“I watched the ram as he charged toward the west and the north and the south. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power. He did as he pleased and became great.” (Daniel 8:4)

I was reminded again of this verse by a story that came out in the past day or two. The verse of course speaks of the Persian ram with one horn longer than the other, charging out to the north, west and south. This is the verse in God’s Word that tells us when Iran, the Persian ram, runs out no one – not even the United States – can perform rescues.

Thankfully we can still rescue people today right there in the region in which Iran will invade. The story talks about 30,000 Yazidi people – mostly women and children – dying of starvation and thirst if they stay on the mountain, Mt. Sinjar, or being beheaded by ISIS militants if they come down.

Yazidi people escaping IS

Yazidi people escaping IS


Thousands of times the people pictured here may need to be rescued when Iran finally invades, but there will be no rescue for anyone at that time.

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  1. Oh Mark, this is just so heart-breaking to understand these coming events…the multitudes that will die at the hand of Iran, but also those who are dying and have died at the evil hand of ISIS and to also know that Turkey is the power behind this evil entity is even more chilling. The world is growing darker and much to my chagrin the church is ever sleeping as prophetic events are being formed around us…it must be, but it is like watching a horrific train-wreck in the making…*sigh* The truth must be told and we must face reality and the church must do what it can now to help the helpless.


  2. Rob,
    Thanks for the links to the articles. The second one at the very bottom caught my eye and is ominously talking about how to get rid of ISIS, and therefore the Second Signpost:

    “There are no good options for the U.S. administration at this point, only bad and worse ones. Any counter-offensive to dislodge ISIS would have to include large forces on the ground, something the president has ruled out. This leaves two options for Washington: Take a deep breath, hunker down, and focus on a long term project to arm and train Kurdish forces, hopefully in collaboration with what’s left of the Iraqi army. The long delayed adoption of the FSA would be a natural part of this strategy.
    Washington’s failure to lead in these efforts will leave only one other option, which is to step aside and let Iran and Hezbollah take the responsibility for ousting ISIS, and therefore take credit and full control of Iraq after the fight is done.”

    Knowing our administration, and not to mention Daniel 7 and 8, the Iran option is it. “Hunker down”? Our administration is debating even saving 30,000 off a hilltop. Since it doesn’t even have to do the will to save some people, the second option – Iran – is it. God’s plans never go off track.

  3. Mark, you are welcome brother. I am tracking the soon appearance of the 2nd signpost and telling friends, family, co-workers, etc. of the need to prepare spiritually and economically. We live in very interesting times and the challenges will be enormous! I am asking the Lord for greater faith and courage as we see the mind and intentions of Satan being revealed throughtout our country and the world. good4u1 is correct that the American church is asleep at the wheel but I think we will be awakened soon enough…maybe similar to the Iraqi church and the suffering that it is now experiencing. Maybe then believers will be ready to rededicate ourselves to the Lord and his mission. Mark, I really appreciate your ministry. Have you thought about being interviewed by Rick Wiles on

  4. Rob,
    My publicist is getting me on some shows later this summer. I have to post times and interviews.
    As far as physical preparation it is hard to pin it – seek our Lord’s guidance. There is one thing though that seems obvious to me – get your excess wealth out of the dollar.

  5. Thank you Mark. I will stay tuned for your interviews. Also I track the economic decline on Michael Snyder is a brother in the Lord who has been writing about the dollar decline for a few years now. He is right on key with Peter Schiff and Also, I believe the Lord has led me to for food security and other items. Lastly, I was glad to read about your thoughts on the dollar collapse in your book. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are accelerating the decline as they move away from the Dollar. Thanks again for your ministry and may The Lord use you mightily for His Glory during these last days! God Bless You! /Rob Hill

  6. Hi Mark. Today is Wednesday Sept. 9, 2014.Tomorrow President Obama will announce a “Strategy” for dealing with ISIS that may include some kind of “coalition forces.” As I was listening to Foxnews today, I heard a commentator say something about a “Sunni NATO Organization,” that may come together sometime in the future. I immediately thought of the 3rd Signpost. As I am anxiously awaiting the 2nd, I am wondering if Iran is still the one we should be looking for to push towards the North, West and South. I am wondering about this “coalition” that is being talked about, and if it may be the ram (just a thought)… I cant help but think that we are getting reeeaally close and that the finger is getting closer and closer to the trigger.

  7. Hi Thomas,
    Oh yes, closer and closer. Daniel 8 is clear: the ram is the medes and persians, i.e. Iran. God’s word says what it says exactly the way it does for a specific reason and for a specific set of events. Use Daniel as a lens to allow you to focus on what is developing toward what Daniel is saying, and to filter out those things are noise. ISIS may be a trigger for Iran’s invasion but in the grand scheme what it does in detail is noise.
    When the Second Signpost strikes just remember no one will be able to rescue from Iran’s power. The U.S. will be ineffective no matter what it tries to do regarding Iran.

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