It Could be Sudden – So the Time is Now

I have often wondered how quickly the Second Signpost would come upon us all.  Would we see troop movements at Iran’s borders first?  Would there be an announcement or test demonstrating Iran’s new nuclear status?  Or would the first stroke of the Second Signpost be the explosion of a nuke somewhere in the world meant either for destruction or even an EMP?

A Dr. Peter Vincent Pry formerly with the CIA wrote this article for the AmericanThinker website.  He makes a good point.  Certainly Iran already has at least one warhead and is making a few more – they have enough material.  And they may be attaching them to their missiles right now or may even be done.

Daniel 8 says the ram will be able to do all it wants to do, and Revelation 6 says the second horseman will take peace from the earth.  These are representatives of the Second Signpost.  The scenarios this analyst paints points to the idea that we as a Church cannot wait to see if Iran does its invasion.  For after the fact, the ability to spread the word about the Signposts may be greatly hobbled.

No, the time to read about the Four Signposts is now.  The time to read your Bible and study this topic is now.  The time to push this message – if you believe it is true – is now.  Thankfully the book should be ready in a week or so.

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  1. We know its coming Mark: All in the Lord’s good timing. My how the Lord is merciful and patient! Shalom my brother.

  2. It is so difficult to convince my circle of believers-friends that we are “at the door” of pre-tribulation seal #2, that I have become a “Chicken Little” to them. Most of the church is going to have to be “shocked” into a spiritually awake state that Iran will do as you believe before you will gain a listening ear. This is a sad state of the ever sleeping church. 😦

  3. Yes it is a sad state. Sleepiness and laziness. If a person takes the time to read the message and see what the scriptural and historical basis is for this new interpretation, it becomes plain. But those who refuse and wait to see if Iran really does invade, do themselves and the people around them a disservice.
    The situation reminds me of a series of pictures I saw just after the 2004 Tsunami. A tourist couple were found dead with a camera. The last pictures were released by the media. They, like so many other people, see disaster coming but don’t realize what it is they are looking at until it is too late. Here is a link to the BBC, and to a memorial for the couple (with all respects).
    The last picture is chilling.

  4. Good4U. I love your heart for your church. Hopefully after the second signpost, they will look back at the scripture, see how it was fulfilled THEN look ahead to be able to see the coming of the Antichrist. That is the purpose of the signposts, so we are not taken by surprise by his coming. Missing the second signpost may be bad but missing the Great Apostasy, ah, that will be eternally worse.

    I am building a website to reach church leaders who are resistant to end time teachings. It is designed just for that group. I am half done. I will share it with you when done. It may be another tool. But some like the 5 foolish virgins (Mt 25) have no oil for their lamps. They have lamps (thy word is a lamp unto my feet) but no oil of anointing to be able to light the way.

  5. Jim,
    Very good brother. I look forward to seeing your new site and linking to it.
    God bless your work.

  6. Me too, Mark! I pray that Jim’s specialized tool designed for skeptical believers (and I understand their POV) will lead to spiritual enlightenment to ready themselves for what is surely to come and we must be watching and praying as the LORD commands. This is the job of every believer, even if they are not prophecy geeks like us!

  7. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Nelson and I have known your writing for some time, Mark. There is no doubt God has chosen you to help unseal the Book of Daniel. PTL. I have both Hidden in Plain Sight and Daniel Revisited.

    Good4U, Not everyone can “see” prophecy before it’s fulfilled. With your friends it may take the second signpost occuring before they “see” the prophecy. Remember there are 2000 years of Church history sealing The Book of Daniel. That is a heavy weight. It may take more than your earnest appeals.

    l also am a prophecy geek BTW

  8. The Crimea situation might just be the big and long enough distraction of the world’s attention away from Iran that they have been waiting for to allow them to finish their war preparations unheeded.

  9. Hi John,
    Yes, any international crisis could be used as a distraction for the start of the Second Signpost. In particular, I believe this Crimea situation to be a small part of Russia being made ready to act as a bulwark against the expansion of the revived Islamic Empire under Antichrist to the east. I’ll be writing a post on the subject of Russia soon.

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