The Signpost Perspective: Reminders of the Ram’s Horns

“I looked up, and there before me was a ram with two horns, standing beside the canal, and the horns were long. One of the horns was longer than the other but grew up later.” (Daniel 8:3, NIV)

As I show in my book, Daniel Revisited, the ram of Daniel 8 is modern Iran.  Daniel 7 and 8 are to be fulfilled in the end-times, not ancient times.  The first horn is the supreme leader.  The second horn is the IRGC, whether a group of commanders or a single man, we do not yet know.

In this recent post, supreme leader Khamenei and IRGC commanders had met and made statements regarding the United States and the strategic scene in the Middle East.  We are getting hints that the invasion by Iran is close.  Here is a picture of one such meeting recently from the Mehrs News Agency in Iran.

The First Horn (right) Meets with the Second Horn (left)

The First Horn (right) Meets with the Second Horn (left)

Notice the Second Horn who is the crowd of commanders on the left, the highest IRGC commanding officers, doing what they’ve always done, paying homage and respect to the first horn, the supreme leader.  This is the arrangement when Iran invades the Middle East with two rulers – the ruler on the right needs the ruler on the left to defend his position so he can stay in power, and the ruler on the left needs the ruler on the right to keep its legitimacy or Iran becomes an outright military dictatorship.

Notice the caps on the ground in front of the lead commanders.  Apparently this is an old Persian custom.  I remember reading about Emperor Trajan’s conquest of the city of Ctesiphon of the Parthian Empire in AD 114.  The king there put his crown on the ground as homage to Trajan, and he expected to pick it up again.  Trajan, not being aware of Persian custom, or simply egotistical (more on that one in a moment), picked up the king’s crown and took it.  Trajan declared himself Parthicus, Victor over Parthia.  Cassius Dio the historian picked up on it and ran with the history that Trajan had conquered Parthia.  Never mind that it was only one of the six capital cities, and that Trajan only took two outlying regions without touching Persia proper.  Of course Hippolytus, bishop of Rome, picked this right up when writing the first christian commentary on Daniel 2:40 about what empiure was the empire of the iron legs.  Of course it was Rome, for Rome conquered all – Babylon, Greece and Persia.  And a false prophetic theology was born.

Back to modern Iran.  So who might be the man or men who fill the shoes of the second horn?  In this post I show that the highest commanders are all friends and comrades having worked together since the Iran-Iraq War.  They number about twenty.  Of those twenty there are exactly two men who may be closest to the position of second horn.  The first is Commander Ali Jafari, the head of the entire IRGC, reporting only to the supreme leader.  The IRGC has five branches, one of them being the Quds Force.  The Quds Force is the one branch responsible for spreading the Revolution via terrorism to the rest of the Middle East.  Its commander is Qassem Soleimani.  You would think he would report to Jafari, but no, he also reports directly to the supreme leader.  It is Soleimani who is probably most familiar with the strategic and tactical situations in the various regions and countries of the Middle East.

A recent article in WND points to a poster that came out recently.  The article is by Iran watcher and expert Reza Kahlili.  He points to a website run by the Quds Force (its in the Farsi language and if it looks like Arabic thats because Farsi is written in Arabic letters, per the orders of the crusher, Islam) who of course idolize their commander, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.  The poster that came out is way down on their site, so you’ll have to scroll down, press buttons at the bottom that become available, etc.  But here is the poster.

Poster: In A Not Too Distant Future

Poster: In A Not Too Distant Future

Interesting, huh?  The caption at the bottom of the poster reads “One Qassem Soleimani is enough for all the enemies of this country.”  The “country” is of course, Iran.  It shows Soleimani overlooking the defeat of the USA and Obama.  Those are American troops pictured.  I’ve always believed that sometimes when God wants to show us something He puts the visuals right in our face.  As I point out in my book and in this post, the invasion by Iran of the Middle East and most importantly the oil fields will be a disaster for much of the world and even more so for the USA.  The persian ram of Daniel 8, the persian bear of Daniel 7 and the second horseman in Revelation 6 all point to the same event.  Yes, peace (stability and peace of mind) will be taken from the world.
Soleimani may very well be the second horn.  If that is the case the poster above says it all.  It portrays the Americans led by Obama, defeated by Soleimani.  To all you believers in the fantasy of the Antichrist coming from Rome, I invite you to explore and read the book.  This poster is just a picture to those who do not know the Four Signposts.  But this image packs all kinds of significance, in the theology of the Signposts.

There will be four Antichrist-like figures in this final history of the Middle East prior to Christ’s coming.  The first was Saddam Hussein.  The second may very well be the man pictured at the top of the poster here.  The third will be the leader of Turkey.  The fourth will be the Antichrist himself.  When I looked at that poster for the first time, I felt as if I might be looking finally at the face belonging to leader #2 of the four leaders in the Four Signposts.  Thanks again to Mr. Kahlili and WND for bringing to our attention this image from what is to most people an obscure Quds Force site in Farsi.

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  1. Thank you Mark,
    Very perceptive!

  2. Apparently Soleimani is named after Soleiman I, Ottoman Calif.

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