In the News: Daniel 8 Disagrees with John Kerry

The Second Signpost – the invasion by Iran of the Middle East – is still coming according to Daniel 7 and 8, as written about in my book Daniel Revisited.  One common thread I hear from skeptics is, “The U.S. would never allow Iran to attack and conquer anything.”

And so it was not surprising to see this article in the news this morning where U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry “tried to reassure America’s Arab friends that the United States will not allow them to be attacked ‘from outside,’ in an apparent warning to Iran.”

I would say that is a reasonable assertion based on the past seventy years of American hegemony across the world since World War II. However, as I wrote in this post, that is all about to change with the coming of the Second Signpost. The result will be that the U.S. will no longer be able to successfully project power halfway around the world.

Daniel 8:4 says of the ram who is modern-day Iran, “I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.”  As I explain in my book in Chapters 6 and 10, the “animals” that could not stand against the ram are the countries which will be in the path of Iran’s attack and occupation.

It doesn’t matter how many people say the U.S. would never allow Iran to attack and invade. Daniel 8:4 says that no one will be able to stop Iran. Daniel 8:4 disagrees with the skeptcis, including the U.S. secretary of state.

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  1. This is like watching a coming train wreck and most are NOT WATCHING. The last half of the Obama Administration will likely be a lame duck b/o Obamacare after 2014 mid-terms. If all available signs come together as projected then we are in for one whale of problem when your second sign post is likely manifested after mid-September, 2015. That is less than two years and no one is taking proactive steps to address the consequences. How many warnings from God must it take before prophecy students are not viewed as chicken littles! I have emailed my concerns to my Bible teacher-elder in my church twice and I just don’t think he believes me. He assures me that Scripture is true, but he probably thinks why do you think you have a corner on God’s plan to close out the age? There are lots competing prophetic interpretations that have gone on for years…and you have the “right” one? Really?

    See what you and your supporters are facing? By chance, what if we are wrong. Credibility is gone. But one day, it will take place…how do you prepare personally, Mark. I’m interested.

  2. Good points.
    First, you can ask your elder some pointed questions. The reason we may have the corner on the prophetic here is simply because we take what the Bible says literally. Ask your elder what does Daniel 7:17 truly mean? It says all 4 kingdoms SHALL arise – every commentator makes excuses about the lion being ancient Babylon – but not me. Ask him about Daniel 8:17 and 19 – its for the end times. Every commentator makes excuses – not me. Ask him to show you why rome crushed Persia in Daniel 2:40. Anyone who says its Rome has NOT paid attention to history.
    Second, credibility? If I am wrong, so credibility is shot – I’m willing to risk that. But we have history, straightforward Bible exegesis, and current events all proving this message is true. Thats alot more than many messages have going for it.
    Third, for preparation. Get out of the dollar. Any savings or wealth in dollars will evaporate. Get into anything else – not paper wealth denominated in dollars. This would include real estate, farmland, physical (not paper) precious metals, foreign stocks in strong currencies (aussie, loonie, krone, swiss frank, HK dollar). These have a much better chance of helping you through the tough times to come. So I prepare by following what I say here. The only dollars I have are in my checking account. Oh, and one more thing – get out of debt. The financial links on this site can give you much advice. Do your own due diligence of course.

  3. Good4u1, Mark’s financial plan is exactly like mine except stay out of gold, it will be confiscated like in the thirties. When the crash comes plan on shining like stars in the darkness. That is really what it’s all about. “Because of lawlessness the love of many will grow cold”. I plan for my family and small group to not let the lawlessness that is coming to let our love grow cold. We’ll need the Spirit like never before. Ephesians 1 speaks of how God has blessed us with a fore knowledge of his plan. Why is that a blessing? So we can be ready.

  4. Jim,
    You remind all of us of what is most important. The fact that I am financially preparing my family doesn’t mean we keep it all to ourselves. The reason we prepare is to be a help to others in the dark days ahead and not part of the problem.
    The reason I believe gold will not be confiscated is, as Jim sinclair has said many times on his site, it was confiscated in the ’30s because the government was turning our gold money into paper dollars. Today the Fed is only trying to unsuccessfully save the paper dollar. The gold mines themselves might be nationalized, but not the gold. Besides, there is no better medium to hold wealth in such a small space as gold, for those brothers and sisters with great wealth may be called to support the ekklesia.

  5. Mark, here is a fascinating recent article from Forbes about recent IMF comments about wealth confiscation, EVEN if the US citizens are overseas! I think a desperate USA will stoop very low to try to preserve itself. This is something the US foresees and is planning on.

    After the dollar is no longer the “petro dollar”, gold may be necessary for the US to purchase it’s oil. Thus the gold confiscation. It will likely be the first item of wealth confiscated. Silver may be the exchange value of the people.

    However you and I agree 100% it will be a time for those who are prepared to support the church in the “time of famine” that is coming. This next year we must act as Joseph in the years of plenty. The years of shortage are coming IMO.

  6. Jim,
    The comments the IMF made have to do with recommending ‘haircuts’ to bank accounts worldwide. Poland and Russia have nationalized private pensions. Cyprus took a haircut. Canada is talking about the right to take a haircut also. These things are all about preserving the insolvent western banking system (which became insolvent after 2008). And yes the U.S. is planning on it.
    However, with the U.S. government deep in debt with its main currency the dollar near worthless the government will have a hard time funding anything including an army. When the government can no longer borrow the biggest problem may be the 1 in 6 hungry Americans rioting in the streets because their food stamps get cut off. We’ll just have to see.
    And yes we are 100% in agreement on your last point.
    Its interesting you mention Joseph and hte years of plenty. I’ve been formulating something along those lines.

  7. Mark,

    There are several interesting points in your last post. First in regard to rioting in the streets I have over the last year or so begun to see that this may be the lawlessness that leads the hearts of many to grow cold. Not just iniquity which is what I always thought it only referred to.

    Second about Joseph, I find it very interesting that the years of plenty and the years of famine were both seven years in duration. This occurred 400 years before Moses and the institution of the sabbatical year. Seven year cycles appear to be God’s division of time (Daniel’s 70 7’s as well). We know that a seven-year cycle ended with the crash of 2008 from The Harbinger so this leads further credence to the possibility of a famine cycle beginning in September 13, 2015. (Elul 29)

  8. Jim,
    With regards to Joseph and the Harbinger you’re on the right track but I think it goes beyond that. It is very possible that the second, third and fourth signposts will be the seven years of plenty – plenty in spirit and relative freedom, but poor in money and wealth and material goods. The Tribulation which follows right after the signposts will be seven years of spiritual famine, but with improving material gains.
    I was going to formulate a post on this subject.

  9. Mark,

    You are exploring very interesting territory. The date of the start of the Tribulation is critical for this type of theory. We know from Hosea 6:2 that 2 thousand years must pass after Jesus’ resurrection (30 or 33AD) so a Tribulation start date of Rosh Hashanah 2022, 2025, 2029, 2033 or 2039 would all “work” based on various chronologies. 2022 and 2029 interestingly fit with the known 7 year periods so these are the prime candidates. Tim Warner of “Answers in Revelation” favors 2029 based on a chronology he has done. I’m not sure.

  10. Seven year increments for the actual beginning of the 70th week of Daniel from 2015 would coincide nicely with Shmitta cycle as well. If Mark’s interpretation of the second signpost comes to pass in the fall, 2015 then I would think the Rosh Hashanah 2022 date would be even more likely. As the other signposts will transpire in fairly short order because of the birth pang analogy given by the Lord in Matthew 24. But we will just have to see what happens and be prayerful and watchful and as always, check Scripture for verification.

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