Iran Rattles Its Saber at Saudi Arabia

The Second Signpost, i.e. the invasion by Iran of much of the Middle East as written about in my book Daniel Revisited, is the next event to occur in Bible prophecy.  Iran will invade and occupy Iraq, Syria, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.  A reader alerted me to this article over on MidnightWatcher.  This incident can be added to the sabre-rattling Iran has done in recent years against its neighbors.

If Iran were going to invade, one way of spreading propaganda and sympathy and support internally for an invasion is to step up Sunni-Shia conflict including calling one’s adversary “the enemy.”

This recent development may be somewhat surprising or frightening to most.  However, those who know the Signposts know that this kind of thing is to be expected prior to the invasion.

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  1. Mark,

    I just heard on cable news the last conservative estimates of six months that Iran will have enough nuclear material to build a nuclear weapon was inaccurate…it is now ONE MONTH! The prophetic stars are quickly aligning for 2014 and the first solar eclipse on Passover is right on schedule! Oh, the prophetic irony! And for Americans the solar eclipse 2014 is on what else…April 15 the day Americans pay taxes!

    Now, I’m not saying that is THE day…but the Iranian invasion is quickly approaching. How soon is your new book going to be released? The word has to get out to more and more of the general public so action by brave people can be mobilized for the assault to our way of life.

  2. Mark,

    Here is the link regarding the one month goal by Iran on nuclear material for weaponry from Midnightwatcher:

  3. Mark, what is your opinion on whether Saudi Arabia is Mystery Babylon? Isaiah 21 is a most interesting chapter. Although it obviously is referring to Saudi Arabia by virtue of the towns referenced, wilderness by the sea, etc. it contains the line “Fallen, fallen is Babylon” quoted in Revelation.

    Also of extreme interest is the passage about the watchmen looking for riders two by two on horses, donkeys, camels, etc. The invader is also clearly listed as Iran. Could these riders be Iran’s volunteer army on motorcycles that you have referenced in the past?

    I’d love to hear your opinion on how these passages in Isaiah and Revelation might fit the Second Signpost.

  4. Good4u1…. Sorry about not responding. I didn’t have internet access for several days.
    The new book should be out around the end of the year – hopefully before Christmas.
    In my opinion – and thats all it can be because we don’t know when the invasion will start – I’m thinking it will be at about the time of the Harbinger in September 2015. The big technical hurdle isn’t the nuclear fuel. They have had enough to make at least 1 bomb for the last few months according to some sources, and they have enough material to eventually make 10 bombs. The problem is weaponizing the material – turning it into a bomb that will trigger and installing it on one of their missiles. They have no real air force to speak of so they will rely on missiles to deliver the warheads.

  5. Jim,
    Yes Isaiah 21 is interesting. You seem to be doing a good job hunting down other passages which might be telling of the signposts of Daniel 7/8 and Revelation 6 from another perspective. Much of Zechariah seems to be showing preparation for the things we see in Revelation in general as well.
    Regarding Mystery Babylon, I used to think that it was all of man’s religions. I say that because of the connection of Jesus talking to the Pharisees in Luke 11:51 how they were responsible for the blood of saints murdered, as was Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18:24.
    However, Joel Richardson had told me he thought it was Islam, and in recent months I find myself starting to agree with him. But I don’t think Mystery Babylon is singularly Saudi Arabia in any event – though Saudi Arabia of course is the seat and the source of Islam.
    With all that said, Isaiah 21 could be the invasion by Iran of Arabia from an Arabian’s perspective like in Isaiah 21:15 and 17. Arabia would be overrun by Iran.
    And yet it could also be the Day – Isaiah 21:3 reminds me of Isaiah 13:8 – and Isaiah 13 is a picture of the end of the Ezekiel 38 war when Christ arrives.
    I am coming to believe that because of Isaiah 21 and much of Zechariah, there are probably many prophetic passages in the Bible that are mysterious at this point that may very well be perspectives on the signposts. I hope my answer wasn’t too disappointing.

  6. Brother Mark. Your answers have yet to disappoint me! I am in process of re-reading the entire OT in light of my new perspective of Signposts and Islam/Beast Nation. When I find interesting passages I’ll pass along.

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