The Signpost Perspective: Hagee’s Four Blood Moons

According to the “Four Signposts” interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8 we know that the Second Signpost is the next Biblically prophetic event.  All the remaining Signposts will occur one after the other – all prior to the Tribulation.  The Signposts are just that – signs – given by God in His Word to show us the advancement of Christ’s Second Coming in no uncertain terms.  Dates are not given.  This ia all written about in my book, Daniel Revisited.

In this past post I speculated that the start of the Second Signpost might be tied in to the date set by The Harbinger – September 13, 2015.  Many are speculating that date as being the day of Christ’s Return, or the start of the Tribulation, or the day of the Rapture.  But it cannot be any of these things.  God’s Word is showing us that the Signposts must come first – to place the world on the path to the Tribulation.

The Second Signpost – the invasion by Iran of the Middle East – will mark the end of the petrodollar system set up by the United States.  This will translate into hard times for much of the world, and especially the United States.  It will end the U.S. government’s ability to spend without limit, and this will negatively impact the lives of tens of millions of Americans directly, and end America’s ability to project power around the globe.

In addition to the date set by The Harbinger I believe there is now a second witness to the timeframe of September 2015 being the start of the Second Signpost.  Thanks to one of our readers, I was alerted to an interview of John Hagee on Fox News of all places where he talks about his new book, Four Blood Moons: Something is about to change.

God said in His Word that He would use the sun, moon and stars as signs.  Lunar eclipses – where the moon passes through the shadow cast by the earth – happen all the time.  Lunar eclipses result in the moon having a brownish or reddish appearance.  Now, four total lunar eclipses in sequence with no partial eclipses in between are called a “tetrad” by NASA.  And there are many tetrads as you can see in the Table on this NASA website.

However, there are only eight tetrads following Christ’s first appearance two thousand years ago, where all four lunar eclipses appear on Jewish feast days.  Seven of these tetrads have occurred and one is about to happen.  The first four of these – in AD 162/3, 795/6, 842/3, 860/1 – are not directly connected to any known occurrences in Jewish history.  John Hagee’s new book, which by the way has an interesting subtitle, highlights the fact that the three tetrads following the first four – which occurred in 1492/3, 1949/50, and 1967/8 were all connected to specific events that happened to the Jewish nation.  Yes indeed, as the subtitle says, something is about to change.  Everything is about to change, and the Second Signpost will be the reason.

The next and eighth tetrad to occur on Jewish feast days will be in 2014 and 2015.  Hagee indeed believes something is about to change.  He just doesn’t know what that change will be.  I cannot personally recommend his book both because I have not read it, and because it simply argues the validity of the sign.  Indeed, his book, like Cahn’s book, argues the validity of a sign that something will happen.  But why settle for crumbs?  Why not find out what that something will be?  God has made it known to His saints in these end-times as Daniel becomes unsealed.  It’s the Signposts.

To add weight to the argument that this tetrad coming up could be heralding the same event that Harbinger does, there is a partial solar eclipse happening during the time of the tetrad.  And the date of the solar eclipse is the same as the end of the shmitah in Harbinger, i.e. September 13, 2015, which is rather astonishing.

What is interesting to me, as the author of Hidden In Plain Sight, which exposes the new end-times interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8 known as the Signposts, is if there is to be a major change in paradigm, it can only be the Second Signpost.  It cannot be Christ’s Return; it cannot be the Tribulation.

Lauren Green, the religion correspondent at Fox News in the first minute of the video, and Sid Roth giving his interview at the bottom of the same webpage at about 3:30 in the video both are asking what is to happen.  Lauren Green and Sid Roth as well as anyone else – I urge you –if you are reading this, to check out the Signposts as identified in Daniel Revisited.  People are asking “what will happen?!” and the Signposts give the answer.

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  1. I have thought about this time period for some time now…interestingly this specific date of September 13, 2015 is a SUNDAY. Anyone who studies biblical prophecy knows the prophetic stars are aligning at this time period. And even if Iran/Ram does not charge out on this very day, the season for judgment has arrived and the looming shadow of God’s disciplining hand on our nation will be made manifest within a short time period. It is daunting to contemplate how much our lives will change for the worse and with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

    Of course, the vast majority of churches are sleeping soundly to the terrible predicament our nation is heading toward. All because of a naive US foreign policy that unknowingly is encouraging the formation of the revived Islamic Caliphate. The unintended consequences of a foolish US leader is fulfilling his part of God’s purpose to close the end of age. We will be living it.

  2. I agree, Good4u1, the exact day of the Iranian invasion and start of the Second Signpost will probably not be Sept. 13, 2015. I believe though, that the date will be the day of some of the worst effects on the USA because of Iran’s actions.
    And I didn’t stop to think what day of the week that was. The last two Shmitah end days were during the week on workdays when markets were active. Interesting that this will be a Sunday. And yes our lives will change immeasurably for the foreseeable future – until the return of our King.

