Military Build-Up: Preparation for the Third Signpost

You may have seen the developments in the news recently about Egypt’s new $2 billion military hardware package courtesy of Russia.  Here is the story reported at the Times of Israel and the BBC.  The latter article states that the deal includes “advanced aircraft, helicopters and surface-to-air missiles.”

In addition, it was announced in this story at Al-Monitor that Turkey has completed development of a new missile with a 800-km range and will soon finish one with a 1500-km range.  The Al-Monitor article makes an interesting statement:

“This is a curious program, not only in terms of military technology but also in regard to international politics and security. With Turkey as the epicenter of a radius of 2,500 kilometers, some of the cities that could in theory experience Turkish missiles overhead include Algiers, Amman, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Copenhagen, Damascus, Geneva, Jeddah, Kiev, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tripoli, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich. Which of these cities stand to be a future security threat to Turkey?”

Look through the list of cities.  If you know the message of the Four Signposts then one city jumps out at you as, indeed, posing a threat to Turkey.  It’s Tehran.

I have recently heard from two radio ministries that these new weapons for Egypt will undoubtedly be used on Israel.  If the message of the Four Signposts is true, then I seriously doubt that.

Remember what beast in Daniel 7 represents the nations leading the Third Signpost.  It is the leopard.  All the beasts are used because of the way they will operate when it is their time.  A leopard waits and leaps.  And remember the leader on the Third Signpost – it is the goat of Daniel 8 which will run across the earth with its feet not touching the ground.

Advanced aircraft, airlift capability, helicopters, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles – these are all the weapons of a military that charges out without its feet touching the ground, and they are the weapons of the leopard.

Turkey’s missile development will be needed for the Third Signpost.  Likewise, Egypt’s new air superiority hardware will also be needed for the Third Signpost.  Israel will not be the target.  It will be Iran after Iran has conquered and occupied much of the Middle East in the Second Signpost.

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  1. I so enjoy reading your book. I am in a small ladies bible study and we use your book.

  2. Debbie,
    Thank you for your comment, and I am so glad it was a blessing to you. I welcome you and your group to the growing community of people who’s eyes have been opened to what God is doing in these last days. Praise God!

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