In The News: Poll Finds Jalili and Qalibaf Going to Second Round

In the news today we have two confirmations regarding the Iranian elections.

Reported by the website Iran Daily Brief, of a Fars News Agency (which is very IRGC-leaning) is the following brief story –

Poll: Jalili and Qalibaf to second round

The story says a “poll” reveals that Jalili and Qalibaf are the front runners heading to the second round of elections on June 21.  This is confirming for two reasons.  The first is that as I have written about in past posts the election will come down to Qalibaf and Jalili, for various reasons.  This is encouraging because it means we might be somewhat understanding of what is going on there in Iran.  The second confirmation is that the IRGC is in control because how can a poll taken of Iranian voters who would favor a more moderate candidate show that the supreme leader’s poster child and the IRGC’s favorite son are the frontrunners?  And instead of simply saying the two are in the lead, that the two are heading to the second round when the first round hasn’t even happened yet?  Well this just shows that the IRGC is indeed running the show.

We are close to the start of the Second Signpost.

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  1. Holy cow, Mark! Honestly, I think the State Department and the Department of Defense need to be following your blogspot! They want good verifiable insider intel…well, THIS is the place to be! To bad, Glenn Beck or Dennis Miller can’t follow you too…this is like the best for understanding Middle East events in light of prophetic scripture prior to Daniel’s 70th week! It is like being on the ground floor of an action adventure movie…but it is not fiction…it is real! Wowza! It is better than any prophecy message board I’ve ever been on and stopped it cause this is better. I just can’t stop…

    Okay, so I’m confused…just a little…is the voting today (June 14) the primaries like we have here and the June 21 the general election? I thought Iran was a theocracy and not a democracy, obviously.

  2. Voting for the president is on the 14th in this election. If its not a landslide for one candidate out of the field, then the top two or three will go on to a runoff, or tiebreaker, election.
    As far as intel goes, check out the links under “Persian Second Horn Watch”.

  3. It is getting very exciting Mark!

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