  3. “until the return of our king”

    For the joy set before us, we will endure our crosses. Just thinking about Jesus returning makes the negatives seem so small. The Spirit and the churches say “come”…

  4. Can I jump back in here again, if you don’t mind…:)

    I can combine your last post about the currently proposed Israel-PA peace deal via John Kerry/USA and the 1st blood moon on Passover in 2014 tho’ not on the same exact day, events do not have to coincide on the same day, but the same month will work too, I think…

    Read here:,7340,L-4465049,00.html

  5. I Agree with the idea that the four tetrads and solar eclipse will herald in problems for the middle east – the last two tetrads in 1967 and 1948 were consequent to the Wars that had happened in the middle east- that caused Israel’s territory to expand- so historically if you look at the last 2 tetrads they were beneficial for Israeli expansion. I would use an educated guess and say that shortly after the first tetrad which happens on April 15th of this year, that we can expect to see a serious outbreak of activity in the middle east region – if not outright war – this is only an educated guess and speculation on my part of course – but it does make sense- when you consider the interesting situation that is transpiring – and how The USA and the international society gave Iran only until April 15th to provide positive proof that they are disarming their Nuclear facilities. Since the 4 signposts tell us that Iran is not going to disarm those Nuclear Facilities and that their intent is malicious, it only makes sense to me that they have an ulterior motive in stalling until that time.

  6. Mark-Here is a picture from a financial analyst source dating back to 1998 and along with some other astonishing predictions-it confirms Jonathan Kahns Harbinger theory, and indirectly confirms your 2015 signpost theory —

  7. Thanks for sharing that. I am somewhat familiar with Armstrong’s writing, and few are. He used to write his articles out of a prison cell while serving time for some alleged crime related to his earlier days in banking. I haven’t seen that picture but it is consistent with earlier writings. He seems somewhat eccentric but his predictions have come true. Others like Jim Sinclair and Paul Craig Roberts have predicted the 2015 timeframe for a blowup economically though none of them know the triggering event.

  8. Hi Mark, every day I see new signs in the media that the time of the 4 signposts Is approaching rapidly see article below
    It amazes me how regularly We see Cyber warfare attacks on the DOD- which happen quite frequently now, its as if Iran is testing the waters on every front to determine our vulnerabilities in preparation for their coming attack, which leads me to believe the attack might not be too far from now. Some Commentators like the ones at dismiss Iran as a puny little middle eastern country with less than stellar defenses barely above 3rd world country status,- but doing so reveals how rash and overconfident we as Americans have become, and reveals how very little the average American knows about Iranian Militarys technical capabilities and about the world we live in. We know some of Irans capabilities, but not how many advanced weapons systems they really possess.
    FYI – I will be watching the attack on this Iranian made mock up Carrier vessel with great interest to see what manner of missiles or torpedos they will use to destroy it, This mock attack will probably tell us a lot about Irans weapons Capabilities and delivery capabilities- I wonder sometimes whether Iran has ever purchased any KLUB 3M54 E (or E1) sizzler missiles or any of the indo/russian Brahmos missiles capable of mach 2.8, or whether they will show the prowess of their Ghadir submaries by taking the MOCK up Carrier out with a Hoot torpedo of the super cavitating type which travel in excess of 220 mph- see If we find out through this mock attack that Iran has brahmos missiles that can travel at mach speeds and can fire them from their Submarines- that could be a game changer and could change the rules of engagement considerably. Seems like every month brings some new revelation about Irans Plans for dominating the Middle East.

  9. Thanks for notifying all of us of the link. You’re right – this story does highlight how overconfident American leaders have become.

  10. Hi Mark, have a couple of questions for you. The first question is about Rev 17-16 where it talks about the 10 horns burning the whore with fire -Do you see that as an action taken by Iran at the second signpost, or at the 3rd signpost by Turkey. It would seem that this happens during the reign of antichrist?
    another question, Jeremiah 49 talks about the destruction of Edom which is in current day Saudi Arabia, and says in Verse 21 that the Whole Earth is moved at the noise of their fall (worldwide earthquake?) could this be the worldwide earthquake mentioned in revelation 6:12 – It says in the next part that the cry of their fall comes from the red sea which would be around modern day Saudi Arabia (possibly Mecca) so maybe fall of Mecca comes at the end? Just curious on your thoughts.

  11. Hi. They are good questions and I’ll try to answer them the best I can.
    Question 1. Rev 17:16 talks about the beast and the ten horns hating the prostitute. First, this beast of Rev 17 is the same beast of 13:1, i.e. the union of all the beasts of Daniel 7. Second, the ten horns that rule with the beast are the same ten horns out of the fourth beast in Daniel 7, and the same as the kings of the ten toes in Daniel 2. The antichrist will not have the ten nations with their leaders united until the end of the fourth signpost. Therefore any passage that talks about the beast and ten horns and what they do is for some time after the end of the fourth signpost, i.e. during the seven-year Tribulation. And yes this does happen during the reign of Antichrist – but again his reign over all ten does not begin until the start of the Tribulation.
    Question 2. I believe Edom to be strictly the southwest corner of the country of Jordan. The territory might spill over a bit into Saudi Arabia, but Mecca would be a stretch as that city is another several hundred miles to the south. There are many prophecies against the nations around Israel like this one – with key words and phrases like “hide in caves” like in Revelation, “an object of horror”, the earth will tremble, and verse 22 with the warriors with hearts like a woman in labor (like Isaiah 13). All of these are keys for this passage and many others, which I believe are all pointing to judgement on these nations when Christ returns. They are all muslim nations, and all troubling to Israel. All of the peoples of these nations will be part of the antichrist’s forces when he attacks Israel at the end, and Christ will not let that stand unpunished. Ezekiel 32 is a prophcy against Egypt which has definitely never come true yet, and I believe will when Christ returns – I use this as an example. If the fall of Mecca is in Bible prophecy it may very well be in a prophecy against Dedan, the Kenites, or against Ishmael.

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