Signposts?  As I said in my last post, since time seems short for the Second Signpost to begin, it would seem that a politician in the national limelight today would be the first horn of the goat.  And if that is the case the only one it could be is Erdoğan.  And this latest showing of tyranny may not be a sign that he is on the way out, but that he is on the way up.

Again as always, time will tell.

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